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AffiliationCold Spring Harbor Laboratory
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A glycine residue (Gly2) at the N-terminus of eNOS is myrist...
AKT1 is recruited to the M domain of HSP90.
Caveolin inhibition of eNOS is relieved by calmodulin, which...
Caveolin-1 is the primary negative regulatory protein for eN...
DHHC-21 is a Golgi-localized acyl transferase that palmitoyl...
eNOS activity is regulated by numerous post-translational mo...
eNOS interacts with the SH3 domain of NOSTRIN (positions 434...
eNOS traffic inducer (NOSTRIN) is a novel 506-amino acid eNO...
eNOS-interacting protein (NOSIP) is a 34-kDa nucleocytoplasm...
HSP90 facilitates the CaM-induced displacement of caveolin f...
HSP90 interacts with the amino terminus of eNOS (amino acids...
HSP90 serves as a scaffold to promote productive interaction...
Increases in intracellular calcium and calmodulin stimulate ...
Nitric oxide (NO) is produced from L-arginine by the family ...
Nitric oxide (NO), a multifunctional second messenger, is im...
NOSIP (eNOS interacting protein) binds to the carboxyl-termi...
NOSIP promotes translocation of eNOS from the plasma membran...
NOSTRIN binds to dynamin via its SH3 domain.
NOSTRIN interacts with the actin nucleation promoting factor...
NOSTRIN translocates eNOS from the plasma membrane to intrac...
Once depalmitoylated, it's proposed that eNOS is displaced f...
Originally identified as endothelium-derived relaxing factor...
Palymitoylated, myristoylated eNOS forms a dimer and is tran...
Author of entries
2xPalmC-MyrG-p-S1177-NOS3 [plasma membrane] UKENBCdORHPGPPPPPPURDDDDDDZH
AKT1 binds eNOS complex via HSP90 [Homo sapiens]
AKT1 phosphorylates eNOS [Homo sapiens]
APT1 homodimer [cytosol]
Caveolin-1 dissociates from eNOS:CaM:HSP90 complex [Homo sapiens]
depalmitoylated eNOS translocates from plasma membrane [Homo sapiens]
depalmitoylation of eNOS [Homo sapiens]
DLG4 [plasma membrane] UKEOPGPUDZH
eNOS activation [Homo sapiens]
eNOS activation and regulation [Homo sapiens]
eNOS associates with Caveolin-1 [Homo sapiens]
eNOS binds NOSIP [Homo sapiens]
eNOS translocation from Golgi to Caveolae [Homo sapiens]
eNOS:CaM:HSP90 [plasma membrane]
eNOS:CaM:HSP90:p-AKT1 [plasma membrane]
eNOS:Caveolin-1 [plasma membrane]
eNOS:Caveolin-1 complex binds to CaM [Homo sapiens]
eNOS:Caveolin-1 complex binds to Nostrin [Homo sapiens]
eNOS:Caveolin-1:CaM [plasma membrane]
eNOS:Caveolin-1:CaM:HSP90 [plasma membrane]
eNOS:Caveolin-1:NOSTRIN complex [plasma membrane]
eNOS:Caveolin-1:NOSTRIN complex binds dynamin-2 [Homo sapiens]
eNOS:Caveolin-1:NOSTRIN:Dynamin-2 [plasma membrane]
eNOS:Caveolin-1:NOSTRIN:dynamin-2 complex binds N-WASP [Homo sapiens]
eNOS:Caveolin-1:NOSTRIN:dynamin-2:N-WASP [endocytic vesicle membrane]
eNOS:Caveolin-1:NOSTRIN:dynamin-2:N-WASP [plasma membrane]
eNOS:NOSIP [Golgi membrane]
eNOS:NOSIP [plasma membrane]
eNOS:NOSIP translocation from caveolae to intracellular compartments [Homo sapiens]
HSP90 binds eNOS:Caveolin-1:CaM complex [Homo sapiens]
Metabolism of nitric oxide [Homo sapiens]
myristoylated eNOS dimer [cytosol]
myristoylated eNOS dimer [Golgi membrane]
N-myristoylation of eNOS [Homo sapiens]
N-myristoylglycine at 2
nitric-oxide synthase activity of p-S1177-eNOS:CaM:HSP90:p-AKT1:BH4 [plasma membrane]
NO [cytosol] CCH
NO biosynthesis [Homo sapiens]
NOSIP mediated eNOS trafficking [Homo sapiens]
NOSTRIN homotrimer [plasma membrane]
NOSTRIN mediated eNOS trafficking [Homo sapiens]
NOSTRIN mediated translocation of eNOS from plasma membrane [Homo sapiens]
O-phospho-L-serine at 1177
p-S1177-eNOS dimer [plasma membrane]
p-S1177-eNOS:CaM:HSP90:p-AKT1 [plasma membrane]
palmitoyl-(protein) hydrolase activity of APT1 homodimer [cytosol]
palmitoylated, myristoylated eNOS dimer [Golgi membrane]
palmitoylated, myristoylated eNOS dimer [plasma membrane]
palmitoylation of eNOS [Homo sapiens]
palmitoyltransferase activity of DHHC-21 [Golgi membrane]
S-palmitoyl-L-cysteine at 15
S-palmitoyl-L-cysteine at 26
ZDHHC21 [Golgi membrane] UKENBCdRHPGURH