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Pathways authored by Rezsohazy, Rene (5619335)

DB_ID Name
5617472 Activation of anterior HOX genes in hindbrain development during early embryogenesis

Pathways reviewed by Rezsohazy, Rene (5619335)

DB_ID Name
5619507 Activation of HOX genes during differentiation

Details on Person Rezsohazy, Rene

_displayNameRezsohazy, Rene
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:40:29
created[InstanceEdit:5619315] May, Bruce, 2014-08-22
modified[InstanceEdit:6810566] May, Bruce, 2015-11-17
(author)[InstanceEdit:5693630] Rezsohazy, René, 2015-05-13
[InstanceEdit:6810137] Rezsohazy, René, 2015-11-15
[LiteratureReference:5619173] The proximal 2-kb of the Hoxa3 promoter directs gene expression in distinct branchial compartments and cranial ganglia
[LiteratureReference:5619220] A retinoic acid responsive Hoxa3 transgene expressed in embryonic pharyngeal endoderm, cardiac neural crest and a subdomain of the second heart field
[LiteratureReference:5619331] An ultraconserved Hox-Pbx responsive element resides in the coding sequence of Hoxa2 and is active in rhombomere 4
[LiteratureReference:5621516] The Hoxa2 enhancer 2 contains a critical Hoxa2 responsive regulatory element
[LiteratureReference:5690503] Cellular and molecular insights into Hox protein action
[LiteratureReference:5690506] Protein interactions of the transcription factor Hoxa1
[LiteratureReference:5690509] The Pbx interaction motif of Hoxa1 is essential for its oncogenic activity
[LiteratureReference:6810191] Non-transcriptional interactions of Hox proteins: inventory, facts, and future directions
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