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Pathways reviewed by He, Lei (3004715)

DB_ID Name
189200 Cellular hexose transport
425366 Transport of bile salts and organic acids, metal ions and amine compounds
425374 Amino acid and oligopeptide SLC transporters
425381 Bicarbonate transporters
425393 Transport of inorganic cations/anions and amino acids/oligopeptides
425407 SLC-mediated transmembrane transport
425561 Sodium/Calcium exchangers
425986 Sodium/Proton exchangers
426117 Cation-coupled Chloride cotransporters
427589 Type II Na+/Pi cotransporters
427601 Multifunctional anion exchangers
427652 Sodium-coupled phosphate cotransporters
427975 Proton/oligopeptide cotransporters
428559 Proton-coupled neutral amino acid transporters
428643 Organic anion transporters
429593 Inositol transporters
425410 Metal ion SLC transporters
425428 Amine compound SLC transporters
425471 Bile salt and organic anion SLC transporters
433137 Sodium-coupled sulphate, di- and tri-carboxylate transporters
433692 Proton-coupled monocarboxylate transport
435354 Zinc transporters
435368 Zinc efflux and compartmentalization by the SLC30 family
442380 Zinc influx into cells by the SLC39 gene family
442660 Na+/Cl- dependent neurotransmitter transporters
444411 Rhesus glycoproteins mediate ammonium transport.
83936 Transport of nucleosides and free purine and pyrimidine bases across the plasma membrane
425397 Transport of vitamins, nucleosides, and related molecules
549132 Organic cation/anion/zwitterion transport
549127 Organic cation transport
561048 Organic anion transport
727802 Transport of nucleotide sugars
3295583 TRP channels
2672351 Stimuli-sensing channels
804914 Transport of fatty acids
879518 Transport of organic anions
936837 Ion transport by P-type ATPases
983712 Ion channel transport

Details on Person He, Lei

_displayNameHe, Lei
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:45:01
created[InstanceEdit:3004650] Jassal, B, 2013-01-29
(author)[LiteratureReference:427985] Analysis and update of the human solute carrier (SLC) gene superfamily
[LiteratureReference:445734] Discovery of ZIP transporters that participate in cadmium damage to testis and kidney
[InstanceEdit:433651] He, L, 2009-08-24
[InstanceEdit:446289] He, Lei, 2009-11-12
[InstanceEdit:706449] He, L, 2010-05-10
[InstanceEdit:909534] He, L, 2010-07-07
[InstanceEdit:927730] He, Lei, 2010-08-09
[InstanceEdit:1014332] He, Lei, 2010-11-15
[InstanceEdit:3002750] He, Lei, 2013-01-28
[InstanceEdit:3901316] He, Lei, 2013-07-16
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