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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Complement C4-A alternativeName: Acidic complement C4 alternativeName: C3 and PZP-like alpha-2-macroglobulin domain-containing protein 2 component recommendedName: Complement C4 beta chain /component component recommendedName: Complement C4-A alpha chain /component component recommendedName: C4a anaphylatoxin /component component recommendedName: C4b-A /component component recommendedName: C4d-A /component component recommendedName: Complement C4 gamma chain /component
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesKEGG Gene:721
BioGPS Gene:720
CTD Gene:720
DOCK Blaster:1HZF
KEGG Gene:720
NCBI Gene:720
Protein Data Bank:1HZF
UCSC human:P0C0L4
dbSNP Gene:720
Other identifiers related to this sequenceCO4A_HUMAN, A6H8M8, A6NHJ5, A7E2V2, B0QZR6, B0V2C8, B2RUT6, B7ZVZ6, P01028, P78445, Q13160, Q13906, Q14033, Q14835, Q4LE82, Q5JNX2, Q5JQM8, Q6P4R1, Q6U2E5, Q6U2E8, Q6U2F0, Q6U2F3, Q6U2F4, Q6U2F6, Q6U2F8, Q6U2G0, Q96EG2, Q96SA8, Q9NPK5, Q9UIP5, ENSG00000204319, ENST00000375177, ENSP00000364321, 208451_s_at, 1559036_at, 214428_x_at, 235856_at, 40766_at, 74611_s_at, 83226_at, M59815_at, g5579450_3p_s_at, Hs.150833.0.A1_3p_at, Hs2.150833.1.S1_3p_at, A_14_P137370, A_23_P42282, A_24_P659202, A_23_P42279, CCDS34418, GE62331, AL049547, BC063289, AY224378, U77886, S81585, BC012372, AY379900, AY379960, AY379961, AL645922, AY379967, AY379968, AY379969, AY379970, AY379971, AY379962, AY379963, AY379964, AY379965, AY379966, AY379881, AY379883, AY379885, AY379887, AY379889, AY379891, AY379893, AY379895, AY379897, AY379899, AY379913, AY379915, AY379917, AY379919, AY379921, AY379923, U07851, U07852, U07853, AF019413, AY379934, AY379935, AY379864, AY379866, AY379880, AY379882, AY379888, AY379890, AY379892, AY379894, AY379896, AY379898, AY379902, AY379904, AY379906, AY379908, AY379912, AY379914, AY379916, AY379918, AY379920, AY379922, K02403, M59815, M59816, L26261, M14824, X77491, K00830, V00502, U24578, K02404, EntrezGene:720, GI_14577918-S, GI_14577920-S, ILMN_11559, IPI00032258, IPI00654875, IPI00843913, MIM:120810, MIM:120820, MIM:120790, OTTHUMT00000076364, 1HZF, AAH63289, AAP83249, AAK49810, AAB36122, AAH12372, AAR89127, AAR89164, AAR89165, AAR89171, AAR89172, AAR89173, AAR89174, AAR89175, AAR89166, AAR89167, AAR89168, AAR89169, AAR89170, AAR89108, AAR89110, AAR89112, AAR89114, AAR89116, AAR89118, AAR89120, AAR89122, AAR89124, AAR89126, AAR89140, AAR89141, AAR89143, AAR89146, AAR89147, AAR89149, AAB63418, AAB63419, AAB63420, AAR89161, AAR89162, AAR89091, AAR89093, AAR89107, AAR89109, AAR89115, AAR89117, AAR89119, AAR89121, AAR89123, AAR89125, AAR89130, AAR89132, AAR89134, AAR89136, AAR89139, AAR89142, AAR89144, AAR89145, AAR89148, AAR89150, AAB59537, AAA51855, AAA20121, CAI41750, AAA52292, CAA54627, AAA36229, CAA23760, AAA99717, AAB67980, CAB89302, AAA59651, NM_007293, NP_009224, Q6P4R1, Q6XMI6, Q96SA8, Q9UM89, Q96EG2, Q6U2I5, Q6U2E8, Q6U2E7, Q6U2E0, Q6U2E5, Q6U2K2, Q9UMV1, Q6U2F0, Q6U2L9, P0C0L4, P0C0L5, Q6P4R1_HUMAN, Q6XMI6_HUMAN, Q96SA8_HUMAN, Q9UM89_HUMAN, Q96EG2_HUMAN, Q6U2I5_HUMAN, Q6U2E8_HUMAN, Q6U2E7_HUMAN, Q6U2E0_HUMAN, Q6U2E5_HUMAN, Q6U2K2_HUMAN, Q9UMV1_HUMAN, Q6U2F0_HUMAN, Q6U2L9_HUMAN, CO4A_HUMAN, CO4B_HUMAN, IPR000020, IPR001599, IPR001840, IPR001134, IPR002890, IPR011625, IPR011626, IPR011627
Molecules with this sequenceC4 alpha [extracellular region] UKKENBCdOOORHGURPD
C4A gamma [extracellular region] UKKENBCdOOORHGURPD
C4A beta [extracellular region] UKKENBCdOOORHGURPD
C4A alpha b [extracellular region] UKKENBCdOOORHGURPD
C4A-derived C4a [extracellular region] UKKENBCdOOORHGURPD
C4A(956-1336) [plasma membrane] UKKENBCdOOORHGURPD
C4A alpha3 [extracellular region] UKKENBCdOOORHGURPD
C4A alpha4 fragment [extracellular region] UKKENBCdOOORHGURPD
dNQ-C4A(757-1446) [extracellular region] UKKENBCdOOORHGURPD
Component ofComplement factor 4A [extracellular region]
C4A-derived C4c [extracellular region]
thioester-C1010-Q1013- C4A-derived C4b [extracellular region]
deamidated-Q1013-C4A-derived C4b [extracellular region]
C4-binding protein:C4b [plasma membrane]
Cell surface:C4b [plasma membrane]
C4b-binding protein:Factor I [plasma membrane]
Cell surface:C4b:C2a [plasma membrane]
DAF:C4b [plasma membrane]
CD46:C4b [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)C4a [extracellular region]
C4d [plasma membrane]
C4d, iC3b [plasma membrane]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Immune System

Modifications in molecules with this sequencedeamidated L-glutamine at 1013
Intra-chain Crosslink via S-(L-isoglutamyl)-L-cysteine at 1010 and 1013
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