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Pathways reviewed by Atrian, Silvia (5662650)

DB_ID Name
5660526 Response to metal ions
5661231 Metallothioneins bind metals
8953897 Cellular responses to external stimuli

Details on Person Atrian, Silvia

_displayNameAtrian, Silvia
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:41:19
affiliation[Affiliation:6798587] Universitat de Barcelona
created[InstanceEdit:5662636] May, Bruce, 2015-01-12
crossReference[DatabaseIdentifier:6798573] ORCID:0000-0002-7852-5347
modified[InstanceEdit:6798593] May, Bruce, 2015-09-19
[InstanceEdit:8858388] May, Bruce, 2016-02-19
(author)[LiteratureReference:5662635] Influence of chloride ligands on the structure of Zn- and Cd-metallothionein species
[LiteratureReference:5662638] Functional differentiation in the mammalian metallothionein gene family: metal binding features of mouse MT4 and comparison with its paralog MT1
[LiteratureReference:6798566] In vivo-folded metal-metallothionein 3 complexes reveal the Cu-thionein rather than Zn-thionein character of this brain-specific mammalian metallothionein
[LiteratureReference:6798581] Mammalian MT1 and MT2 metallothioneins differ in their metal binding abilities
[LiteratureReference:6798582] Metallothionein-protein interactions
[LiteratureReference:6798584] State-of-the-art of metallothioneins at the beginning of the 21st century
[InstanceEdit:6798577] Atrian, Sílvia, 2015-09-19
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