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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
First nameE
AffiliationKimmel Cancer Center - Thomas Jefferson University
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Apoptosis is a distinct form of cell death that is functiona...
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Activated BAX [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Activation of caspases through apoptosome-mediated cleavage [Homo sapiens]
Active oligomeric BAK [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Apaf-1:Cytochrome C [cytosol]
Apoptosis [Homo sapiens]
Apoptosis induced DNA fragmentation [Homo sapiens]
Apoptosome [cytosol]
Apoptotic cleavage of cellular proteins [Homo sapiens]
Apoptotic factor-mediated response [Homo sapiens]
BAD:BCL-2 [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Cleavage of Procaspase-3 by the apoptosome [Homo sapiens]
Cleavage of Procaspase-7 by the apoptosome [Homo sapiens]
Cleavage of Procaspase-9 to Caspase-9 [Homo sapiens]
Cytochrome C Binds to Apaf-1 [Homo sapiens]
Cytochrome c-mediated apoptotic response [Homo sapiens]
Cytochrome C:Apaf-1 binds Procaspase-9 [Homo sapiens]
Cytochrome C:Apaf-1:ATP:Procaspase-9 [cytosol]
Dissociation of Caspase-3 from SMAC:XIAP:Caspase-3 [Homo sapiens]
Dissociation of Caspase-7 from SMAC:XIAP:Caspase-7 [Homo sapiens]
Dissociation of Caspase-9 from SMAC:XIAP:Caspase-9 [Homo sapiens]
Formation of apoptosome [Homo sapiens]
Intrinsic Pathway for Apoptosis [Homo sapiens]
Release of apoptotic factors from the mitochondria [Homo sapiens]
Release of Cytochrome c from mitochondria [Homo sapiens]
Release of SMAC from mitochondria [Homo sapiens]
SMAC binds to IAPs [Homo sapiens]
SMAC binds XIAP:Caspase-3 [Homo sapiens]
SMAC binds XIAP:Caspase-7 [Homo sapiens]
SMAC binds XIAP:Caspase-9 [Homo sapiens]
SMAC-mediated apoptotic response [Homo sapiens]
SMAC-mediated dissociation of IAP:caspase complexes [Homo sapiens]
SMAC:XIAP [cytosol]