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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Interleukin-2 receptor subunit alpha shortName:IL-2 receptor subunit alpha shortName:IL-2-RA shortName:IL-2R subunit alpha shortName:IL2-RA alternativeName: TAC antigen alternativeName: p55 cdAntigenNameCD25/cdAntigenName
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:3559
CTD Gene:3559
DOCK Blaster:1ILM
DOCK Blaster:1ILN
DOCK Blaster:1Z92
DOCK Blaster:2B5I
DOCK Blaster:2ERJ
KEGG Gene:3559
NCBI Gene:3559
Protein Data Bank:1ILM
Protein Data Bank:1ILN
Protein Data Bank:1Z92
Protein Data Bank:2B5I
Protein Data Bank:2ERJ
UCSC human:P01589
dbSNP Gene:3559
Other identifiers related to this sequenceIL2RA_HUMAN, Q5W007, 7931914, X03132, X03137, M11066, 2ERJ, 3275743, M11063, AAS55572, 206341_at, M11065, 2B5I, IPR000436, 11739954_at, 3275751, X03136, 1Z92, CAK26553, BN000945, 1702_at, MIM:601942, AAA59162, uc001iiz.2, 3275769, 3275771, X03138, 3275759, AY563103, AL157395, 3275770, CAA26906, ENSG00000134460, 3275731, 211269_s_at, CAA25525, X03135, 3925551, CCDS7076, PH_hs_0049265, 3IU3, M11062, 3559, X03133, MIM:606367, M11060, 3275733, 1ILN, X03134, PF00084, A_24_P230563, LRG_73t1, CAB002419, 3275747, M15864, NP_000408, 3275748, ENST00000379959, UPI000012D4A3, K03122, CAI41069, LRG_73, ILMN_2108699, 3275734, M11061, CAH73595, PH_hs_0022432, 3275732, AAA67527, HGNC:6008, 0006900014, EntrezGene:3559, CH471072, Hs.231367, X03131, 3275760, 1ILM, M10322, ILMN_1683774, MIM:147730, AL137186, M11064, 77706_at, 11739955_a_at, IL2RA-001, EAW86414, 11752775_a_at, IL2RA, 3275746, 3275730, X01057_at, 16711501, 3275758, A_23_P127288, 3275752, NM_000417, OTTHUMP00000019030, GE59635, 3NFP, SM00032, X01057, 17676041, g186319_3p_a_at, AAB59535, ENSP00000369293
Molecules with this sequenceIL2RA [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOORHPGPPPPPURDDDDD
Component ofIL2RA:IL2RB:p-JAK1 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer p-(Y338,392,510) beta subunit:p-JAK1:JAK3 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer p-(Y338,392,510) beta subunit:p-JAK1:JAK3 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2RA [plasma membrane]
IL2RA:IL2RB:p-JAK1:IL2 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer p-(Y338,392,510)-beta subunit:p-JAK1:JAK3:p-SHC [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer p-(Y338,392,510)-beta subunit:p-JAK1:JAK3:SHC [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer p-(Y338,392,510) beta subunit:p-JAK1:JAK3:STAT5 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer p-(Y338,Y392, Y510) beta subunit:p-JAK1:JAK3:p-STAT5 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2RA:IL2RB:JAK1 [plasma membrane]
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