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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Alpha-actinin-2 alternativeName: Alpha-actinin skeletal muscle isoform 2 alternativeName: F-actin cross-linking protein
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:88
CTD Gene:88
DOCK Blaster:1H8B
DOCK Blaster:1HCI
DOCK Blaster:1QUU
KEGG Gene:88
NCBI Gene:88
Protein Data Bank:1H8B
Protein Data Bank:1HCI
Protein Data Bank:1QUU
UCSC human:P35609
dbSNP Gene:88
Other identifiers related to this sequenceACTN2_HUMAN, B1ANE4, Q86TF4, Q86TI8, ENSG00000077522, ENST00000366578, ENSP00000355537, 203862_s_at, 203861_s_at, 203863_at, 203864_s_at, 38448_at, 61882_at, M86406_at, Hs.83672.0.S4_3p_at, g4501892_3p_a_at, Hs2.304604.1.S1_3p_x_at, Hs.83672.0.S2_3p_a_at, Hs.83672.0.S1_3p_a_at, A_23_P115021, CCDS1613, GE61094, AL359921, AB209521, AL359185, M86406, M86804, AJ249756, AJ249757, AJ249758, AJ249759, AJ249760, AJ249761, AJ249762, AJ249763, AJ249764, AJ249765, AJ249766, AJ249767, AJ249768, AJ249769, AJ249770, AJ249771, AJ249772, AJ249773, AJ249774, AJ249775, AJ249776, BC047901, BC051770, EntrezGene:88, GI_4501892-S, ILMN_798, IPI00019884, MIM:102573, OTTHUMT00000096628, 1H8B, 1HCI, 1QUU, BAD92758, CAH73201, CAI13778, AAA51583, AAA51584, CAB61269, AAH47901, AAH51770, NM_001103, NP_001094, Hs.498178, Hs.607367, Q59FD9, Q5VXF1, P35609, Q59FD9_HUMAN, Q5VXF1_HUMAN, ACTN2_HUMAN, IPR001589, IPR001715, IPR002017, IPR002048, IPR014837
Molecules with this sequenceACTN2 [extracellular region] UKENBCdORHGURPPPDDD
ACTN2 [platelet alpha granule lumen] UKENBCdORHGURPPPDDD
Component ofNR1 interacting proteins [plasma membrane]
NR2 interacting proteins [plasma membrane]
NMDA receptor complex [plasma membrane]
Z Disk Complex [cytosol]
NMDA receptor ligand complex [plasma membrane]
NMDA receptor-Mg complex [plasma membrane]
Inactive Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
ADP:Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
ATP:Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
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Represented by generalisation(s)Alpha actinins [extracellular region]
Alpha actinins [platelet alpha granule lumen]
Alpha-actinin [cytosol]
Alpha-actinin [cytosol]
Platelet alpha granule contents [extracellular region]
Platelet alpha granule contents [platelet alpha granule lumen]
adherens junction-associated proteins [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved


Muscle contraction

Neuronal System

Cell-Cell communication

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