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Pathways authored by Williams, MG (205591)

DB_ID Name
2142688 Synthesis of 5-eicosatetraenoic acids
2142691 Synthesis of Leukotrienes (LT) and Eoxins (EX)
2142696 Synthesis of Hepoxilins (HX) and Trioxilins (TrX)
2142700 Synthesis of Lipoxins (LX)
2142712 Synthesis of 12-eicosatetraenoic acid derivatives
2142670 Synthesis of epoxy (EET) and dihydroxyeicosatrienoic acids (DHET)
2142753 Arachidonic acid metabolism
2142770 Synthesis of 15-eicosatetraenoic acid derivatives
2142816 Synthesis of (16-20)-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids (HETE)
2162123 Synthesis of Prostaglandins (PG) and Thromboxanes (TX)
2142789 Ubiquinol biosynthesis
5263617 Metabolism of ingested MeSeO2H into MeSeH
2408499 Formation of selenosugars for excretion
2408508 Metabolism of ingested SeMet, Sec, MeSec into H2Se
2408550 Metabolism of ingested H2SeO4 and H2SeO3 into H2Se
2408557 Selenocysteine synthesis
2408552 Methylation of MeSeH for excretion
2408517 SeMet incorporation into proteins
2408522 Selenoamino acid metabolism
350369 Negative feedback loop regulates asymmetric localisation
350368 Activation of RHO1 by FZ:DSH complex
350376 Activation of RAC1:GTP by FZ:DSH complex
350379 Homo-/heterophilic binding of transmembrane components
350384 Myosin phosphatase dephosphoylates SQH
350407 RHO1 GTPase cycle
350411 Formation and asymmetric localisation of transmembrane complexes
350416 Regulation of non-muscle Myosin II
350431 Planar Cell Polarity pathway
350480 Activation of non-muscle Myosin II
209171 Peptidoglycans (PGN) bind to a peptidoglycan recognition protein receptor, PGRP-LC/LE
209266 Peptidoglycan bound PGRP-LC/LE oligomerises
209394 Transcriptional activtion and repression of REL-68 target genes
209397 Formation of the cytosolic BSK 'scaffolding complex'
209400 Transcriptional activtion by phosphorylated DL/DIF dimer
209406 Degradation of NF-kappa-B inhibitor, CACT
209409 Formation of the nuclear AP-1 transcription factor 'scaffolding complex'
209425 Transcriptional activtion by AP-1 transcription factor
209438 Formation of the PGN:PGRP-LC/LE receptor 'signalling complex'
209442 Formation of the trans-membrane 'signalling complex'
209447 Activation of the IkappaB kinase complex, KEY:IRD5 dimer:KEY
209449 Toll pathway
209459 Imd pathway
209465 Catalytic processing of the nuclear factor, REL
209478 Dephosphorylation of BSK
214399 Activated IkappaB kinase (IKK) complex, Phospho IRD5:KEY dimer, phosphorylates REL in the PGN:PGRP-LC/LE receptor 'signalling complex'
214397 Assembly of the PGN:PGRP-LC/LE receptor 'signalling complex'
214411 REL binds to DREDD in the PGN:PGRP-LC/LE receptor 'signalling complex'
214416 Phosphorylated REL is cleaved by and dissociates from DREDD
214842 DL and DIF homodimers bind to TUB and phosphorylated PLL in the TL receptor 'signalling complex'
214844 DL and DIF homodimers complexed with CACT are all phosphorylated in the TL receptor 'signalling complex'
214863 Adaptor protein complex binds to TL receptor at the plasma membrane
214862 Activated PLL kinase is autophosphorylated in the TL receptor 'signalling complex'
214869 Phosphorylated CACT, DL and DIF homodimers dissociate from the TL receptor 'signalling complex'
214874 PLL kinase binds to TUB in the TL receptor 'signalling complex'
209155 Phosphorylation of AXN and APC
209387 Phosphorylation of ARR
209396 Phosphorylation of ARM
209407 Transport of ARM to the nucleus
209413 Assembly of the 'destruction complex'
209412 Wingless pathway
209421 Transcription activation by ARM
209441 WG ligand not bound to FZ receptors
209440 Recruitment of the 'destruction complex' to the receptor complex, the degradation of AXN and release of ARM
209461 Ubiquitination and degradation of phosphorylated ARM
209469 WG ligand bound to FZ receptors
209472 Assembly of receptor complex
209159 Assembly of the CI containing complexes
209190 Phosphorylation of CI
209214 Phosphorylation of SMO
209338 Assembly of the 'signalling complexes'
209360 Ubiquitination and proteolysis of phosphorylated CI
209392 Hedgehog pathway
209446 N-HH ligand not bound to PTC receptor complex
209452 N-HH ligand bound to PTC receptor complex
209471 Formation and transport of the N-HH ligand
216119 Activation of CI
216167 Nuclear CI is degraded
216217 Activation of SMO
209209 Formation of the activated receptor complex
209228 Formation of the activated STAT92E dimer and transport to the nucleus
209405 JAK/STAT pathway
210671 Transcriptional repression by nuclear factors
210675 Transcriptional activation by phosphorylated STAT92E dimer
210688 Dephosphorylation by PTP61F phosphatases
210693 STAT92E dimer dephosphorylated in the nucleus and transported to the cytosol
390023 Subcellular localisation of D
390024 Negative regulation of WTS
390089 Formation of the Hippo kinase cassette
390098 Phosphorylation-dependent inhibition of YKI
390115 Negative regulation of HPO
390150 DS ligand bound to FT receptor
390146 Hippo/Warts pathway
390178 DS ligand not bound to FT receptor
390197 Negative regulation of TH
390193 Transcriptional activation by YKI
432395 Degradation of TIM
432408 Transcription regulation of cwo gene
432490 Nuclear import of PER and TIM
432501 Transcription repression by PER and activation by PDP1
432524 Degradation of PER
432553 Phosphorylation of PER and TIM
432560 Transcription activation by CLK:CYC and repression by VRI
432620 Dephosphorylation of PER
432626 Circadian Clock pathway
1483257 Phospholipid metabolism
450724 JNK signalling
450728 Inhibition of actin polymerisation
450736 Activation of Downstream Effectors
450745 RAC1 signalling
450799 RHO1 signalling
451806 Phosphorylation-independent inhibition of YKI
451850 Positive regulation of FT and DS
538848 Degradation of CLK
538864 Degradation of CRY
538909 Dephosphorylation of CLK
538898 Dephosphorylation of TIM
5252538 Drosophila signaling pathways
1482801 Acyl chain remodelling of PS
1482788 Acyl chain remodelling of PC
1482798 Acyl chain remodeling of CL
1482839 Acyl chain remodelling of PE
1482883 Acyl chain remodeling of DAG and TAG
1482925 Acyl chain remodelling of PG
1482922 Acyl chain remodelling of PI
1483101 Synthesis of PS
1483076 Synthesis of CL
1483115 Hydrolysis of LPC
1483152 Hydrolysis of LPE
1483166 Synthesis of PA
1483148 Synthesis of PG
1483191 Synthesis of PC
1483171 Synthesis of BMP
1483226 Synthesis of PI
1483206 Glycerophospholipid biosynthesis
1483213 Synthesis of PE
1483196 PI and PC transport between ER and Golgi membranes
1483255 PI Metabolism
1483248 Synthesis of PIPs at the ER membrane
1660508 PIPs transport between late endosome and Golgi membranes
1660510 PIPs transport between Golgi and plasma membranes
1660499 Synthesis of PIPs at the plasma membrane
1660502 PIPs transport between early and late endosome membranes
1660537 PIPs transport between early endosome and Golgi membranes
1660524 PIPs transport between plasma and early endosome membranes
1660514 Synthesis of PIPs at the Golgi membrane
1660517 Synthesis of PIPs at the late endosome membrane
1660516 Synthesis of PIPs at the early endosome membrane
1483249 Inositol phosphate metabolism
1855167 Synthesis of pyrophosphates in the cytosol
1855156 IPs transport between ER lumen and nucleus
1855196 IP3 and IP4 transport between cytosol and nucleus
1855192 IPs transport between nucleus and ER lumen
1855191 Synthesis of IPs in the nucleus
1855184 IPs transport between cytosol and ER lumen
1855183 Synthesis of IP2, IP, and Ins in the cytosol
1855170 IPs transport between nucleus and cytosol
1855229 IP6 and IP7 transport between cytosol and nucleus
1855231 Synthesis of IPs in the ER lumen
1855215 IPs transport between ER lumen and cytosol
1855204 Synthesis of IP3 and IP4 in the cytosol

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_timestamp2017-08-22 20:38:57
created[InstanceEdit:205602] Williams, MG, 2006-06-28 10:46:50
modified[InstanceEdit:205663] Williams, MG, 2007-12-11 11:27:17
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