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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 25 alternativeName: Activator interaction domain-containing protein 1 alternativeName: Activator-recruited cofactor 92 kDa component shortName:ARC92 alternativeName: Mediator complex subunit 25 alternativeName: p78
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:81857
CTD Gene:81857
KEGG Gene:81857
NCBI Gene:81857
UCSC human:Q71SY5
dbSNP Gene:81857
Other identifiers related to this sequenceMED25_HUMAN, A8K095, B9TX30, O95783, Q6P143, Q6QMH5, Q707U4, Q8TB55, Q9H0L5, Q9HB34, CAE84581, 3838985, A_33_P3322553, 11731379_x_at, 2XNF, 16864331, 102465480, AAS45401, 3838989, BC024312, 11745161_x_at, AAD15565, 11753438_x_at, MIM:610197, AC006942, AC018766, AF283769, 3838962, 3838968, 3838982, A_33_P3378212, 3838955, AF261072, CAB66680, PF11235, IPR002035, AAG15589, LRG_368, ACB88862, MED25, EAW52546, uc002ppw.2, AAH24312, 3838963, ENST00000312865, A_23_P153510, HGNC:28845, 11753728_x_at, 3838975, IPR021406, 3838954, 3838990, OTTHUMP00000271001, 2KY6, 3838959, 3838966, IPR021397, 3838976, 3838949, 3838986, NP_112235, CCDS33075, AJ617479, BC065297, 0003520348, 3838984, AL136746, AAH65297, LRG_368t1, PF11265, 3838974, AY533507, 8030498, PH_hs_0043178, MIR6800, ENSP00000326767, 11230166, 3838995, 3839030, 3838950, 11753437_a_at, 3838969, 81857, GE83211, 3838967, 2L6U, 3838952, ENSG00000104973, IPR021419, BAF82149, 1553993_s_at, EntrezGene:102465480, EntrezGene:81857, PF11232, 3838970, 3838987, 11753112_x_at, 3838971, MED25-001, 2L23, 11731378_a_at, 3838972, 3838996, 9110174, 11753526_x_at, 3838978, 3838988, PF11244, PH_hs_0034667, EU392500, 3838981, UPI00002029A3, AK289460, 3838983, NM_030973, AAM20739, 11749499_x_at, IPR021394, ILMN_1811823, 11753525_a_at, MIM:605589, CH471177, Hs2.293678.2.S1_3p_s_at, MED25-012, ENSP00000437496, 3838948, OTTHUMP00000271003, UPI000191F59E, uc010ybe.2
Molecules with this sequenceMED25 [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdORHPGUR
Component ofARC coactivator complex [nucleoplasm]
Mediator Complex (consensus) [nucleoplasm]
PPARG:Fatty Acid:RXRA:Mediator:Coactivator Complex [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Gene Expression

Developmental Biology

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