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Pathways authored by Delany, ME (417086)

DB_ID Name
417076 Assembly of telomerase and telomere extension
418124 Telomere maintenance

Details on Person Delany, ME

_displayNameDelany, ME
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:41:14
affiliation[Affiliation:877324] University of California - Davis, Department of Animal Science
created[InstanceEdit:417104] D'Eustachio, P, 2009-04-09 20:58:55
firstnameMary E
modified[InstanceEdit:877325] D'Eustachio, P, 2010-06-11
(author)[InstanceEdit:877326] Swanberg, SE, O'Hare, TH, Delany, ME, 2010-06-11
[LiteratureReference:417111] Complicated RNA splicing of chicken telomerase reverse transcriptase revealed by profiling cells both positive and negative for telomerase activity
[LiteratureReference:418240] Telomeres in the chicken: genome stability and chromosome ends
[LiteratureReference:418246] Ontogeny of telomerase in chicken: impact of downregulation on pre- and postnatal telomere length in vivo
[LiteratureReference:874116] The chicken telomerase reverse transcriptase (chTERT): molecular and cytogenetic characterization with a comparative analysis
[LiteratureReference:874117] Organization of telomere sequences in birds: evidence for arrays of extreme length and for in vivo shortening
[LiteratureReference:874118] Telomerase gene expression in the chicken: Telomerase RNA (TR) and reverse transcriptase (TERT) transcript profiles are tissue-specific and correlate with telomerase activity
[LiteratureReference:874127] Genetic variation exists for telomeric array organization within and among the genomes of normal, immortalized, and transformed chicken systems
[LiteratureReference:874133] The chicken telomerase RNA gene: conservation of sequence, regulatory elements and synteny among viral, avian and mammalian genomes
[LiteratureReference:874145] Dynamics of telomere erosion in transformed and non-transformed avian cells in vitro
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