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Pathways reviewed by Edery, I (432558)

DB_ID Name
432395 Degradation of TIM
432408 Transcription regulation of cwo gene
432490 Nuclear import of PER and TIM
432501 Transcription repression by PER and activation by PDP1
432524 Degradation of PER
432553 Phosphorylation of PER and TIM
432560 Transcription activation by CLK:CYC and repression by VRI
432620 Dephosphorylation of PER
432626 Circadian Clock pathway
538848 Degradation of CLK
538864 Degradation of CRY
538909 Dephosphorylation of CLK
538898 Dephosphorylation of TIM

Details on Person Edery, I

_displayNameEdery, I
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:41:36
created[InstanceEdit:432644] Williams, MG, 2009-08-14
(author)[InstanceEdit:909536] Edery, I, 2010-07-06
[LiteratureReference:432379] PER and TIM inhibit the DNA binding activity of a Drosophila CLOCK-CYC/dBMAL1 heterodimer without disrupting formation of the heterodimer: a basis for circadian transcription
[LiteratureReference:432384] Balance between DBT/CKIepsilon kinase and protein phosphatase activities regulate phosphorylation and stability of Drosophila CLOCK protein
[LiteratureReference:432432] Regulating a circadian clock's period, phase and amplitude by phosphorylation: insights from Drosophila
[LiteratureReference:432446] The phospho-occupancy of an atypical SLIMB-binding site on PERIOD that is phosphorylated by DOUBLETIME controls the pace of the clock
[LiteratureReference:432526] Role for Slimb in the degradation of Drosophila Period protein phosphorylated by Doubletime
[LiteratureReference:432551] A DOUBLETIME kinase binding domain on the Drosophila PERIOD protein is essential for its hyperphosphorylation, transcriptional repression, and circadian clock function
[LiteratureReference:432623] dCLOCK is present in limiting amounts and likely mediates daily interactions between the dCLOCK-CYC transcription factor and the PER-TIM complex
[LiteratureReference:538847] A role for CK2 in the Drosophila circadian oscillator
[LiteratureReference:538857] The Drosophila CLOCK protein undergoes daily rhythms in abundance, phosphorylation, and interactions with the PER-TIM complex
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