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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Hemoglobin subunit beta alternativeName: Beta-globin alternativeName: Hemoglobin beta chain component recommendedName: LVV-hemorphin-7 /component component recommendedName: Spinorphin /component
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:3043
CTD Gene:3043
DOCK Blaster:1A00
DOCK Blaster:1A01
DOCK Blaster:1A0U
DOCK Blaster:1A0Z
DOCK Blaster:1A3N
DOCK Blaster:1A3O
DOCK Blaster:1ABW
DOCK Blaster:1ABY
DOCK Blaster:1AJ9
DOCK Blaster:1B86
DOCK Blaster:1BAB
DOCK Blaster:1BBB
DOCK Blaster:1BIJ
DOCK Blaster:1BUW
DOCK Blaster:1BZ0
DOCK Blaster:1BZ1
DOCK Blaster:1BZZ
DOCK Blaster:1C7B
DOCK Blaster:1C7C
DOCK Blaster:1C7D
DOCK Blaster:1CBL
DOCK Blaster:1CBM
DOCK Blaster:1CLS
DOCK Blaster:1CMY
DOCK Blaster:1COH
DOCK Blaster:1DKE
DOCK Blaster:1DXT
DOCK Blaster:1DXU
DOCK Blaster:1DXV
DOCK Blaster:1FN3
DOCK Blaster:1G9V
DOCK Blaster:1GBU
DOCK Blaster:1GBV
DOCK Blaster:1GLI
DOCK Blaster:1GZX
DOCK Blaster:1HAB
DOCK Blaster:1HAC
DOCK Blaster:1HBA
DOCK Blaster:1HBB
DOCK Blaster:1HBS
DOCK Blaster:1HCO
DOCK Blaster:1HDB
DOCK Blaster:1HGA
DOCK Blaster:1HGB
DOCK Blaster:1HGC
DOCK Blaster:1HHO
DOCK Blaster:1IRD
DOCK Blaster:1J3Y
DOCK Blaster:1J3Z
DOCK Blaster:1J40
DOCK Blaster:1J41
DOCK Blaster:1J7S
DOCK Blaster:1J7W
DOCK Blaster:1J7Y
DOCK Blaster:1JY7
DOCK Blaster:1K0Y
DOCK Blaster:1K1K
DOCK Blaster:1KD2
DOCK Blaster:1LFL
DOCK Blaster:1LFQ
DOCK Blaster:1LFT
DOCK Blaster:1LFV
DOCK Blaster:1LFY
DOCK Blaster:1LFZ
DOCK Blaster:1LJW
DOCK Blaster:1M9P
DOCK Blaster:1MKO
DOCK Blaster:1NEJ
DOCK Blaster:1NIH
DOCK Blaster:1NQP
DOCK Blaster:1O1I
DOCK Blaster:1O1J
DOCK Blaster:1O1K
DOCK Blaster:1O1L
DOCK Blaster:1O1M
DOCK Blaster:1O1N
DOCK Blaster:1O1O
DOCK Blaster:1O1P
DOCK Blaster:1QI8
DOCK Blaster:1QSH
DOCK Blaster:1QSI
DOCK Blaster:1QXD
DOCK Blaster:1QXE
DOCK Blaster:1R1X
DOCK Blaster:1R1Y
DOCK Blaster:1RPS
DOCK Blaster:1RQ3
DOCK Blaster:1RQ4
DOCK Blaster:1RQA
DOCK Blaster:1RVW
DOCK Blaster:1SDK
DOCK Blaster:1SDL
DOCK Blaster:1THB
DOCK Blaster:1UIW
DOCK Blaster:1VWT
DOCK Blaster:1XXT
DOCK Blaster:1XY0
DOCK Blaster:1XYE
DOCK Blaster:1XZ2
DOCK Blaster:1XZ4
DOCK Blaster:1XZ5
DOCK Blaster:1XZ7
DOCK Blaster:1XZU
DOCK Blaster:1XZV
DOCK Blaster:1Y09
DOCK Blaster:1Y0A
DOCK Blaster:1Y0C
DOCK Blaster:1Y0D
DOCK Blaster:1Y0T
DOCK Blaster:1Y0W
DOCK Blaster:1Y22
DOCK Blaster:1Y2Z
DOCK Blaster:1Y31
DOCK Blaster:1Y35
DOCK Blaster:1Y45
DOCK Blaster:1Y46
DOCK Blaster:1Y4B
DOCK Blaster:1Y4F
DOCK Blaster:1Y4G
DOCK Blaster:1Y4P
DOCK Blaster:1Y4Q
DOCK Blaster:1Y4R
DOCK Blaster:1Y4V
DOCK Blaster:1Y5F
DOCK Blaster:1Y5J
DOCK Blaster:1Y5K
DOCK Blaster:1Y7C
DOCK Blaster:1Y7D
DOCK Blaster:1Y7G
DOCK Blaster:1Y7Z
DOCK Blaster:1Y83
DOCK Blaster:1Y85
DOCK Blaster:1Y8W
DOCK Blaster:1YDZ
DOCK Blaster:1YE0
DOCK Blaster:1YE1
DOCK Blaster:1YE2
DOCK Blaster:1YEN
DOCK Blaster:1YEO
DOCK Blaster:1YEQ
DOCK Blaster:1YEU
DOCK Blaster:1YEV
DOCK Blaster:1YFF
DOCK Blaster:1YG5
DOCK Blaster:1YGD
DOCK Blaster:1YGF
DOCK Blaster:1YH9
DOCK Blaster:1YHE
DOCK Blaster:1YHR
DOCK Blaster:1YIE
DOCK Blaster:1YIH
DOCK Blaster:1YVQ
DOCK Blaster:1YVT
DOCK Blaster:1YZI
DOCK Blaster:2D5Z
DOCK Blaster:2D60
DOCK Blaster:2DN1
DOCK Blaster:2DN2
DOCK Blaster:2DN3
DOCK Blaster:2H35
DOCK Blaster:2HBC
DOCK Blaster:2HBD
DOCK Blaster:2HBE
DOCK Blaster:2HBF
DOCK Blaster:2HBS
DOCK Blaster:2HCO
DOCK Blaster:2HHD
DOCK Blaster:2HHE
DOCK Blaster:4HHB
DOCK Blaster:6HBW
KEGG Gene:3043
NCBI Gene:3043
Protein Data Bank:1A00
Protein Data Bank:1A01
Protein Data Bank:1A0U
Protein Data Bank:1A0Z
Protein Data Bank:1A3N
Protein Data Bank:1A3O
Protein Data Bank:1ABW
Protein Data Bank:1ABY
Protein Data Bank:1AJ9
Protein Data Bank:1B86
Protein Data Bank:1BAB
Protein Data Bank:1BBB
Protein Data Bank:1BIJ
Protein Data Bank:1BUW
Protein Data Bank:1BZ0
Protein Data Bank:1BZ1
Protein Data Bank:1BZZ
Protein Data Bank:1C7B
Protein Data Bank:1C7C
Protein Data Bank:1C7D
Protein Data Bank:1CBL
Protein Data Bank:1CBM
Protein Data Bank:1CLS
Protein Data Bank:1CMY
Protein Data Bank:1COH
Protein Data Bank:1DKE
Protein Data Bank:1DXT
Protein Data Bank:1DXU
Protein Data Bank:1DXV
Protein Data Bank:1FN3
Protein Data Bank:1G9V
Protein Data Bank:1GBU
Protein Data Bank:1GBV
Protein Data Bank:1GLI
Protein Data Bank:1GZX
Protein Data Bank:1HAB
Protein Data Bank:1HAC
Protein Data Bank:1HBA
Protein Data Bank:1HBB
Protein Data Bank:1HBS
Protein Data Bank:1HCO
Protein Data Bank:1HDB
Protein Data Bank:1HGA
Protein Data Bank:1HGB
Protein Data Bank:1HGC
Protein Data Bank:1HHO
Protein Data Bank:1IRD
Protein Data Bank:1J3Y
Protein Data Bank:1J3Z
Protein Data Bank:1J40
Protein Data Bank:1J41
Protein Data Bank:1J7S
Protein Data Bank:1J7W
Protein Data Bank:1J7Y
Protein Data Bank:1JY7
Protein Data Bank:1K0Y
Protein Data Bank:1K1K
Protein Data Bank:1KD2
Protein Data Bank:1LFL
Protein Data Bank:1LFQ
Protein Data Bank:1LFT
Protein Data Bank:1LFV
Protein Data Bank:1LFY
Protein Data Bank:1LFZ
Protein Data Bank:1LJW
Protein Data Bank:1M9P
Protein Data Bank:1MKO
Protein Data Bank:1NEJ
Protein Data Bank:1NIH
Protein Data Bank:1NQP
Protein Data Bank:1O1I
Protein Data Bank:1O1J
Protein Data Bank:1O1K
Protein Data Bank:1O1L
Protein Data Bank:1O1M
Protein Data Bank:1O1N
Protein Data Bank:1O1O
Protein Data Bank:1O1P
Protein Data Bank:1QI8
Protein Data Bank:1QSH
Protein Data Bank:1QSI
Protein Data Bank:1QXD
Protein Data Bank:1QXE
Protein Data Bank:1R1X
Protein Data Bank:1R1Y
Protein Data Bank:1RPS
Protein Data Bank:1RQ3
Protein Data Bank:1RQ4
Protein Data Bank:1RQA
Protein Data Bank:1RVW
Protein Data Bank:1SDK
Protein Data Bank:1SDL
Protein Data Bank:1THB
Protein Data Bank:1UIW
Protein Data Bank:1VWT
Protein Data Bank:1XXT
Protein Data Bank:1XY0
Protein Data Bank:1XYE
Protein Data Bank:1XZ2
Protein Data Bank:1XZ4
Protein Data Bank:1XZ5
Protein Data Bank:1XZ7
Protein Data Bank:1XZU
Protein Data Bank:1XZV
Protein Data Bank:1Y09
Protein Data Bank:1Y0A
Protein Data Bank:1Y0C
Protein Data Bank:1Y0D
Protein Data Bank:1Y0T
Protein Data Bank:1Y0W
Protein Data Bank:1Y22
Protein Data Bank:1Y2Z
Protein Data Bank:1Y31
Protein Data Bank:1Y35
Protein Data Bank:1Y45
Protein Data Bank:1Y46
Protein Data Bank:1Y4B
Protein Data Bank:1Y4F
Protein Data Bank:1Y4G
Protein Data Bank:1Y4P
Protein Data Bank:1Y4Q
Protein Data Bank:1Y4R
Protein Data Bank:1Y4V
Protein Data Bank:1Y5F
Protein Data Bank:1Y5J
Protein Data Bank:1Y5K
Protein Data Bank:1Y7C
Protein Data Bank:1Y7D
Protein Data Bank:1Y7G
Protein Data Bank:1Y7Z
Protein Data Bank:1Y83
Protein Data Bank:1Y85
Protein Data Bank:1Y8W
Protein Data Bank:1YDZ
Protein Data Bank:1YE0
Protein Data Bank:1YE1
Protein Data Bank:1YE2
Protein Data Bank:1YEN
Protein Data Bank:1YEO
Protein Data Bank:1YEQ
Protein Data Bank:1YEU
Protein Data Bank:1YEV
Protein Data Bank:1YFF
Protein Data Bank:1YG5
Protein Data Bank:1YGD
Protein Data Bank:1YGF
Protein Data Bank:1YH9
Protein Data Bank:1YHE
Protein Data Bank:1YHR
Protein Data Bank:1YIE
Protein Data Bank:1YIH
Protein Data Bank:1YVQ
Protein Data Bank:1YVT
Protein Data Bank:1YZI
Protein Data Bank:2D5Z
Protein Data Bank:2D60
Protein Data Bank:2DN1
Protein Data Bank:2DN2
Protein Data Bank:2DN3
Protein Data Bank:2H35
Protein Data Bank:2HBC
Protein Data Bank:2HBD
Protein Data Bank:2HBE
Protein Data Bank:2HBF
Protein Data Bank:2HBS
Protein Data Bank:2HCO
Protein Data Bank:2HHD
Protein Data Bank:2HHE
Protein Data Bank:4HHB
Protein Data Bank:6HBW
UCSC human:P68871
dbSNP Gene:3043
Other identifiers related to this sequenceHBB_HUMAN, A4GX73, B2ZUE0, P02023, Q13852, Q14481, Q14510, Q45KT0, Q549N7, Q6FI08, Q6R7N2, Q8IZI1, Q9BX96, Q9UCD6, Q9UCP8, Q9UCP9, AF007546, 3HHB, 3360410, AF186620, 1LFL, 1Y4F, 3S66, 3QJE, AAA88063, 2HHB, AAF08261, 2649166, JX645479, DQ126290, ACF16772, EU760935, 1J3Y, HQ174213, DQ126274, 2HBD, AAA21100, M36640, ACF16765, 1ABW, 1LFT, EU760949, AAZ39797, EU760960, ACF16754, M25079, L48217, ENSG00000244734, 1YEQ, AF186617, DQ126285, 3OO4, AAN84548, 1HCO, AY310318, DQ126288, L26469, ACF16792, 1NEJ, 3ODQ, ACF16750, 1BZ0, 1Y85, 1A01, AY013299, 1YIE, AAA21110, AAF08272, AAA21113, CCDS7753, AAZ39754, 1XZ4, 4L7Y, AAF08269, AAZ39791, ILMN_2100437, EU760929, AK311825, 3B75, 1DXU, EU760924, 1O1K, ACF16787, L48216, 1XZ5, AAZ39767, IPR009050, DQ126295, AAZ39776, 1YE2, EU760943, J7LKS8, 3ONZ, AAZ39765, ACF16771, IPR002337, 1Y7C, 1YHE, 1Y5J, 2D5Z, 3360411, EAW68806, 4IJ2, 1QXE, 1COH, 1Y4G, L26476, DQ126301, 1O1P, ACF16759, 1RQA, EU760952, AAZ39792, DQ126289, MIM:613985, 1Y83, ACF16764, DQ126300, DQ126291, Hs.523443, 1BBB, ACF16793, AF186619, CAG38767, AAA21103, DQ126273, L26470, 1LJW, EU760919, EU760948, AAA21112, AAZ39755, OTTHUMP00000069644, AAA21116, DQ126287, AAZ39796, 1BZ1, CAG46711, AY264346, AAG46184, AAZ30391, 1NQP, AAZ39788, 1XYE, AAF08258, 1NIH, AF186616, 3360408, PR00814, 1Y8W, DQ126286, 1A0U, DQ126325, 1BZZ, AAA35966, Q7Z2K5, DQ126283, AAZ39779, DQ126311, V00500, JX440362, EU760933, 3QJD, AAZ39774, Q86VF0, AAZ39764, PH_hs_0029250, 1Y4R, 2HBE, ACF16779, L48215, AAZ39768, AF117710, ACF16748, EU760934, UPI00000015C9, 1J3Z, AAA21108, M25660, DQ126317, CH471064, 1FN3, DQ126272, 1Y4P, 1HBA, ACZ67953, AAZ39800, AAZ39766, 2HBF, AAL68978, AAZ39793, BC007075, AAA52633, AAA21111, 2W72, 2HHD, NP_000509, 2DN2, AAA88059, DQ126312, 1AJ9, 1ABY, A_23_P203558, ACF16763, EU760947, 1RVW, AAF08268, 1GBV, 4MQG, DQ126316, L26475, AAZ39775, AAZ39756, 1Y45, 3QJC, EU760932, AAZ39789, 1YE1, AAZ39781, 2M6Z, DQ126320, 1C7C, 1RPS, 1O1I, CAA23756, MIM:603902, 1Y46, EU760926, AF186618, IPR000971, 1HAC, 1XZ7, AF186608, ACF16784, AY013301, L48214, AAA21114, 1MKO, 1HBB, ACF16778, 1YFF, 1HHO, DQ126303, AAA21107, U01317, Q9H1I6, ACF16783, EU760941, 3NL7, M11428, 1Y4Q, HPA043234, 1C7B, AAZ39794, DQ126315, 1VWT, AAZ39786, AAD19696, ACF16757, 3D17, AAF08260, AAA53153, PH_hs_0031887, ACF16751, 1YGD, 1LFY, L48932, 7946033, AAZ39798, ACF16795, DQ126298, AAG46185, DQ126271, AAA21106, EU760958, 1GBU, 11715347_s_at, 1K0Y, AAA21101, ABG47031, ACF16761, ADW79453, 1QXD, 1Y31, 1Y0A, AAA52634, AAA35597, 1Y0C, AAZ39745, DQ126309, EU760946, 1YE0, AAG46182, 4HHB, 1Y4V, DQ126296, DQ126297, L48213, 1Y0W, HBB, AAZ39777, EU760912, 3KMF, EU760923, DQ126302, AAK30154, 1YDZ, 4MQH, 1CMY, 4MQI, MIM:140700, DQ126304, M25113, Q9BXA2, 3360405, AF186609, DQ126318, 3QJB, ACF16782, 1J7W, AAZ39799, AF186611, 1DXV, 1XZV, DQ126322, K4EN30, AF186613, AAF08264, 1LFZ, DQ126270, BAG34767, 3NMM, CAB009526, 1O1N, 1CBM, 1BAB, EU760928, 1A3O, 1DKE, AAH07075, ACF16781, ACD39349, AAP74754, 1BIJ, DQ126299, AY013302, DQ126280, 1XXT, AAZ39748, 1HBS, EU760957, AAZ39780, DQ126305, 1JY7, 3SZK, AY509193, ADL14493, 3R5I, 1YHR, DQ126310, 1HAB, DQ126323, AAZ39787, AAK29639, EU760931, ACF16769, 1GLI, 1CLS, L26473, 1Y0D, AAZ39751, 2DN3, DQ126313, 1GZX, 217232_x_at, 1QI8, AAZ39795, 1A0Z, 2YRS, 3IC2, DQ126293, AAP03091, 3360414, E9M263, L26463, 3DUT, 3D7O, AAZ39760, L26477, 32052_at, AAZ39772, L26472, AF181989, ACF16776, EU760945, 1Y2Z, 1KD2, AC104389, ACF93730, 3360404, 3360423, AAA21104, ACF16775, 1RQ4, 1A3N, F8W6P5, EU760918, DQ126279, 1Y7G, AAA88067, 1YH9, 1B86, AAZ39758, D9YZU5, 1YGF, 2HHE, AAA16334, 1J41, 1O1O, AF527577, g179408_3p_s_at, AAZ39757, 2W6V, 4N7O, EU863596, DQ126306, AF348448, AF186610, ACF16780, DQ126324, 1XZU, 1UIW, 1YVQ, L26478, ACF16760, 1HGA, EU760930, uc001mae.1, AAF08265, AF186606, EU760925, L26465, 1Y4B, EU760955, EU694432, 4MQC, AAF08267, AAZ39773, AAA21115, ABO36678, 1SDK, EU760944, 4FC3, L26474, AAZ39750, AAZ39747, AY136510, AF083883, 2DN1, 6HBW, 2DXM, AAZ39784, 1C7D, 4N7P, 3360403, GE61327, AAN11320, AAF08271, Q0Z944, V00497, Q14484, AY260740, 1THB, CR536530, 1YEU, 1Y5F, ACF16777, ACF16758, AAZ39753, EU760940, L26462, NM_000518, MIM:603903, 1YVT, V00499, ACF16755, DQ126294, EU760922, AY341056, EntrezGene:3043, AAQ24848, AJ871593, 3WCP, 1O1L, AAZ39752, L26471, DQ118155, DQ659148, AAZ39778, AFR11469, AAA88065, 1DXT, 1J7Y, 4N7N, AFV63187, 1HGB, AF186615, 3OO5, L26464, FJ876836, 209116_x_at, L26466, JX645480, 1YEV, CAA23758, AAZ39761, 3360409, EU760937, 1R1Y, AAZ39770, AAZ39785, 1YEN, AAR96398, 1J40, AF349114, 0003120154, 3HXN, AAZ39749, AAZ39746, AAZ39763, HGNC:4827, 1YG5, EU760954, DQ126292, g13549111_3p_at, 2HBC, 3W4U, AAF08270, 1SDL, Q9GZL9, 1XY0, 1LFV, AAZ39783, 1IRD, DQ126282, 2D60, AAZ39771, AAF00489, L26467, Hs.155376.1.A1_3p_s_at, DQ126277, 2H35, EU760913, 1J7S, AY163866, 1XZ2, 2HBS, 1HGC, AAZ39769, ACZ67952, EU760916, CAI40296, 2HCO, 1BUW, 1CBL, ILMN_1769753, ACF16747, ENSP00000333994, 3IC0, 1YZI, AAA21102, DQ126308, ACF16768, DQ126284, AAF08262, 1QSH, CAA23759, 1CH4, 1Y09, JN613430, EU760936, AAA21109, 211696_x_at, 3S65, CR541913, 1Y35, 1Y0T, ACF16790, EU760920, B5ANL9, B3VL12, 1M9P, DQ126321, AFV63186, DQ126278, Q6VFQ5, ACF16753, 1LFQ, 31687_f_at, AAA88061, MIM:141900, FJ876835, ACF16766, AAZ39762, 1Y22, AAZ39790, HBB-001, AF186612, 1Y7Z, M25079_s_at, 3P5Q, 1YEO, DQ126276, AAM92001, D5FZW3, ACF16789, 1YIH, 3360413, 1Y7D, 1A00, 3360422, EF450778, AAA88054, 1K1K, 11715348_x_at, DQ126319, AAZ39759, 3043, DQ126314, AEQ28038, GU324922, L26468, 1G9V, DQ126275, 1HDB, DQ126307, PF00042, AAF08263, 1R1X, 1QSI, DQ126281, EU760942, 11753712_x_at, AAZ39782, 1O1M, ACF16767, AAP21062, EU760915, AAB62944, ACF16770, AAA21105, 1Y5K, 1RQ3, 1O1J
Component ofHemoglobin beta:ferroheme b:oxygen [cytosol]
Protonated Carbamino Hemoglobin beta: ferroheme b [cytosol]
Hemoglobin beta:ferriheme b [extracellular region]
Apohemoglobin [extracellular region]
Hemoglobin beta:ferroheme b [extracellular region]
Hemoglobin beta:ferroheme b [endocytic vesicle lumen]
OxyHbA [cytosol]
Protonated Carbamino DeoxyHbA [cytosol]
Methemoglobin [extracellular region]
Hemoglobin beta:ferroheme b:oxygen [extracellular region]
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Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Binding and Uptake of Ligands by Scavenger Receptors



Modifications in molecules with this sequenceprotonated residue at unknown position
carboxylated residue at 2
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