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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Interleukin-6 shortName:IL-6 alternativeName: B-cell stimulatory factor 2 shortName:BSF-2 alternativeName: CTL differentiation factor shortName:CDF alternativeName: Hybridoma growth factor alternativeName: Interferon beta-2 shortName:IFN-beta-2
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:3569
CTD Gene:3569
DOCK Blaster:1ALU
DOCK Blaster:1IL6
DOCK Blaster:1N2Q
DOCK Blaster:1P9M
DOCK Blaster:2IL6
KEGG Gene:3569
NCBI Gene:3569
Protein Data Bank:1ALU
Protein Data Bank:1IL6
Protein Data Bank:1N2Q
Protein Data Bank:1P9M
Protein Data Bank:2IL6
UCSC human:P05231
dbSNP Gene:3569
Other identifiers related to this sequenceIL6_HUMAN, Q9UCU2, Q9UCU3, Q9UCU4, ENSG00000136244, ENST00000258743, ENSP00000258743, 205207_at, 38299_at, Y00081_s_at, X04602_s_at, g10834983_3p_at, A_23_P71037, CCDS5375, GE59660, CH236948, AC073072, BT019748, BT019749, CR450296, X04430, M14584, X04602, Y00081, M18403, M29150, X04402, X04403, M54894, S56892, AF372214, BC015511, EntrezGene:3569, GI_10834983-S, ILMN_6469, IPI00007793, MIM:147620, MIM:604302, 1N2Q, 1P9M, 1ALU, 1IL6, 2IL6, AAS07539, AAV38553, AAV38554, CAG29292, EAL24265, CAA28026, AAA52728, CAA28268, CAA68278, AAA52729, AAA59154, CAA27990, CAA27991, AAC41704, AAD13886, AAK48987, AAH15511, NM_000600, NP_000591, OTTHUMT00000250225, OTTHUMT00000059499, Q75MH2, P05231, Q75MH2_HUMAN, IL6_HUMAN, IPR003573, IPR003574
Molecules with this sequenceIL6 [extracellular region] UKENBCdOORHGURPPPPPDDDDD
Component ofIL6:IL6RA [plasma membrane]
IL6:sIL6R [extracellular region]
IL6:IL6RA:IL6RB:JAKs [plasma membrane]
IL6:IL6RA:IL6RB:Activated JAKs [plasma membrane]
IL6:IL6RA:Tyrosine phosphorylated IL6RB:Activated JAKs [plasma membrane]
IL6:sIL6R:sgp130 [extracellular region]
IL6:sIL6R:IL6RB:JAKs [plasma membrane]
IL6:sIL6R:IL6RB:Activated JAKs [plasma membrane]
IL6:sIL6R:Tyrosine phosphorylated IL6RB:Activated JAKs [plasma membrane]
IL6 receptor hexamer:JAKs [plasma membrane]
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Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Immune System

Cellular responses to stress

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