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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Replication factor C subunit 5 alternativeName: Activator 1 36 kDa subunit shortName:A1 36 kDa subunit alternativeName: Activator 1 subunit 5 alternativeName: Replication factor C 36 kDa subunit shortName:RF-C 36 kDa subunit shortName:RFC36
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:5985
CTD Gene:5985
DOCK Blaster:1LFS
KEGG Gene:5985
NCBI Gene:5985
Protein Data Bank:1LFS
UCSC human:P40937
dbSNP Gene:5985
Other identifiers related to this sequenceRFC5_HUMAN, A8MZ62, B3KSX8, IPR003959, Hs.740837, IPR008921, AAB09784, PF05496, 11741284_a_at, AAH01866, SM00382, 3433758, PF03215, RFC5, 65481_at, PF00004, 3433769, IPR013748, IPR008533, 3433761, PF05673, 3433765, 11731418_a_at, BC001866, g6677722_3p_a_at, 3433749, BAG52890, 203210_s_at, 3433760, 7959052, 1LFS, 3433755, 11744232_a_at, BC013961, uc001twq.3, OTTHUMP00000209893, 38863_at, EntrezGene:5985, AC131159, 3433757, 3433756, PF08542, AAH13961, g12804840_3p_at, 7774928, A_23_P95302, NP_031396, L07540, MIM:600407, 3433771, 0003870050, 3433762, HPA041037, AY254323, IPR027417, ILMN_1659364, L07540_at, 3433748, RFC5-002, Hs.731908, E9PEP3, 16757687, AAO63493, UPI00000622E5, 203209_at, NM_001206801, HGNC:9973, ENSP00000408295, 3433774, CCDS9185, ENSG00000111445, 3433773, F8W9B4, AK094575, F5H5S0, 5985, PH_hs_0025887, 653_at, NM_007370, NP_001193730, 3433772, IPR003593, GE57576, IPR008824, 3433778, NM_181578, 3433753, 3433754, C9JH72, NP_853556, Hs.136644.1.A1_3p_at, uc010syx.2, NM_001130112, ILMN_1699709, RFC5-001, 3433776, F5H304, 3433777, OTTHUMP00000209892, UPI00005A6BFC, NP_001123584, 3433752, CCDS41843, ENSP00000376325, 3433775, 0001500722
Molecules with this sequenceRFC5 [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdORHPGPURRD
Component ofRad17-RFC complex [nucleoplasm]
Rad17-RFC complex bound to DNA [nucleoplasm]
Rad9-Hus1-Rad1 bound to DNA [nucleoplasm]
RFC Heteropentamer [nucleoplasm]
RFC Heteropentamer:RNA primer-DNA primer:G-strand extended telomere end [nucleoplasm]
RFC Heteropentamer:RNA primer-DNA primer:G-strand extended telomere end duplex:PCNA homotrimer [nucleoplasm]
RFC Heteropentamer:RNA primer-DNA primer:origin duplex [nucleoplasm]
RFC Heteropentamer:RNA primer-DNA primer:origin duplex:PCNA homotrimer [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

DNA Replication

Cell Cycle

DNA Repair

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