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First nameAkira
Hanaki, H, Yamamoto, H, Sakane, H, Matsumoto, S, Ohdan, H, Sato, A, Kikuchi, A An anti-Wnt5a antibody suppresses metastasis of gastric cancer cells in vivo by inhibiting receptor-mediated endocytosis 2012 Mol. Cancer Ther. PubMed
Ikeda, S, Kishida, S, Yamamoto, H, Murai, H, Koyama, S, Kikuchi, A Axin, a negative regulator of the Wnt signaling pathway, forms a complex with GSK-3beta and beta-catenin and promotes GSK-3beta-dependent phosphorylation of beta-catenin 1998 EMBO J. PubMed
Hino, S, Michiue, T, Asashima, M, Kikuchi, A Casein kinase I epsilon enhances the binding of Dvl-1 to Frat-1 and is essential for Wnt-3a-induced accumulation of beta-catenin 2003 J. Biol. Chem. PubMed
Komekado, H, Yamamoto, H, Chiba, T, Kikuchi, A Glycosylation and palmitoylation of Wnt-3a are coupled to produce an active form of Wnt-3a 2007 Genes Cells PubMed
Yamamoto, H, Kitadai, Y, Yamamoto, H, Oue, N, Ohdan, H, Yasui, W, Kikuchi, A Laminin gamma2 mediates Wnt5a-induced invasion of gastric cancer cells 2009 Gastroenterology PubMed
Kikuchi, A, Yamamoto, H, Sato, A, Matsumoto, S New insights into the mechanism of Wnt signaling pathway activation 2011 Int Rev Cell Mol Biol PubMed
Kurayoshi, M, Yamamoto, H, Izumi, S, Kikuchi, A Post-translational palmitoylation and glycosylation of Wnt-5a are necessary for its signalling 2007 Biochem. J. PubMed
Kishida, M, Hino, S, Michiue, T, Yamamoto, H, Kishida, S, Fukui, A, Asashima, M, Kikuchi, A Synergistic activation of the Wnt signaling pathway by Dvl and casein kinase Iepsilon 2001 J. Biol. Chem. PubMed
Schwarz-Romond, T, Fiedler, M, Shibata, N, Butler, PJ, Kikuchi, A, Higuchi, Y, Bienz, M The DIX domain of Dishevelled confers Wnt signaling by dynamic polymerization 2007 Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. PubMed
Sato, A, Yamamoto, H, Sakane, H, Koyama, H, Kikuchi, A Wnt5a regulates distinct signalling pathways by binding to Frizzled2 2010 EMBO J. PubMed