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Pathways reviewed by Fitzgerald, Katherine A (165916)

DB_ID Name
166166 MyD88-independent TLR4 cascade
168927 TICAM1, RIP1-mediated IKK complex recruitment
445989 TAK1 activates NFkB by phosphorylation and activation of IKKs complex
2562578 TRIF-mediated programmed cell death
9013957 TLR3-mediated TICAM1-dependent programmed cell death
9013973 TICAM1-dependent activation of IRF3/IRF7
9014325 TICAM1,TRAF6-dependent induction of TAK1 complex
936964 Activation of IRF3/IRF7 mediated by TBK1/IKK epsilon
937041 IKK complex recruitment mediated by RIP1
937061 TRIF(TICAM1)-mediated TLR4 signaling
937072 TRAF6-mediated induction of TAK1 complex within TLR4 complex

Details on Person Fitzgerald, Katherine A

_displayNameFitzgerald, Katherine A
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:37:59
affiliation[Affiliation:638653] University of Massachusetts Medical School
created[InstanceEdit:165911] de Bono, B, 2005-08-11 15:33:55
firstnameKatherine A
modified[InstanceEdit:1964472] Shamovsky, V, 2011-11-04
[InstanceEdit:2582979] Shamovsky, V, 2012-11-13
(author)[InstanceEdit:2582977] Fitzgerald, Katherine A, 2012-11-13
[LiteratureReference:165909] LPS-TLR4 signaling to IRF-3/7 and NF-kappaB involves the toll adapters
[LiteratureReference:166158] Endotoxin recognition and signal transduction by the TLR4/MD2-complex
[LiteratureReference:166859] IKKepsilon and TBK1 are essential components of the IRF3 signaling pathway
[LiteratureReference:433849] Rip1 mediates the Trif-dependent toll-like receptor 3- and 4-induced NF-{kappa}B activation but does not contribute to interferon regulatory factor 3 activation
[LiteratureReference:434099] IFN-regulatory factor 3-dependent gene expression is defective in Tbk1-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts
[LiteratureReference:844628] Cutting edge: NF-kappaB activating pattern recognition and cytokine receptors license NLRP3 inflammasome activation by regulating NLRP3 expression
[LiteratureReference:873948] Silica crystals and aluminum salts activate the NALP3 inflammasome through phagosomal destabilization
[LiteratureReference:873992] The AIM2 inflammasome is essential for host defense against cytosolic bacteria and DNA viruses
[LiteratureReference:874003] AIM2 recognizes cytosolic dsDNA and forms a caspase-1-activating inflammasome with ASC
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