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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Hemoglobin subunit alpha alternativeName: Alpha-globin alternativeName: Hemoglobin alpha chain
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:3039
BioGPS Gene:3040
CTD Gene:3039
CTD Gene:3040
DOCK Blaster:1A00
DOCK Blaster:1A01
DOCK Blaster:1A0U
DOCK Blaster:1A0Z
DOCK Blaster:1A3N
DOCK Blaster:1A3O
DOCK Blaster:1A9W
DOCK Blaster:1ABW
DOCK Blaster:1ABY
DOCK Blaster:1AJ9
DOCK Blaster:1B86
DOCK Blaster:1BAB
DOCK Blaster:1BBB
DOCK Blaster:1BIJ
DOCK Blaster:1BUW
DOCK Blaster:1BZ0
DOCK Blaster:1BZ1
DOCK Blaster:1BZZ
DOCK Blaster:1C7B
DOCK Blaster:1C7C
DOCK Blaster:1C7D
DOCK Blaster:1CLS
DOCK Blaster:1CMY
DOCK Blaster:1COH
DOCK Blaster:1DKE
DOCK Blaster:1DXT
DOCK Blaster:1DXU
DOCK Blaster:1DXV
DOCK Blaster:1FDH
DOCK Blaster:1FN3
DOCK Blaster:1G9V
DOCK Blaster:1GBU
DOCK Blaster:1GBV
DOCK Blaster:1GLI
DOCK Blaster:1GZX
DOCK Blaster:1HAB
DOCK Blaster:1HAC
DOCK Blaster:1HBA
DOCK Blaster:1HBB
DOCK Blaster:1HBS
DOCK Blaster:1HCO
DOCK Blaster:1HDB
DOCK Blaster:1HGA
DOCK Blaster:1HGB
DOCK Blaster:1HGC
DOCK Blaster:1HHO
DOCK Blaster:1IRD
DOCK Blaster:1J3Y
DOCK Blaster:1J3Z
DOCK Blaster:1J40
DOCK Blaster:1J41
DOCK Blaster:1J7S
DOCK Blaster:1J7W
DOCK Blaster:1J7Y
DOCK Blaster:1JY7
DOCK Blaster:1K0Y
DOCK Blaster:1K1K
DOCK Blaster:1KD2
DOCK Blaster:1LFL
DOCK Blaster:1LFQ
DOCK Blaster:1LFT
DOCK Blaster:1LFV
DOCK Blaster:1LFY
DOCK Blaster:1LFZ
DOCK Blaster:1LJW
DOCK Blaster:1M9P
DOCK Blaster:1MKO
DOCK Blaster:1NEJ
DOCK Blaster:1NIH
DOCK Blaster:1NQP
DOCK Blaster:1O1I
DOCK Blaster:1O1J
DOCK Blaster:1O1K
DOCK Blaster:1O1L
DOCK Blaster:1O1M
DOCK Blaster:1O1N
DOCK Blaster:1O1O
DOCK Blaster:1O1P
DOCK Blaster:1QI8
DOCK Blaster:1QSH
DOCK Blaster:1QSI
DOCK Blaster:1QXD
DOCK Blaster:1QXE
DOCK Blaster:1R1X
DOCK Blaster:1R1Y
DOCK Blaster:1RPS
DOCK Blaster:1RQ3
DOCK Blaster:1RQ4
DOCK Blaster:1RQA
DOCK Blaster:1RVW
DOCK Blaster:1SDK
DOCK Blaster:1SDL
DOCK Blaster:1SHR
DOCK Blaster:1SI4
DOCK Blaster:1THB
DOCK Blaster:1UIW
DOCK Blaster:1VWT
DOCK Blaster:1XXT
DOCK Blaster:1XY0
DOCK Blaster:1XYE
DOCK Blaster:1XZ2
DOCK Blaster:1XZ4
DOCK Blaster:1XZ5
DOCK Blaster:1XZ7
DOCK Blaster:1XZU
DOCK Blaster:1XZV
DOCK Blaster:1Y01
DOCK Blaster:1Y09
DOCK Blaster:1Y0A
DOCK Blaster:1Y0C
DOCK Blaster:1Y0D
DOCK Blaster:1Y0T
DOCK Blaster:1Y0W
DOCK Blaster:1Y22
DOCK Blaster:1Y2Z
DOCK Blaster:1Y31
DOCK Blaster:1Y35
DOCK Blaster:1Y45
DOCK Blaster:1Y46
DOCK Blaster:1Y4B
DOCK Blaster:1Y4F
DOCK Blaster:1Y4G
DOCK Blaster:1Y4P
DOCK Blaster:1Y4Q
DOCK Blaster:1Y4R
DOCK Blaster:1Y4V
DOCK Blaster:1Y5F
DOCK Blaster:1Y5J
DOCK Blaster:1Y5K
DOCK Blaster:1Y7C
DOCK Blaster:1Y7D
DOCK Blaster:1Y7G
DOCK Blaster:1Y7Z
DOCK Blaster:1Y83
DOCK Blaster:1Y85
DOCK Blaster:1Y8W
DOCK Blaster:1YDZ
DOCK Blaster:1YE0
DOCK Blaster:1YE1
DOCK Blaster:1YE2
DOCK Blaster:1YEN
DOCK Blaster:1YEO
DOCK Blaster:1YEQ
DOCK Blaster:1YEU
DOCK Blaster:1YEV
DOCK Blaster:1YFF
DOCK Blaster:1YG5
DOCK Blaster:1YGD
DOCK Blaster:1YGF
DOCK Blaster:1YH9
DOCK Blaster:1YHE
DOCK Blaster:1YHR
DOCK Blaster:1YIE
DOCK Blaster:1YIH
DOCK Blaster:1YVQ
DOCK Blaster:1YVT
DOCK Blaster:1YZI
DOCK Blaster:1Z8U
DOCK Blaster:2D5Z
DOCK Blaster:2D60
DOCK Blaster:2DN1
DOCK Blaster:2DN2
DOCK Blaster:2DN3
DOCK Blaster:2H35
DOCK Blaster:2HBC
DOCK Blaster:2HBD
DOCK Blaster:2HBE
DOCK Blaster:2HBF
DOCK Blaster:2HBS
DOCK Blaster:2HCO
DOCK Blaster:2HHD
DOCK Blaster:2HHE
DOCK Blaster:4HHB
DOCK Blaster:6HBW
KEGG Gene:3039
KEGG Gene:3040
NCBI Gene:3039
NCBI Gene:3040
Protein Data Bank:1A00
Protein Data Bank:1A01
Protein Data Bank:1A0U
Protein Data Bank:1A0Z
Protein Data Bank:1A3N
Protein Data Bank:1A3O
Protein Data Bank:1A9W
Protein Data Bank:1ABW
Protein Data Bank:1ABY
Protein Data Bank:1AJ9
Protein Data Bank:1B86
Protein Data Bank:1BAB
Protein Data Bank:1BBB
Protein Data Bank:1BIJ
Protein Data Bank:1BUW
Protein Data Bank:1BZ0
Protein Data Bank:1BZ1
Protein Data Bank:1BZZ
Protein Data Bank:1C7B
Protein Data Bank:1C7C
Protein Data Bank:1C7D
Protein Data Bank:1CLS
Protein Data Bank:1CMY
Protein Data Bank:1COH
Protein Data Bank:1DKE
Protein Data Bank:1DXT
Protein Data Bank:1DXU
Protein Data Bank:1DXV
Protein Data Bank:1FDH
Protein Data Bank:1FN3
Protein Data Bank:1G9V
Protein Data Bank:1GBU
Protein Data Bank:1GBV
Protein Data Bank:1GLI
Protein Data Bank:1GZX
Protein Data Bank:1HAB
Protein Data Bank:1HAC
Protein Data Bank:1HBA
Protein Data Bank:1HBB
Protein Data Bank:1HBS
Protein Data Bank:1HCO
Protein Data Bank:1HDB
Protein Data Bank:1HGA
Protein Data Bank:1HGB
Protein Data Bank:1HGC
Protein Data Bank:1HHO
Protein Data Bank:1IRD
Protein Data Bank:1J3Y
Protein Data Bank:1J3Z
Protein Data Bank:1J40
Protein Data Bank:1J41
Protein Data Bank:1J7S
Protein Data Bank:1J7W
Protein Data Bank:1J7Y
Protein Data Bank:1JY7
Protein Data Bank:1K0Y
Protein Data Bank:1K1K
Protein Data Bank:1KD2
Protein Data Bank:1LFL
Protein Data Bank:1LFQ
Protein Data Bank:1LFT
Protein Data Bank:1LFV
Protein Data Bank:1LFY
Protein Data Bank:1LFZ
Protein Data Bank:1LJW
Protein Data Bank:1M9P
Protein Data Bank:1MKO
Protein Data Bank:1NEJ
Protein Data Bank:1NIH
Protein Data Bank:1NQP
Protein Data Bank:1O1I
Protein Data Bank:1O1J
Protein Data Bank:1O1K
Protein Data Bank:1O1L
Protein Data Bank:1O1M
Protein Data Bank:1O1N
Protein Data Bank:1O1O
Protein Data Bank:1O1P
Protein Data Bank:1QI8
Protein Data Bank:1QSH
Protein Data Bank:1QSI
Protein Data Bank:1QXD
Protein Data Bank:1QXE
Protein Data Bank:1R1X
Protein Data Bank:1R1Y
Protein Data Bank:1RPS
Protein Data Bank:1RQ3
Protein Data Bank:1RQ4
Protein Data Bank:1RQA
Protein Data Bank:1RVW
Protein Data Bank:1SDK
Protein Data Bank:1SDL
Protein Data Bank:1SHR
Protein Data Bank:1SI4
Protein Data Bank:1THB
Protein Data Bank:1UIW
Protein Data Bank:1VWT
Protein Data Bank:1XXT
Protein Data Bank:1XY0
Protein Data Bank:1XYE
Protein Data Bank:1XZ2
Protein Data Bank:1XZ4
Protein Data Bank:1XZ5
Protein Data Bank:1XZ7
Protein Data Bank:1XZU
Protein Data Bank:1XZV
Protein Data Bank:1Y01
Protein Data Bank:1Y09
Protein Data Bank:1Y0A
Protein Data Bank:1Y0C
Protein Data Bank:1Y0D
Protein Data Bank:1Y0T
Protein Data Bank:1Y0W
Protein Data Bank:1Y22
Protein Data Bank:1Y2Z
Protein Data Bank:1Y31
Protein Data Bank:1Y35
Protein Data Bank:1Y45
Protein Data Bank:1Y46
Protein Data Bank:1Y4B
Protein Data Bank:1Y4F
Protein Data Bank:1Y4G
Protein Data Bank:1Y4P
Protein Data Bank:1Y4Q
Protein Data Bank:1Y4R
Protein Data Bank:1Y4V
Protein Data Bank:1Y5F
Protein Data Bank:1Y5J
Protein Data Bank:1Y5K
Protein Data Bank:1Y7C
Protein Data Bank:1Y7D
Protein Data Bank:1Y7G
Protein Data Bank:1Y7Z
Protein Data Bank:1Y83
Protein Data Bank:1Y85
Protein Data Bank:1Y8W
Protein Data Bank:1YDZ
Protein Data Bank:1YE0
Protein Data Bank:1YE1
Protein Data Bank:1YE2
Protein Data Bank:1YEN
Protein Data Bank:1YEO
Protein Data Bank:1YEQ
Protein Data Bank:1YEU
Protein Data Bank:1YEV
Protein Data Bank:1YFF
Protein Data Bank:1YG5
Protein Data Bank:1YGD
Protein Data Bank:1YGF
Protein Data Bank:1YH9
Protein Data Bank:1YHE
Protein Data Bank:1YHR
Protein Data Bank:1YIE
Protein Data Bank:1YIH
Protein Data Bank:1YVQ
Protein Data Bank:1YVT
Protein Data Bank:1YZI
Protein Data Bank:1Z8U
Protein Data Bank:2D5Z
Protein Data Bank:2D60
Protein Data Bank:2DN1
Protein Data Bank:2DN2
Protein Data Bank:2DN3
Protein Data Bank:2H35
Protein Data Bank:2HBC
Protein Data Bank:2HBD
Protein Data Bank:2HBE
Protein Data Bank:2HBF
Protein Data Bank:2HBS
Protein Data Bank:2HCO
Protein Data Bank:2HHD
Protein Data Bank:2HHE
Protein Data Bank:4HHB
Protein Data Bank:6HBW
UCSC human:P69905
dbSNP Gene:3039
dbSNP Gene:3040
Other identifiers related to this sequenceHBA_HUMAN, P01922, Q1HDT5, Q3MIF5, Q53F97, Q96KF1, Q9NYR7, Q9UCM0, 1XZV, AAK37554, 3HHB, 1LFL, HQ156224, 1LFZ, 1Y4F, 3S66, 3QJE, DQ499017, 2HHB, 2649166, 3NMM, 1O1N, 1BAB, AAH32122, NP_000508, 0003520368, 1A3O, 1DKE, D1MGQ2, EntrezGene:3039, EntrezGene:3040, CAA23751, CCDS10398, 6452630, 1J3Y, 1BIJ, g4038449_3p_s_at, 2HBD, AHA12099, 1XXT, 3642682, GU145033, AF230076, 1HBS, MIM:604131, 1ABW, 1LFT, AHA12105, J00153, 1JY7, 3SZK, 3R5I, 1YHR, 1YEQ, 3040, 1HAB, HPA043780, g6715603_3p_s_at, 3OO4, 1HCO, 1NEJ, V00493, 1GLI, 1CLS, GE79916, 1Y0D, 3ODQ, 2DN3, 1BZ0, 1Y85, 1A01, 1GZX, 1QI8, AAH08572, 1A0Z, 1YIE, 2YRS, 3IC2, MIM:141860, AHA12103, 3DUT, AF097635, 1XZ4, 4L7Y, 211745_3p_x_at, 3D7O, Hs.272572.2.S1_3p_s_at, 3B75, NM_000517, 1DXU, 1O1K, 1KD2, 1Y2Z, AF349571, DQ499018, 1RQ4, 1A3N, 1Y01, 3OVU, ADV78002, 1XZ5, 1Y7G, IPR009050, 204018_x_at, 1YH9, G3V1N2, 31525_s_at, 1YE2, HBA2-001, 1B86, 3642673, 3ONZ, AAB59408, 204018_3p_x_at, 1Y7C, 1YHE, 1YGF, 3642683, ENSP00000251595, 1Y5J, ABF56144, 2D5Z, 2HHE, 4IJ2, BAD97112, 1QXE, 1COH, 1J41, 1Y4G, AHA12101, 1O1O, 2W6V, 4N7O, MIM:141800, OTTHUMP00000066291, 1O1P, 3642680, 1RQA, 1UIW, 1XZU, 4MQJ, AAH05931, AAK61215, 1YVQ, BC101848, 3642672, 1HGA, CAA23748, g13650073_3p_s_at, 1Y83, Z84721_cds2_at, 1BBB, 3642665, 1Y4B, PR00612, 1LJW, 4MQC, MIM:141850, 209458_x_at, uc002cfv.4, 1BZ1, 1Z8U, 1SDK, 4FC3, 1NQP, 2DN1, BC005931, 1XYE, 6HBW, 1NIH, AAK61216, 2DXM, ABD95910, AAB59407, 1C7D, 4N7P, 11754267_x_at, AF525460, 1Y8W, V00488, ACZ54507, 1A0U, 1BZZ, 1FDH, 7991762, AAC97373, 1THB, 3642676, 3QJD, 1Y5F, 1YEU, AE006462, 1Y4R, KF372026, AHA12104, 2HBE, 1YVT, 1J3Z, BC008572, AF536204, AHA12100, KF372024, 1FN3, MIM:613978, 1Y4P, 1HBA, P78461, CAB032534, 1O1L, 3WCP, 2HBF, ABF56145, 1DXT, 1A9W, 2W72, 2HHD, 1J7Y, 2DN2, 1HGB, 4N7N, U6A3P2, U6A216, 1AJ9, 3OO5, 1ABY, 211699_x_at, 1YEV, KF372021, 4MQK, 1R1Y, AAM83102, BC032122, 217414_3p_x_at, 1RVW, 1GBV, 1YEN, 4MQG, 3642669, AHA12102, 1J40, 214414_x_at, V9H1D9, 3HXN, AAI01847, 3QJC, 1Y45, 1YG5, 1YE1, 2M6Z, 2HBC, 1SDL, 1C7C, AAP56246, 1RPS, 1LFV, 1O1I, 1XY0, A_24_P142305, 3039, 1IRD, 2D60, V00492, 1Y46, ILMN_1667796, ILMN_3240144, 3642671, 209458_3p_x_at, AAH50661, AK223392, IPR000971, 1HAC, 2H35, 1XZ7, ENSG00000188536, CAA23752, 1J7S, 1XZ2, HGNC:4824, U6A493, 211745_x_at, IPR002339, KF372022, 1HGC, 2HBS, 1MKO, 1HBB, 1BUW, CAA23774, 2HCO, 3642684, 1YFF, 1HHO, 3642666, 3642677, AAN04486, 3IC0, 1YZI, 3NL7, 16814121, J00157, 1QSH, 1Y4Q, Z84721, 1Y09, 1C7B, AY298911, CAB06555, 3IA3, 3S65, 1VWT, AAC72839, 1Y35, CAB06554, 1Y0T, IPR002338, 1SHR, 3D17, 1M9P, 1YGD, 1LFY, ABD95911, 1LFQ, CH471112, BC101846, KF372025, 1Y22, EAW85862, 1GBU, 1K0Y, 1Y7Z, 3642679, PR00815, CAB038417, 3P5Q, 1YEO, A_33_P3258362, BC050661, V00491, 1QXD, 1Y31, CAA23750, 1Y0A, DQ431198, 217414_x_at, 211699_3p_x_at, 1Y0C, 1YIH, KF372020, 1A00, 1Y7D, KF372023, 1K1K, V00516, 1YE0, 4HHB, 1Y4V, AF105974, 214414_3p_x_at, 3642667, EAW85863, 1Y0W, V00489, 1G9V, CAA23749, 3KMF, 1HDB, AAA52632, 7991766, A_23_P26457, 1YDZ, 4MQH, AAF72612, UPI0000000239, 1CMY, PF00042, AAI01849, HBA2, 4MQI, MIM:140700, 1R1X, 1QSI, 3QJB, 1SI4, 1J7W, Q7Z6G4, 1O1M, HBA1, 3S48, 1Y5K, 1DXV, 1RQ3, 1O1J, PH_hs_0030402, uc002cfx.1, g13543547_3p_x_at, 16814128, 1975428, NM_000558, ENSG00000206172, HBA1-001, HGNC:4823, NP_000549, 0004200088, OTTHUMP00000066501, A_23_P37856, PH_hs_0033731, CCDS10399, ENSP00000322421
Component ofHemoglobin alpha:ferroheme b:oxygen [cytosol]
Protonated Carbamino Hemoglobin alpha:ferroheme b [cytosol]
Hemoglobin alpha:ferroheme b [extracellular region]
Apohemoglobin [extracellular region]
Hemoglobin alpha:ferroheme b:oxygen [extracellular region]
Hemoglobin alpha:ferriheme b [extracellular region]
Hemoglobin alpha:ferroheme b [endocytic vesicle lumen]
OxyHbA [cytosol]
Protonated Carbamino DeoxyHbA [cytosol]
Deoxyhemoglobin Dimer [extracellular region]
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Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Binding and Uptake of Ligands by Scavenger Receptors


Modifications in molecules with this sequencecarboxylated residue at 2
protonated residue at unknown position
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