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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Thyroid hormone receptor alpha alternativeName: Nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group A member 1 alternativeName: V-erbA-related protein 7 shortName:EAR-7 alternativeName: c-erbA-1 alternativeName: c-erbA-alpha
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:7067
CTD Gene:7067
DOCK Blaster:1NAV
KEGG Gene:7067
NCBI Gene:7067
Protein Data Bank:1NAV
UCSC human:P10827
dbSNP Gene:7067
Other identifiers related to this sequenceTHA_HUMAN, A8K3B5, P21205, Q8N6A1, Q96H73, X55073, X55004, X55005, 3720709, 3720707, SM00399, 7067, M24899, NM_001190919, 16833965, IPR001723, J3QRA9, 8007008, X55070, 204100_at, M24900, 3720706, PF00104, CAA38899, 11747680_a_at, AAA66021, AAH00261, MIM:190120, CAA68539, J3QR26, M24748, CCDS11360, 11750897_a_at, AAA61176, IPR008946, THRA-003, X55069, CAB57886, 3720723, IPR001728, AAM77692, AAA35783, CAB023349, ENSG00000126351, NP_001177848, PR00546, EAW60632, 2H79, uc021twy.1, 4LNW, AC102799, 3720710, 3720722, BC035137, IPR000536, HPA009654, AAH02728, UPI0000136D1E, X55071, Y00479, 3JZB, BAF83219, g4507494_3p_s_at, X55068, HGNC:11796, 6323162, 3ILZ, ILMN_1661683, 3720696, EntrezGene:7067, J3KTF3, X55074, SM00430, PR00047, GE81253, AC068669, 11717773_a_at, 3HZF, 3720721, OTTHUMP00000262003, 3720703, 4898680_3p_at, A_24_P262407, ILMN_1718182, 3720714, 35846_at, AF522368, PH_hs_0030854, 3720705, 3720702, A_23_P207742, AAA52333, PR00398, ENSP00000377679, 3720724, BC002728, 3720715, 616_s_at, BC000261, PF00105, CAA38749, 6589608, 3720713, AAH35137, IPR001628, J3QRW5, AK290530, 2H77, 11747681_x_at, 1NAV, M24899_at, THRA, 4LNX, MIM:614450, J03239, 0001570577, CH471152, X55066, 3720698, ENSP00000463466, THRA-005, CCDS58546, NP_001177847, 3720725, UPI000002B549, OTTHUMP00000262004, 3720697, NM_001190918, uc002htx.3, NP_003241, ENSP00000264637, NM_003250, uc002htw.3, OTTHUMP00000164469, THRA-001, 1316_at, NP_955366, NM_199334, A_14_P108110, X55005mRNA_3p_s_at, 3720720, 3720717, 11759126_a_at, 11761993_a_at, ENSP00000395641, EAW60633, AAH08851, CAG46713, 0006370692, THRA-002, A_14_P130248, 3720716, BC008851, PR01292, X55005_rna1_at, uc002htv.3, 3720718, UPI000002B548, HQ692859, 86815_at, OTTHUMP00000164470, 3720729, ADZ17370, 11734120_x_at, M24748_cds2_s_at, 214883_at, ILMN_1654613, CR541915, Q6FH41, Q6LDR0, IPR003078, 3720719, 11734119_a_at, AAA52334, CCDS42316, 3720727, THRA-006, ENSP00000443972, OTTHUMP00000262005
Molecules with this sequenceTHRA [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdOORHPGPURDZ
Component ofNR-MED1 Coactivator Complex [nucleoplasm]
Represented by generalisation(s)NR [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Gene Expression

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