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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
First nameKatherine A
AffiliationUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School
Nagpal, K, Plantinga, TS, Wong, J, Monks, BG, Gay, NJ, Netea, MG, Fitzgerald, KA, Golenbock, DT A TIR domain variant of MyD88 adapter-like (Mal)/TIRAP results in loss of MyD88 binding and reduced TLR2/TLR4 signaling 2009 J. Biol. Chem. PubMed
Hornung, V, Ablasser, A, Charrel-Dennis, M, Bauernfeind, FG, Horvath, G, Caffrey, DR, Latz, E, Fitzgerald, KA AIM2 recognizes cytosolic dsDNA and forms a caspase-1-activating inflammasome with ASC 2009 Nature PubMed
Bauernfeind, FG, Horvath, G, Stutz, A, Alnemri, ES, MacDonald, K, Speert, D, Fernandes-Alnemri, T, Wu, J, Monks, BG, Fitzgerald, KA, Hornung, V, Latz, E Cutting edge: NF-kappaB activating pattern recognition and cytokine receptors license NLRP3 inflammasome activation by regulating NLRP3 expression 2009 J Immunol PubMed
Fitzgerald, KA, Rowe, DC, Golenbock, DT Endotoxin recognition and signal transduction by the TLR4/MD2-complex 2004 Microbes Infect PubMed
Piao, W, Song, C, Chen, H, Diaz, MA, Wahl, LM, Fitzgerald, KA, Li, L, Medvedev, AE Endotoxin tolerance dysregulates MyD88- and Toll/IL-1R domain-containing adapter inducing IFN-beta-dependent pathways and increases expression of negative regulators of TLR signaling 2009 J. Leukoc. Biol. PubMed
Unterholzner, L, Keating, SE, Baran, M, Horan, KA, Jensen, SB, Sharma, S, Sirois, CM, Jin, T, Latz, E, Xiao, TS, Fitzgerald, KA, Paludan, SR, Bowie, AG IFI16 is an innate immune sensor for intracellular DNA 2010 Nat Immunol PubMed
McWhirter, SM, Fitzgerald, KA, Rosains, J, Rowe, DC, Golenbock, DT, Maniatis, T IFN-regulatory factor 3-dependent gene expression is defective in Tbk1-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts 2004 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A PubMed
Fitzgerald, KA, McWhirter, SM, Faia, KL, Rowe, DC, Latz, E, Golenbock, DT, Coyle, AJ, Liao, SM, Maniatis, T IKKepsilon and TBK1 are essential components of the IRF3 signaling pathway 2003 Nat Immunol PubMed
Sharma, S, DeOliveira, RB, Kalantari, P, Parroche, P, Goutagny, N, Jiang, Z, Chan, J, Bartholomeu, DC, Lauw, F, Hall, JP, Barber, GN, Gazzinelli, RT, Fitzgerald, KA, Golenbock, DT Innate immune recognition of an AT-rich stem-loop DNA motif in the Plasmodium falciparum genome 2011 Immunity PubMed
Sharma, S, Fitzgerald, KA Innate immune sensing of DNA 2011 PLoS Pathog PubMed
Fitzgerald, KA, Rowe, DC, Barnes, BJ, Caffrey, DR, Visintin, A, Latz, E, Monks, BG, Pitha-Rowe, PM, Golenbock, DT LPS-TLR4 signaling to IRF-3/7 and NF-kappaB involves the toll adapters 2003 J Exp Med PubMed
Conlon, J, Burdette, DL, Sharma, S, Bhat, N, Thompson, M, Jiang, Z, Rathinam, VA, Monks, B, Jin, T, Xiao, TS, Vogel, SN, Vance, RE, Fitzgerald, KA Mouse, but not Human STING, Binds and Signals in Response to the Vascular Disrupting Agent 5,6-Dimethylxanthenone-4-Acetic Acid 2013 J. Immunol. PubMed
Goutagny, N, Severa, M, Fitzgerald, KA Pin-ning down immune responses to RNA viruses 2006 Nat Immunol PubMed
Ablasser, A, Bauernfeind, FG, Hartmann, G, Latz, E, Fitzgerald, KA, Hornung, V RIG-I-dependent sensing of poly(dA:dT) through the induction of an RNA polymerase III-transcribed RNA intermediate 2009 Nat Immunol PubMed
Cusson-Hermance, N, Khurana, S, Lee, TH, Fitzgerald, KA, Kelliher, MA Rip1 mediates the Trif-dependent toll-like receptor 3- and 4-induced NF-{kappa}B activation but does not contribute to interferon regulatory factor 3 activation 2005 J Biol Chem PubMed
Hornung, V, Bauernfeind, FG, Halle, A, Samstad, EO, Kono, H, Rock, KL, Fitzgerald, KA, Latz, E Silica crystals and aluminum salts activate the NALP3 inflammasome through phagosomal destabilization 2008 Nat Immunol PubMed
Rathinam, VA, Jiang, Z, Waggoner, SN, Sharma, S, Cole, LE, Waggoner, L, Vanaja, SK, Monks, BG, Ganesan, S, Latz, E, Hornung, V, Vogel, SN, Szomolanyi-Tsuda, E, Fitzgerald, KA The AIM2 inflammasome is essential for host defense against cytosolic bacteria and DNA viruses 2010 Nat Immunol PubMed
Schoenemeyer, A, Barnes, BJ, Mancl, ME, Latz, E, Goutagny, N, Pitha-Rowe, PM, Fitzgerald, KA, Golenbock, DT The interferon regulatory factor, IRF5, is a central mediator of toll-like receptor 7 signaling 2005 J Biol Chem PubMed
Halle, A, Hornung, V, Petzold, GC, Stewart, CR, Monks, BG, Reinheckel, T, Fitzgerald, KA, Latz, E, Moore, KJ, Golenbock, DT The NALP3 inflammasome is involved in the innate immune response to amyloid-beta 2008 Nat Immunol PubMed
Latz, E, Schoenemeyer, A, Visintin, A, Fitzgerald, KA, Monks, BG, Knetter, CF, Lien, E, Nilsen, NJ, Espevik, T, Golenbock, DT TLR9 signals after translocating from the ER to CpG DNA in the lysosome 2004 Nat Immunol PubMed
McGettrick, AF, Brint, EK, Palsson-McDermott, EM, Rowe, DC, Golenbock, DT, Gay, NJ, Fitzgerald, KA, O'Neill, LA Trif-related adapter molecule is phosphorylated by PKC{epsilon} during Toll-like receptor 4 signaling 2006 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A PubMed
Piao, W, Song, C, Chen, H, Wahl, LM, Fitzgerald, KA, O'Neill, LA, Medvedev, AE Tyrosine phosphorylation of MyD88 adapter-like (Mal) is critical for signal transduction and blocked in endotoxin tolerance 2008 J Biol Chem PubMed
Holm, CK, Jensen, SB, Jakobsen, MR, Cheshenko, N, Horan, KA, Moeller, HB, Gonzalez-Dosal, R, Rasmussen, SB, Christensen, MH, Yarovinsky, TO, Rixon, FJ, Herold, BC, Fitzgerald, KA, Paludan, SR Virus-cell fusion as a trigger of innate immunity dependent on the adaptor STING 2012 Nat. Immunol. PubMed