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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Amyloid beta A4 protein alternativeName: ABPP alternativeName: APPI shortName:APP alternativeName: Alzheimer disease amyloid protein alternativeName: Cerebral vascular amyloid peptide shortName:CVAP alternativeName: PreA4 alternativeName: Protease nexin-II shortName:PN-II component recommendedName: N-APP /component component recommendedName: Soluble APP-alpha shortName:S-APP-alpha /component component recommendedName: Soluble APP-beta shortName:S-APP-beta /component component recommendedName: C99 /component component recommendedName: Beta-amyloid protein 42 alternativeName: Beta-APP42 /component component recommendedName: Beta-amyloid protein 40 alternativeName: Beta-APP40 /component component recommendedName: C83 /component component recommendedName: P3(42) /component component recommendedName: P3(40) /component component recommendedName: C80 /component component recommendedName: Gamma-secretase C-terminal fragment 59 alternativeName: Amyloid intracellular domain 59 shortName:AICD-59 shortName:AID(59) alternativeName: Gamma-CTF(59) /component component recommendedName: Gamma-secretase C-terminal fragment 57 alternativeName: Amyloid intracellular domain 57 shortName:AICD-57 shortName:AID(57) alternativeName: Gamma-CTF(57) /component component recommendedName: Gamma-secretase C-terminal fragment 50 alternativeName: Amyloid intracellular domain 50 shortName:AICD-50 shortName:AID(50) alternativeName: Gamma-CTF(50) /component component recommendedName: C31 /component
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:351
CTD Gene:351
DOCK Blaster:1AAP
DOCK Blaster:1AMB
DOCK Blaster:1AMC
DOCK Blaster:1AML
DOCK Blaster:1BA4
DOCK Blaster:1BA6
DOCK Blaster:1BJB
DOCK Blaster:1BJC
DOCK Blaster:1BRC
DOCK Blaster:1CA0
DOCK Blaster:1HZ3
DOCK Blaster:1IYT
DOCK Blaster:1MWP
DOCK Blaster:1OWT
DOCK Blaster:1QCM
DOCK Blaster:1QWP
DOCK Blaster:1QXC
DOCK Blaster:1QYT
DOCK Blaster:1TAW
DOCK Blaster:1TKN
DOCK Blaster:1UO7
DOCK Blaster:1UO8
DOCK Blaster:1UOA
DOCK Blaster:1UOI
DOCK Blaster:1ZE7
DOCK Blaster:1ZE9
DOCK Blaster:1ZJD
DOCK Blaster:2BEG
DOCK Blaster:2BP4
KEGG Gene:351
NCBI Gene:351
Protein Data Bank:1AAP
Protein Data Bank:1AMB
Protein Data Bank:1AMC
Protein Data Bank:1AML
Protein Data Bank:1BA4
Protein Data Bank:1BA6
Protein Data Bank:1BJB
Protein Data Bank:1BJC
Protein Data Bank:1BRC
Protein Data Bank:1CA0
Protein Data Bank:1HZ3
Protein Data Bank:1IYT
Protein Data Bank:1MWP
Protein Data Bank:1OWT
Protein Data Bank:1QCM
Protein Data Bank:1QWP
Protein Data Bank:1QXC
Protein Data Bank:1QYT
Protein Data Bank:1TAW
Protein Data Bank:1TKN
Protein Data Bank:1UO7
Protein Data Bank:1UO8
Protein Data Bank:1UOA
Protein Data Bank:1UOI
Protein Data Bank:1ZE7
Protein Data Bank:1ZE9
Protein Data Bank:1ZJD
Protein Data Bank:2BEG
Protein Data Bank:2BP4
UCSC human:P05067
dbSNP Gene:351
Other identifiers related to this sequenceA4_HUMAN, B2R5V1, B4DII8, D3DSD1, D3DSD2, D3DSD3, P09000, P78438, Q13764, Q13778, Q13793, Q16011, Q16014, Q16019, Q16020, Q6GSC0, Q8WZ99, Q9BT38, Q9UC33, Q9UCA9, Q9UCB6, Q9UCC8, Q9UCD1, Q9UQ58, 11742211_x_at, M34873, CCDS13576, EntrezGene:351, KC148523, EAX09958, 2LZ4, 2LP1, IPR013803, X13487, BAH12049, 200602_at, OTTHUMP00000096098, 2Y3L, M35675, 1679289, 1BRC, AP001443, 2WK3, 3DXE, 3OW9, AAB59502, 4MDR, 1ZE9, M34869, 2BEG, 1UOI, 8069644, AAA51564, 3MXY, 11762804_x_at, BC065529, AAB26263, 2LOH, ILMN_2404063, 1MWP, 2Y29, 3927229, S61380, AB066441, L7XCZ9, X13479, 3UMI, X06981, A_24_P314159, 3L33, 2FMA, 3927300, 2Y3J, 3IFP, 3JQ5, 2LFM, M24546, 64309_f_at, 3OVJ, M34879, AAA51727, M15533, AK312326, X06982, 2M9S, AAB59501, AK295621, AAB23646, 3927273, AP001441, AAB26265, 3927282, 1ZJD, 2BP4, AAA51768, M29269, Y00264_at, X13469, 3SV1, M34863, 2LMN, KC148522, 3927272, AP001440, ENSP00000284981, 351, IPR011178, M16765, 1Z0Q, M34866, CH471079, 3GCI, 1QYT, 11742210_a_at, 1BJB, ILMN_1678152, 3927301, EAX09961, 3927233, M18734, Hs.713750, B7Z313, PF02177, IPR024329, BAG35248, AF282245, 3BAE, PH_hs_0010546, 3IFL, 1OWT, NM_000484, 3JTI, 2BOM, A_33_P3296479, 3927234, AAH04369, 2LMO, 11746866_a_at, 2R0W, HPA001462, M34872, 3L81, 2FK3, 3927230, X06989, X13476, PR00203, M37895, M34876, 1TKN, KC156113, 1BA6, AGD80373, 3UMH, 3927262, 3927289, 3NYJ, Hs.177486.2.A1_3p_a_at, Hs.434980, 1ZE7, M34862, 3JQL, 4HIX, CAA68374, CAB000157, g4502166_3p_at, 1AML, 1AMC, 11752199_a_at, BC004369, 1BJC, AY919674, X13488, 11750384_a_at, 3IFO, M34865, 2LNQ, AAA35540, S60721, PR00204, 3U0T, 3927271, S45136, 1QCM, 3927335, 3927306, AAA60163, Y00264, 41136_s_at, CAA30042, EAX09963, PR00759, PF00014, 2Y2A, 2M9R, AAQ14327, 1UO8, M34871, 1QXC, AAA58727, IPR008154, 3KTM, X13472, 211277_3p_x_at, 3927225, X13467, X13473, 3BKJ, AAC60601, ILMN_1653283, 2FK2, M34875, AK295373, MIM:605714, CAA30041, 11741216_x_at, 0001230601, PF10515, BAG58500, 3DXC, 3927237, MIM:104300, EAX09959, 3MOQ, S60317, M34877, APP-004, MIM:104760, 2M4J, 3927242, 1AAP, AP001439, 214953_s_at, 11742215_s_at, AAA51722, X13477, M34867, 3AYU, 1AMB, 3MXC, CAA30050, S61383, 11738008_s_at, 2G47, 2FJZ, 1HZ3, uc002ylz.3, 1TAW, X13468, AP001442, X13466, 11752481_a_at, 2FKL, M28373, NP_000475, HGNC:620, 11751350_a_at, M15532, 3UMK, M34864, CAA31830, X13474, PF03494, 3DXD, 11752200_x_at, AAH65529, A_33_P3508822, 3927336, 2LMP, AGD80372, M37896, X13475, BAB71958, 3927228, EAX09965, AAA51726, AAB26264, IPR008155, 2FK1, X13471, M34868, 3927307, IPR015849, 2LZ3, EAX09960, 1UOA, 3927274, ENSG00000142192, M34878, 3927227, APP, M34874, UPI000002DB1C, 3927241, 3IFN, 3927298, BAA22264, GE57419, 16924551, 2Y3K, 2LMQ, M29270, IPR019543, 1CA0, M24547, 1BA4, M33112, M34870, AAC13654, 1X11, 1QWP, SM00006, IPR002223, 1IYT, 2OTK, 2IPU, 211277_x_at, 3927281, 3927264, X13478, 1UO7, D87675, X13470, SM00131, L7XE61, 2LLM, AGD80371, 3NYL, AAW82435, ILMN_2404065, 3927337, CCDS46638, ENSP00000346129, APP-002, NP_001129601, OTTHUMP00000096096, uc010glj.3, NM_001136129, UPI00001BE539, APP-003, E9PEV0, UPI000002A2F2, CCDS13577, uc002ymb.3, NP_001191232, NM_001204303, NM_201414, ENSP00000345463, NP_958817, OTTHUMP00000096097, NM_001204302, uc002yma.3, ENSP00000350578, NP_958816, OTTHUMP00000096095, APP-001, NP_001191231, UPI000002A2F6, NM_201413, CCDS33523, APP-016, NP_001129488, ENSP00000387483, CCDS56212, UPI00017A7091, uc010glk.3, OTTHUMP00000272882, NM_001136016, 3927320, H7C104, OTTHUMP00000274887, APP-017, CCDS56213, NP_001191230, ENSP00000351796, NM_001204301, UPI000002A2F7, uc021whz.1, ENSP00000352760, uc011aci.2, 3927338, UPI000182464D, APP-201, NP_001129603, NM_001136131, CCDS56211
Component ofNLRP3 elicitor proteins:NLRP3 [cytosol]
FPRL1:FPRL1 ligands [plasma membrane]
AGER ligands:AGER [plasma membrane]
Beta amyloid fibril [extracellular region]
AGER ligands:AGER:ERK [plasma membrane]
AGER ligands:AGER:Erk [cytosol]
AGRN:Beta amyloid fibril [extracellular region]
NLRP3 elicitors:NLRP3 oligomer [cytosol]
Ligand:GPCR complexes that activate Gi:Heterotrimeric G-protein Gi (active) [plasma membrane]
Ligand:GPCR complexes that activate Gi:Heterotrimeric G-protein Gi (inactive) [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)Platelet alpha granule contents [extracellular region]
Platelet alpha granule contents [platelet alpha granule lumen]
NLRP3 elicitor proteins [cytosol]
FPRL1 ligands [extracellular region]
AGER ligands [extracellular region]
Beta-amyloid [extracellular region]
Ligands of GPCRs that activate Gi [extracellular region]
Ligands of GPCRs that activate Gq/11 [extracellular region]
Localized amyloid fibril monomers [extracellular region]
Amyloid fibril monomers [extracellular region]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Immune System

Signal Transduction

AGER binds rat ERK1/2 [Homo sapiens]

Extracellular matrix organization



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