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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 23 alternativeName: Activator-recruited cofactor 130 kDa component shortName:ARC130 alternativeName: Cofactor required for Sp1 transcriptional activation subunit 3 shortName:CRSP complex subunit 3 alternativeName: Mediator complex subunit 23 alternativeName: Protein sur-2 homolog shortName:hSur-2 alternativeName: Transcriptional coactivator CRSP130 alternativeName: Vitamin D3 receptor-interacting protein complex 130 kDa component shortName:DRIP130
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:9439
CTD Gene:9439
KEGG Gene:9439
NCBI Gene:9439
UCSC human:Q9ULK4
dbSNP Gene:9439
Other identifiers related to this sequenceMED23_HUMAN, B9TX55, O95403, Q5JWT3, Q5JWT4, Q6P9H6, Q9H0J2, Q9NTT9, Q9NTU0, Q9Y5P7, Q9Y667, ACB88854, NM_001270521, 2974237, 2974247, CCDS5146, 2974229, Hs.595435, g12053064_3p_at, 2974209, ACB88850, 2974246, 9989412, EAW48052, 11732947_a_at, ILMN_1674506, 2974212, XM_006715612, ILMN_1689440, NP_001257450, 2974236, 2974242, XP_006715675, PH_hs_0044267, 2974206, ENSG00000112282, B9TX51, AF105332, 2974239, 2974220, AF104255, 2974200, 2974201, 79513_at, 242706_s_at, 2974240, ILMN_1662488, EU392532, EU392526, 2974224, ACB88860, 11750297_a_at, CAB66710, EntrezGene:9439, 2974223, 2974226, 2974218, 2974198, AB033042, CAI23320, 2974221, 223947_s_at, 2974234, AAD30202, 17023592, 2974215, AAD31729, uc003qcq.4, 0001570398, AL121575, 79516_g_at, MED23, 2974225, GE80426, NP_057063, 2974202, 2974235, 2974216, CH471051, BAA86530, CAB92072, 2974204, 46975_at, 0005220059, CAB92073, EU392522, AAH60759, 2974210, HGNC:2372, 2974243, 9439, A_23_P330999, 2974238, 2974248, MED23-003, Hs.29679, A_33_P3253070, 2974245, 223946_at, Hs.271535.0.S1_3p_s_at, AL136776, 8129522, UPI000002A737, IPR021629, MIM:614249, 2974244, PF11573, 2974189, AAD12724, CAI23319, 2974199, BC060759, ENSP00000346588, OTTHUMP00000017206, NM_015979, 84917_at, AF135022, MIM:605042, XM_005267223, UPI000012855F, NP_004821, NM_004830, PH_hs_0002567, 2974197, ENSP00000357047, ILMN_1690999, MED23-001, 218846_at, 2974196, 44525_at, XP_005267280, g7019352_3p_at, uc003qcs.2, 11725166_s_at, CCDS5147, 2974195, OTTHUMP00000017204, 0003360092, ENSP00000357039, uc031spr.1, NM_001270522, NP_001257451, OTTHUMP00000017208, UPI0000470A9D, MED23-005, CCDS59039, UPI000002A736, ENSP00000357032, uc003qct.2, 2974213, 2974214, MED23-002, A_33_P3253069, OTTHUMP00000017205, ENSP00000445072, MED23-201, UPI000191F62F
Molecules with this sequenceMED23 [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdOORHPGUR
Component ofARC coactivator complex [nucleoplasm]
DRIP coactivator complex [nucleoplasm]
Mediator Complex (consensus) [nucleoplasm]
PPARG:Fatty Acid:RXRA:Mediator:Coactivator Complex [nucleoplasm]
TRAP coactivator complex [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Gene Expression

Developmental Biology

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