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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesMus musculus
DescriptionrecommendedName: Tumor necrosis factor alternativeName: Cachectin alternativeName: TNF-alpha alternativeName: Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 2 shortName:TNF-a component recommendedName: Tumor necrosis factor, membrane form alternativeName: N-terminal fragment shortName:NTF /component component recommendedName: Intracellular domain 1 shortName:ICD1 /component component recommendedName: Intracellular domain 2 shortName:ICD2 /component component recommendedName: C-domain 1 /component component recommendedName: C-domain 2 /component component recommendedName: Tumor necrosis factor, soluble form /component
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:21926
CTD Gene:21926
DOCK Blaster:2TNF
NCBI Gene:21926
Protein Data Bank:2TNF
dbSNP Gene:21926
Other identifiers related to this sequenceTNFA_MOUSE, O35853, Q62326, Q91VF3, BC117057, 5453021, 4649181, Q3U593, 10450501, 2TNF, BC137720, M11731, BAE32187, CAA26457, GE36806, M20155, CAA68530, BAF02299, AAA40462, Tnf, AY423855, IPR006053, MGI:104798, F830002F15, BAB68752, AB039226, BAB68753, EntrezGene:21926, AAA40459, BAA19512, BAB68749, Q6TDG3, AK153800, 5558978, AB039224, AAA18594, BAF02298, BAB68754, U06950, M13049, NP_038721, OTTMUSP00000053529, CH466666, Y00467, BAE31899, IPR006052, BAB68751, AK153319, AB039232, D84196, AB039229, BAB68748, BAB68750, TNFA, AAI37721, AAB65593, TNF, BAB68755, x02611_s_at, ILMN_2467245, Tnf-001, AB185896, AAC82484, 1419607_at, AB185894, AAR00346, PR01235, PR01234, 4556801, A_51_P385099, ILMN_2899863, I830138A10, U68414, PF00229, BAA19513, IPR002959, mMC016605, Q0X0E6, AK155964, SM00207, AAA40458, TNFa_at, UPI0000022334, AAA40457, D84199, AB039225, AB039231, EDL26632, AB185895, M38296, NM_013693, X02611, 102629_at, BAB68756, AF109719, AB039230, 21926, ENSMUSP00000025263, BAE33525, BAF02300, AAI17058, AB039227, uc008cgr.2, CCDS28691, ENSMUSG00000024401, AB039228, 5106210, IPR008983, Mm.1293, 5176196, A630097B05, uc012arb.2, ENSMUSP00000126122, OTTMUSP00000053530, CCDS70801, UPI000016D08B, NM_001278601, NP_001265530, Tnf-002
Molecules with this sequenceTnf [extracellular region] UENBCdRHPPRD
TNF(1-233) [plasma membrane] UENBCdRHPPRD
TNF(77-233) [extracellular region] UENBCdRHPPRD
Component ofsoluble TNF-alpha:TNFR1 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [plasma membrane]
TNF-alpha trimer (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [extracellular region]
TNF-alpha trimer (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [plasma membrane]
TNF-alpha:TNF-R1 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [plasma membrane]
TNF-alpha:TNF-R1:TRADD:K63polyUb-RIPK1:BIRC2/3 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [plasma membrane]
TNF-alpha:TNF-R1:TRADD:RIPK1:TRAF2 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [plasma membrane]
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