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Pathways reviewed by Lorentzen, Esben (5617527)

DB_ID Name
5617833 Cilium Assembly
5620916 VxPx cargo-targeting to cilium
5620912 Anchoring of the basal body to the plasma membrane
5620924 Intraflagellar transport
5620920 Cargo trafficking to the periciliary membrane
5620922 BBSome-mediated cargo-targeting to cilium
5624138 Trafficking of myristoylated proteins to the cilium
5624958 ARL13B-mediated ciliary trafficking of INPP5E

Details on Person Lorentzen, Esben

_displayNameLorentzen, Esben
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:40:24
created[InstanceEdit:5617524] Rothfels, Karen, 2014-08-12
(author)[LiteratureReference:5617525] Architecture and function of IFT complex proteins in ciliogenesis
[LiteratureReference:5617737] Molecular basis of tubulin transport within the cilium by IFT74 and IFT81
[LiteratureReference:5625315] Intraflagellar transport complex structure and cargo interactions
[LiteratureReference:5625461] Getting tubulin to the tip of the cilium: one IFT train, many different tubulin cargo-binding sites?
[LiteratureReference:5637914] Crystal structures of IFT70/52 and IFT52/46 provide insight into intraflagellar transport B core complex assembly
[InstanceEdit:5637996] Lorentzen, Esben, 2014-11-10
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