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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Actin-binding LIM protein 1 shortName:abLIM-1 alternativeName: Actin-binding LIM protein family member 1 alternativeName: Actin-binding double zinc finger protein alternativeName: LIMAB1 alternativeName: Limatin
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:3983
CTD Gene:3983
KEGG Gene:3983
NCBI Gene:3983
UCSC human:O14639
dbSNP Gene:3983
Other identifiers related to this sequenceABLM1_HUMAN, A6NI16, A6NJ06, A8MXA9, Q15039, Q5JVV1, Q5JVV2, Q5T6N3, Q5T6N5, Q68CQ9, Q9BUP1, 3307944, NP_006711, AAH02448, HPA038952, NM_006720, PF02209, 3307992, 3307954, 3307948, 200965_s_at, XM_006717848, GE58284, 210461_s_at, 7936463, 3307988, 11749710_s_at, 3307940, 3307942, A_33_P3388646, CAI40135, EntrezGene:3983, UPI0000373525, ENSP00000376679, AL354873, CAI40141, XP_006717911, ILMN_2396672, 3307946, g12803266_3p_a_at, 3307943, uc031wts.1, AAC51676, D31883, CCDS31289, 3307973, 3307993, ILMN_1731610, XM_005269822, 3307960, OTTHUMP00000020536, 11717559_a_at, CAI40140, XP_005269876, 11749709_a_at, 11747452_a_at, BAG53605, D31883_at, CR749819, 3307953, CAI10910, XP_005269885, Hs.438236, 3308002, 3308001, 40155_at, XP_005269879, AK098277, ENSG00000099204, g5921987_3p_a_at, A_33_P3388651, IPR003128, 0006840300, 9245787, BAA06681, XM_006717844, ABLIM1, 0007040162, 3307963, PH_hs_0044562, 3983, Hs.645719, 3307956, 3307976, AL590109, HPA038951, BC002448, CAI40136, 3307972, MIM:602330, XP_005269877, XM_005269828, CAH18679, ILMN_1785424, A_23_P202520, AL133384, 3307958, 3307938, XP_006717907, ABLIM1-009, AF005654, PH_hs_0041197, XM_005269819, XM_005269820, HGNC:78, 3307941, SM00153, 3307989, 3307974, CAI10908, UPI0000072AEB, ENSP00000358257, OTTHUMP00000020537, ABLIM1-010, 3307966, 3308034, 3308075, uc031wtt.1, 3307967, 3308035, SM00132, PF00412, 0005550270, ENSP00000277895, 3308047, ILMN_1696682, UPI0000418D06, 3308013, 16718622, NM_002313, 3308036, OTTHUMP00000020530, NP_002304, IPR001781, ABLIM1-001, 3308076, 3308031, CCDS7590, 3308015, 3308077, 3308091, 3308090, ENSP00000358256, UPI0001AE6E03, XM_005269818, XM_006717841, XP_006717903, uc031wtu.1, XP_006717904, XP_005269875, XM_006717840, ABLIM1-201
Molecules with this sequenceABLIM1 [cytosol] UKENBCdORHPGUR
Component ofNetrin-1:DCC:pFyn:Nck:Rac1-GTP:Ablim [plasma membrane]
Represented by generalisation(s)ABLIM [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Developmental Biology

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