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Pathways reviewed by Grummt, Ingrid (5084141)

DB_ID Name
427359 SIRT1 negatively regulates rRNA expression

Details on Person Grummt, Ingrid

_displayNameGrummt, Ingrid
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:44:58
created[InstanceEdit:5084143] May, B, 2013-11-08
(author)[InstanceEdit:5246500] Voit, Renate, Grummt, Ingrid, 2014-01-21
[LiteratureReference:5084145] Intergenic transcripts originating from a subclass of ribosomal DNA repeats silence ribosomal RNA genes in trans
[LiteratureReference:5096457] Epigenetic control of RNA polymerase I transcription in mammalian cells
[LiteratureReference:5096460] The chromatin remodeling complex NuRD establishes the poised state of rRNA genes characterized by bivalent histone modifications and altered nucleosome positions
[LiteratureReference:5096481] Interaction of noncoding RNA with the rDNA promoter mediates recruitment of DNMT3b and silencing of rRNA genes
[LiteratureReference:5211368] Chromatin-specific regulation of mammalian rDNA transcription by clustered TTF-I binding sites
[LiteratureReference:5219065] Recruitment of the nucleolar remodeling complex NoRC establishes ribosomal DNA silencing in chromatin
[LiteratureReference:5219066] The chromatin remodeling complex NoRC and TTF-I cooperate in the regulation of the mammalian rRNA genes in vivo
[LiteratureReference:5246498] Linking rDNA transcription to the cellular energy supply
[LiteratureReference:5250940] The chromatin remodelling complex WSTF-SNF2h interacts with nuclear myosin 1 and has a role in RNA polymerase I transcription
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