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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Regulating synaptic membrane exocytosis protein 1 alternativeName: Rab-3-interacting molecule 1 shortName:RIM 1 alternativeName: Rab-3-interacting protein 2
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:22999
CTD Gene:22999
DOCK Blaster:2CSS
KEGG Gene:22999
NCBI Gene:22999
Protein Data Bank:2CSS
UCSC human:Q86UR5
dbSNP Gene:22999
Other identifiers related to this sequenceRIMS1_HUMAN, A7MBN6, B7Z2M0, B7Z2Q9, B7Z3S3, B7Z6S2, E7EX08, E9PCB7, E9PCZ1, E9PF48, E9PHF5, E9PHR1, O15048, Q5JY21, Q5JY25, Q5SZK1, Q8TDY9, Q8TDZ5, Q9HBA1, Q9HBA2, Q9HBA3, Q9HBA4, Q9HBA5, Q9HBA6, SM00239, BAA20798, HGNC:17282, 2913188, Hs.595825, ENSG00000079841, EntrezGene:22999, CAI39604, A_14_P135151, AK295001, 9205841, 22999, BAH13358, AL035633, 2913225, 11749007_a_at, 2913160, AF263308, OTTHUMP00000224637, IPR011011, AF263309, AB051866, BAH11945, PF00168, 2913164, AF263310, IPR010911, 2913180, RIMS1, 2913182, 2913126, Hs.306955.0.S1_3p_s_at, IPR000008, SM00228, AL590011, 2913175, AY190519, BAB87242, 2913128, 2913178, CAI39600, MIM:603649, 216184_s_at, AF263305, CAI39598, AK300853, AAO38848, XP_005248745, 11749008_x_at, AAG23166, AL390056, 2913212, IPR001478, 2913186, AF263307, AL160405, uc003pga.4, BC152435, CAI16961, A_23_P432110, 2913236, AB002338, 2913125, XM_006715391, 2913184, 2913142, 11748173_a_at, 2913227, RIMS1-010, CAI42135, PF00595, 8120613, 2913162, AAG23162, 2913210, 2913209, 11751189_x_at, 2913176, 17010198, BAH11906, AAI51854, IPR017455, XP_005248743, CAI42139, AB045726, 2913127, Hs.606699, 2913234, ILMN_1700759, AAG23163, 2913218, 2913237, Hs.485729, 2913179, CAI21554, AAI52436, 2913174, 2913161, BAH12309, 2913226, BC151853, AF263306, 2913154, 2913189, XP_006715454, AK294868, 2913165, AAG23164, 2913197, BAB87121, 2CSS, 11438518, 2913183, A_14_P112260, 2913235, 2913187, 2913124, 2913181, MIM:606629, Hs.608538, AL034373, AK296303, UPI0000470172, ENSP00000430101, 11748093_x_at, AAG23165, AK309185, CAI20558, AL445256, 2913207, 2913163, 2913231, AAG23167, 2913233, HPA039297, OTTHUMP00000016717, XM_006715388, 2913238, XP_006715451, UPI00001C0384, 2913229, ENSP00000429959, RIMS1-005, XP_006715450, XP_006715452, OTTHUMP00000016718, 2913202, UPI00001C0385, XP_005248747, ENSP00000430408, RIMS1-006, OTTHUMP00000016720, ENSP00000430932, RIMS1-008, UPI00001C0387, 2913196, RIMS1-011, 2913203, ENSP00000428417, 2913195, CCDS47449, NP_055804, NM_014989, 2913204, 2913194, UPI00001908FB, OTTHUMP00000224638, UPI00001C0386, OTTHUMP00000016719, XM_005248691, XP_005248748, ENSP00000430502, RIMS1-007, 231986_at, A_33_P3218832, Hs.129190.0.S1_3p_at, 0106450411, ENSP00000264839, 11732625_a_at, 45152_at, XP_006715455, GE56128, 2913240, 2913241, 2913239, PH_hs_0044683, 2913242, PH_hs_0045971, XM_006715392, RIMS1-003, OTTHUMP00000016715, UPI00001C0383, NP_001161879, 2913169, uc010kaq.3, ENSP00000385649, CCDS55030, 2913170, UPI0001BE8156, RIMS1-013, OTTHUMP00000224642, NM_001168407, UPI0001BE8157, uc011dyc.2, ENSP00000428328, NM_001168408, CCDS55029, NP_001161880, RIMS1-014, OTTHUMP00000224643, NM_001168409, RIMS1-015, UPI0001BE8158, ENSP00000411235, OTTHUMP00000224644, uc010kar.3, NP_001161881, CCDS55032, 2913171, ENSP00000428367, uc011dyd.2, UPI0001914D79, CCDS55031, NM_001168410, RIMS1-018, NP_001161882, OTTHUMP00000224646, uc003pge.3, ENSP00000359448, UPI0000071AE0, RIMS1-004, OTTHUMP00000016716, NM_001168411, RIMS1-009, 2913221, uc011dyg.2, CCDS55033, UPI0000E0A2FF, OTTHUMP00000224639, ENSP00000402273, NP_001161883
Molecules with this sequenceRIMS1 [cytosol] UKENBCdOOORHPGPURD
Component ofDocked acetylcholine loaded Synaptic Vesicle [plasma membrane]
Docked dopamine loaded synaptic vesicle [plasma membrane]
Docked GABA loaded synaptic vesicle [plasma membrane, clathrin-sculpted gamma-aminobutyric acid transport vesicle membrane]
Docked Glutamate Loaded Synaptic Vesicle [plasma membrane]
Docked Noradrenalin loaded synaptic vesicle [plasma membrane]
Docked serotonin loaded synaptic vesicle [plasma membrane]
RIMS1:UNC13B:BZRAP1:Alpha-liprin [plasma membrane]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Neuronal System

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