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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
First nameJoan W
AffiliationStowers Institute for Medical Research
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The mechanisms governing the process of elongation during eu...
Transcription by RNA Polymerase I, RNA Polymerase III and t...
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2-4 nt.backtracking of Pol II complex on the template leading to elongation pausing [Homo sapiens]
7-14 nt. Backtracking of Pol II complex on the template leading to elongation arrest [Homo sapiens]
Abortive termination of early transcription elongation by DSIF:NELF [Homo sapiens]
Abortive termination of elongation after arrest [Homo sapiens]
Addition of nucleotides leads to transcript elongation [Homo sapiens]
DSIF complex binds to RNA Pol II (hypophosphorylated) [Homo sapiens]
Formation of DSIF:NELF:early elongation complex [Homo sapiens]
Formation of NELF complex [Homo sapiens]
Formation of RNA Pol II elongation complex [Homo sapiens]
Formation of the Early Elongation Complex [Homo sapiens]
Hypophosphorylation of RNA Pol II CTD by FCP1P protein [Homo sapiens]
Pol II elongation complex moves on the template as transcript elongates [Homo sapiens]
Recruitment of elongation factors to form elongation complex [Homo sapiens]
Resumption of elongation after recovery from pausing [Homo sapiens]
RNA Polymerase II Transcription [Homo sapiens]
RNA Polymerase II Transcription Elongation [Homo sapiens]
Separation of elongating transcript from template [Homo sapiens]
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