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Pathways reviewed by Restituito, Sophie (386896)

DB_ID Name
112311 Neurotransmitter clearance
181430 Norepinephrine Neurotransmitter Release Cycle
181431 Acetylcholine binding and downstream events
379397 Enzymatic degradation of dopamine by COMT
379398 Enzymatic degradation of Dopamine by monoamine oxidase
379401 Dopamine clearance from the synaptic cleft
380612 Metabolism of serotonin
380615 Serotonin clearance from the synaptic cleft
888568 GABA synthesis
888590 GABA synthesis, release, reuptake and degradation
888593 Reuptake of GABA
916853 Degradation of GABA
977444 GABA B receptor activation
977442 GABA A (rho) receptor activation
977443 GABA receptor activation
977441 GABA A receptor activation
991365 Activation of GABAB receptors
997272 Inhibition of voltage gated Ca2+ channels via Gbeta/gamma subunits
997269 Inhibition of adenylate cyclase pathway
112310 Neurotransmitter release cycle
112313 Neurotransmitter uptake and metabolism In glial cells
112315 Transmission across Chemical Synapses
112314 Neurotransmitter receptors and postsynaptic signal transmission

Details on Person Restituito, Sophie

_displayNameRestituito, Sophie
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:40:42
affiliation[Affiliation:69324] NYU School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry
created[InstanceEdit:386895] Mahajan, SS, 2008-11-27 12:40:39
modified[InstanceEdit:8932050] D'Eustachio, Peter, 2016-07-20
(author)[InstanceEdit:386898] Restituito, S, 2008-11-27 12:38:49
[InstanceEdit:387389] Restituito, S, Kavalali, E, 2008-12-02 04:33:19
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