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Reactome (instancebrowser)
Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
AffiliationMount Sinai School of Medicine
Donelan, NR, Basler, CF, Garcia-Sastre, A A recombinant influenza A virus expressing an RNA-binding-defective NS1 protein induces high levels of beta interferon and is attenuated in mice 2003 J Virol PubMed
Cros, JF, Garcia-Sastre, A, Palese, P An unconventional NLS is critical for the nuclear import of the influenza A virus nucleoprotein and ribonucleoprotein 2005 Traffic PubMed
Loo, YM, Fornek, J, Crochet, N, Bajwa, G, Perwitasari, O, Martinez-Sobrido, L, Akira, S, Gill, MA, Garcia-Sastre, A, Katze, MG, Gale M, Jr Distinct RIG-I and MDA5 signaling by RNA viruses in innate immunity 2008 J Virol PubMed
Salvatore, M, Basler, CF, Parisien, JP, Horvath, CM, Bourmakina, S, Zheng, H, Muster, T, Palese, P, Garcia-Sastre, A Effects of influenza A virus NS1 protein on protein expression: the NS1 protein enhances translation and is not required for shutoff of host protein synthesis 2002 J Virol PubMed
Zheng, H, Lee, HA, Palese, P, Garcia-Sastre, A Influenza A virus RNA polymerase has the ability to stutter at the polyadenylation site of a viral RNA template during RNA replication 1999 J Virol PubMed
Zamarin, D, Garcia-Sastre, A, Xiao, X, Wang, R, Palese, P Influenza virus PB1-F2 protein induces cell death through mitochondrial ANT3 and VDAC1 2005 PLoS Pathog PubMed
Tenoever, BR, Ng, SL, Chua, MA, McWhirter, SM, Garcia-Sastre, A, Maniatis, T Multiple functions of the IKK-related kinase IKKepsilon in interferon-mediated antiviral immunity 2007 Science PubMed
Bourmakina, SV, Garcia-Sastre, A Reverse genetics studies on the filamentous morphology of influenza A virus 2003 J Gen Virol PubMed
Versteeg, GA, Hale, BG, van Boheemen, S, Wolff, T, Lenschow, DJ, Garcia-Sastre, A Species-specific antagonism of host ISGylation by the influenza B virus NS1 protein 2010 J Virol PubMed