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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
First nameMary E
AffiliationUniversity of California - Davis, Department of Animal Science
Chang, H, Delany, ME Complicated RNA splicing of chicken telomerase reverse transcriptase revealed by profiling cells both positive and negative for telomerase activity 2006 Gene PubMed
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Rodrigue, KL, May, BP, Famula, TR, Delany, ME Meiotic instability of chicken ultra-long telomeres and mapping of a 2.8 megabase array to the W-sex chromosome 2005 Chromosome Res PubMed
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Delany, ME, Krupkin, AB, Miller, MM Organization of telomere sequences in birds: evidence for arrays of extreme length and for in vivo shortening 2000 Cytogenet Cell Genet PubMed
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Delany, ME, Daniels, LM The chicken telomerase RNA gene: conservation of sequence, regulatory elements and synteny among viral, avian and mammalian genomes 2003 Cytogenet Genome Res PubMed