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Pathways reviewed by Belaya, Katsiaryna (5633214)

DB_ID Name
4549349 Defective ALG2 causes ALG2-CDG (CDG-1i)
4549356 Defective DPAGT1 causes DPAGT1-CDG (CDG-1j) and CMSTA2
4549380 Defective ALG1 causes ALG1-CDG (CDG-1k)
4551295 Defective ALG11 causes ALG11-CDG (CDG-1p)
4570571 Defective RFT1 causes RFT1-CDG (CDG-1n)
5633231 Defective ALG14 causes congenital myasthenic syndrome (ALG14-CMS)
4687000 Defective MPDU1 causes MPDU1-CDG (CDG-1f)
4720454 Defective ALG9 causes ALG9-CDG (CDG-1l)
4720475 Defective ALG3 causes ALG3-CDG (CDG-1d)
4720489 Defective ALG12 causes ALG12-CDG (CDG-1g)
4724289 Defective ALG6 causes ALG6-CDG (CDG-1c)
4724325 Defective ALG8 causes ALG8-CDG (CDG-1h)
4793950 Defective MAN1B1 causes MRT15
4793953 Defective B4GALT1 causes B4GALT1-CDG (CDG-2d)
4793952 Defective MGAT2 causes MGAT2-CDG (CDG-2a)
4793954 Defective MOGS causes MOGS-CDG (CDG-2b)
3781860 Diseases associated with N-glycosylation of proteins

Details on Person Belaya, Katsiaryna

_displayNameBelaya, Katsiaryna
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:40:47
created[InstanceEdit:5633234] Jassal, Bijay, 2014-10-31
modified[InstanceEdit:5634130] Jassal, Bijay, 2014-11-03
[InstanceEdit:5637452] Jassal, Bijay, 2014-11-10
(author)[InstanceEdit:5633220] Belaya, Katsiaryna, 2014-10-31
[LiteratureReference:4549335] Mutations in DPAGT1 cause a limb-girdle congenital myasthenic syndrome with tubular aggregates
[LiteratureReference:5633222] Congenital myasthenic syndromes due to mutations in ALG2 and ALG14
[LiteratureReference:5633243] Clinical features of congenital myasthenic syndrome due to mutations in DPAGT1
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