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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Insulin-like growth factor II shortName:IGF-II alternativeName: Somatomedin-A component recommendedName: Insulin-like growth factor II /component component recommendedName: Insulin-like growth factor II Ala-25 Del /component component recommendedName: Preptin /component
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:3481
CTD Gene:3481
DOCK Blaster:1GF2
DOCK Blaster:1IGL
KEGG Gene:3481
NCBI Gene:3481
Protein Data Bank:1GF2
Protein Data Bank:1IGL
UCSC human:P01344
dbSNP Gene:3481
Other identifiers related to this sequenceIGF2_HUMAN, B3KX48, B7WP08, C9JAF2, E3UN45, P78449, Q14299, Q1WM26, Q9UC68, Q9UC69, M22373, X03562, ENSP00000370802, ILMN_1699867, AAA52545, ADO21455, 3359131, g182527_3p_a_at, MIM:147470, HM481220, E3UN46, CCDS7728, 3E4Z, 3359148, CAA29516, AAA52544, J03242, 1IGL, 3359122, X07868, 3359137, 2450353, 0001090309, 11739787_a_at, ADO21454, 3359129, 202410_x_at, X03427, X00910, NM_001291861, UPI0000000965, CAA27157, AF517226, IGF2, 3359123, IPR016179, SM00078, M17863, DQ104203, X06159, 1591_s_at, ENSG00000167244, NM_000612, Hs.251664.0.A2_3p_at, BT007013, 11739786_s_at, 3KR3, AAB34155, M29645, 2L29, 210881_s_at, 11753726_s_at, AAG17220, A_23_P150609, 3167054, AAM51825, GE782559, NP_001278790, AC132217, S77035, IPR022350, 11756003_x_at, X03426, 3359136, IPR022352, 1664_at, ILMN_2413956, PH_hs_0040332, PR02002, IGF2-003, CAA30717, HGNC:5466, PR00276, 3359133, MIM:180860, HM481219, 1GF2, CAA27155, AAP35659, CAA29517, AK126688, 2V5P, 3359124, CAA29518, IPR022334, J03242_s_at, PF08365, X03425, M17863_s_at, PF00049, IPR013576, ABD93451, HPA007993, CAA27249, BAG54360, 3359125, X06160, GE79183, Hs.736068, 11758400_s_at, 202409_at, AF217977, 3359135, EAX02485, 3359127, 3359120, M17426, X06161, AAA52443, 36782_s_at, CAA27156, BC000531, AAH00531, PR02006, CAB024999, AAA60088, A_23_P421379, uc009yde.3, CAA25426, OTTHUMP00000011018, EntrezGene:3481, 3481, ILMN_1804922, Hs.272259, CH471158, AAA52536, 3359138, 3359154, OTTHUMP00000011013, ENSP00000370813, 3359152, 3359141, 2079_s_at, 3359150, UPI000002ABB8, 3359142, IGF2-002, 3359140, uc001lvg.3, GE84332, 3359139, NP_000603, IGF2-001, ENSP00000414497, NP_001278791, OTTHUMP00000011012, 3359156, NM_001291862, GE537008, NM_001127598, CCDS44517, UPI0001751501, OTTHUMP00000011158, ENSP00000391826, uc009ydf.3, NP_001121070, 3359160, IGF2-007, OTTHUMP00000011017, IGF2-004, ENSP00000370799, ENSP00000370796, IGF2-009, uc021qcb.1, OTTHUMP00000011157, ENSP00000402047, IGF2-005, OTTHUMP00000011015, 3359168, ENSP00000300632, 11742637_s_at, 3359144, ILMN_2328463, IGF2-201, NP_001007140, ILMN_2298035, 3359143, NM_001007139, uc001lvh.3, 7945688
Molecules with this sequenceIGF2(25-91) [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOORRRHHPGPPURRDD
IGF2(25-91) [extracellular region] UKENBCdOORRRHHPGPPURRDD
IGF2(25-91) [platelet alpha granule lumen] UKENBCdOORRRHHPGPPURRDD
Component ofIGF1,2:IGF1R [plasma membrane]
IGF1,2:p-Y1161,1165,1166-IGF1R [plasma membrane]
IGF:IGFBP5:ALS [extracellular region]
IGF:IGFBP2 [extracellular region]
IGF:IGFBP6 [extracellular region]
IGF:IGFBP4 [extracellular region]
IGF:IGFBP3:ALS [extracellular region]
IGF:IGFBP1 [extracellular region]
IGF1,2:p-Y1161,1165,1166-IGF1R:SHC1 [plasma membrane]
IGF1,2:p-IGF1R:p-SHC1 [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)IGF1,2 [plasma membrane]
IGF1,2 [extracellular region]
Insulin-like growth factors [extracellular region]
Insulin-like growth factors [platelet alpha granule lumen]
Platelet alpha granule contents [extracellular region]
Platelet alpha granule contents [platelet alpha granule lumen]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Metabolism of proteins

Signal Transduction


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