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Pathways authored by Dall'Olio, Giovanni (749514)

DB_ID Name
162699 Synthesis of dolichyl-phosphate mannose
446199 Synthesis of Dolichyl-phosphate
446193 Biosynthesis of the N-glycan precursor (dolichol lipid-linked oligosaccharide, LLO) and transfer to a nascent protein
446205 Synthesis of GDP-mannose
446203 Asparagine N-linked glycosylation
446210 Synthesis of UDP-N-acetyl-glucosamine
446219 Synthesis of substrates in N-glycan biosythesis
480985 Synthesis of dolichyl-phosphate-glucose
532668 N-glycan trimming in the ER and Calnexin/Calreticulin cycle
901032 ER Quality Control Compartment (ERQC)
901042 Calnexin/calreticulin cycle
948021 Transport to the Golgi and subsequent modification
964739 N-glycan trimming and elongation in the cis-Golgi
964827 Progressive trimming of alpha-1,2-linked mannose residues from Man9/8/7GlcNAc2 to produce Man5GlcNAc2
975578 Reactions specific to the complex N-glycan synthesis pathway
975576 N-glycan antennae elongation in the medial/trans-Golgi
975577 N-Glycan antennae elongation
975574 Reactions specific to the hybrid N-glycan synthesis pathway

Details on Person Dall'Olio, Giovanni

_displayNameDall'Olio, Giovanni
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:44:48
created[InstanceEdit:749517] Jassal, B, 2010-05-19
crossReference[DatabaseIdentifier:5626732] ORCID:0000-0001-9057-2480
modified[InstanceEdit:5626745] Matthews, Lisa, 2014-10-10
(author)[InstanceEdit:749521] Dall'Olio, GM, 2009-11-10
[InstanceEdit:1028796] Dall'Olio, GM, 2010-11-18
[InstanceEdit:6784606] Dall'Olio, Giovanni, 2015-06-22
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