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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Nucleophosmin shortName:NPM alternativeName: Nucleolar phosphoprotein B23 alternativeName: Nucleolar protein NO38 alternativeName: Numatrin
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:440577
BioGPS Gene:4869
CTD Gene:440577
CTD Gene:4869
KEGG Gene:4869
NCBI Gene:440577
NCBI Gene:4869
UCSC human:P06748
dbSNP Gene:440577
dbSNP Gene:4869
Other identifiers related to this sequenceNPM_HUMAN, A8K3N7, B5BU00, D3DQL6, P08693, Q12826, Q13440, Q13441, Q14115, Q5EU94, Q5EU95, Q5EU96, Q5EU97, Q5EU98, Q5EU99, Q6V962, Q8WTW5, Q96AT6, Q96DC4, Q96EA5, Q9BYG9, Q9UDJ7, AY347529, U41743, Q9BTI9, 7892530, 4869, 3136166, AY740640, AAA36385, AAH12566, U89311, Hs.735618, EAW61446, M26697, g12803184_3p_a_at, BC003670, 200063_s_at, 8109975, AAH16824, AB451236, AAA36474, A_32_P188674, 3404467, 2867275, E5RI98, U89321, A_23_P214037, MIM:164040, AAH21668, HPA011384, Hs.667403, UPI00001303ED, BC016824, NPM1, 8180409, EntrezGene:4869, AAH16768, BC008495, J02590, M31004, AAH14349, 7895472, AY740637, 2867272, CH471062, BC012566, 8180407, 3100478, 221691_x_at, Hs.600877, 2867274, 2840647, M23613, 2P1B, OTTHUMP00000223398, AB042278, M23613_at, AAW67755, BAG70050, AAH09623, BAG70175, BC016716, 2VXD, HGNC:7910, AAW67753, M28699, U89313, 7892853, 11757362_x_at, AAW67756, U89310, BAA08343, 7895225, U89309, AAH02398, ILMN_1678775, 7893571, BC107754, AAW67752, 2840626, 7894485, NM_002520, BC014349, AAA36380, BC021668, 2LLH, AK290652, 7896054, 2867283, AAH50628, DQ303464, AAW67758, AAH08495, AY740634, U89319, U04946, BC009623, 0000870408, AB451361, 2960052, ABC40399, 2840629, 7893382, CAB012983, 2840618, BC021983, AAA58386, uc032vtc.1, A_24_P188941, 200063_PM_s_at, AAA58698, 2840646, AAB00113, 2326906, AAP35657, U89314, 7894919, 8122112, BC050628, U89317, PF03066, 38542_at, ENSP00000428755, AAH03670, BC016768, 2840627, 2840628, AAQ24860, 221691_3p_x_at, 2840648, BAB40600, LRG_458, CCDS4376, 2840638, CAA34809, 2867271, 2840623, Hs.647621, 11757386_x_at, AY740638, AAW67754, AAA36473, AAB94739, 2840642, 7893420, ENSG00000181163, AY740636, IPR024057, Hs.634598, BT007011, 7895509, 2666248, X16934, AAH21983, D45915, 2960054, AAB00112, AAH16716, 3404471, 11730790_x_at, GE500484, GE79895, 2840633, 7895119, BAF83341, AAW67757, U41742, 8471164, AC091980, AY740635, BC002398, 2840631, 2867273, 2840621, EAW61443, 2840617, 8180408, AC093246, 11754066_x_at, AY740639, Hs.573436, HPA053413, AAI07755, NPM1-004, ENSP00000377408, ENST00000296930, XM_006714869, ENST00000351986, OTTHUMP00000161024, ENSP00000341168, 2840619, NP_002511, 2840620, XP_006714932, uc003mbi.3, ENSP00000296930, ENST00000393820, NPM1-001, LRG_458t1, UPI000002AF87, CCDS4377, OTTHUMP00000161025, NP_954654, uc003mbj.3, NM_199185, ILMN_2379762, NPM1-002, XP_005265977, AK000472, 2840643, PH_hs_0045798, BAA91188, NP_001032827, 11730912_at, 221923_s_at, CCDS43399, 2840641, 7893657, NPM1-003, Q9NX34, A_14_P116462, NM_001037738, OTTHUMP00000223397, A_14_P127485, uc003mbh.3, 88066_s_at, g13536990_3p_s_at, UPI000006D09A, 78344_at, 2840640, Hs.9614.1.A1_3p_a_at
Molecules with this sequenceNPM1 [nucleoplasm] UKENNBBCCddOORHPGUR
Component ofCentromeric Chromatin: New CENPA Nucleosome:Mis18:HJURP Complex [nucleoplasm]
Centromeric Chromatin:CENPH-I:Mis18:HJURP:CENPA Complex [nucleoplasm]
HJURP Complex (without CENPA-H4 tetramer) [nucleoplasm]
HJURP:CENPA Complex [nucleoplasm]
nucleoporin-associated Rev:Importin-beta:B23 complex [nuclear envelope]
Rev:Importin-beta:B23 [nucleoplasm]
Rev:importin-beta:B23:Ran-GTP complex [nucleoplasm]
Rev:Importin-beta:NPM1 [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Cell Cycle


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