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Details on Person Bohnsack, Markus T

_displayNameBohnsack, Markus T
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:42:54
created[InstanceEdit:6784560] May, Bruce, 2015-06-21
firstnameMarkus T
(author)[InstanceEdit:8934548] Bohnsack, Markus T, 2016-08-10
[LiteratureReference:6784571] Exportin t and Exportin 5: tRNA and miRNA biogenesis - and beyond
[LiteratureReference:6790853] The roles of SSU processome components and surveillance factors in the initial processing of human ribosomal RNA
[LiteratureReference:6790919] The Bowen-Conradi syndrome protein Nep1 (Emg1) has a dual role in eukaryotic ribosome biogenesis, as an essential assembly factor and in the methylation of Ψ1191 in yeast 18S rRNA
[LiteratureReference:6790972] WBSCR22/Merm1 is required for late nuclear pre-ribosomal RNA processing and mediates N7-methylation of G1639 in human 18S rRNA
[LiteratureReference:8856908] The box C/D and H/ACA snoRNPs: key players in the modification, processing and the dynamic folding of ribosomal RNA
[LiteratureReference:8932757] NSUN6 is a human RNA methyltransferase that catalyzes formation of m5C72 in specific tRNAs
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