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Reactome (instancebrowser)
Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Actin, cytoplasmic 1 alternativeName: Beta-actin component recommendedName: Actin, cytoplasmic 1, N-terminally processed /component
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:60
CTD Gene:60
KEGG Gene:60
NCBI Gene:60
UCSC human:P60709
dbSNP Gene:60
Other identifiers related to this sequenceACTB_HUMAN, P02570, P70514, P99021, Q11211, Q64316, Q75MN2, Q96B34, Q96HG5, ENSG00000075624, ENST00000331789, ENSP00000349960, AFFX-HSAC07/X00351_3_at, AFFX-HSAC07/X00351_3_st, AFFX-HSAC07/X00351_5_at, AFFX-HSAC07/X00351_5_st, AFFX-HSAC07/X00351_M_at, AFFX-HSAC07/X00351_M_st, 200801_x_at, 1569739_at, 224594_x_at, 213867_x_at, 32318_s_at, 64355_s_at, X00351_f_at, M10277_s_at, g12408251_3p_s_at, g5016088_3p_x_at, Hs.288061.2.A1_3p_s_at, Hs2.385633.1.S1_3p_at, A_14_P100679, A_23_P135769, A_24_P247175, A_23_P31323, A_24_P187626, A_32_P137939, A_32_P118686, A_24_P226554, A_32_P86351, A_32_P60256, CCDS5341, GE493760, GE545663, GE84661, BC113036, AY970492, AY970485, AY970442, AY970407, BC023548, EF036500, BC010417, AK223032, AY970374, AY970500, AY970444, AY970367, BC009544, AK222925, AY970499, AY970477, BC008633, DQ471327, AK223055, AY970502, AY970490, AY970475, AY970385, AY970383, M28424, AY970496, AY970483, AY970421, BC017450, EF095209, AY970420, AY970376, AY970365, AY970363, AY970364, AY970366, AY970368, AY970369, AY970370, AY970371, AY970372, AY970375, AY970377, AY970380, AY970381, AY970382, AY970402, AY970403, AY970404, AY970405, AY970406, AY970408, AY970409, AY970410, AY970411, AY970412, AY970413, AY970414, AY970415, AY970416, AY970417, AY970418, AY970419, AY970441, AY970443, AY970468, AY970469, AY970470, AY970471, AY970472, AY970473, AY970474, AY970476, AY970478, AY970486, AY970487, AY970488, AY970489, AY970491, AY970493, AY970494, AY970495, AY970497, AY970498, AY970501, DQ407611, X00351, M10277, X63432, AY582799, AC006483, BC001301, BC002409, BC004251, BC013380, BC014861, BC016045, V00478, EntrezGene:60, GI_5016088-S, ILMN_2565, IPI00021439, IPI00719313, IPI00794523, IPI00807522, MIM:102630, MIM:607371, AAI13037, AAX82298, AAX82291, AAX82251, AAX82216, AAH23548, ABO65086, AAH10417, BAD96752, AAX82183, AAX82306, AAX82253, AAX82177, AAH09544, BAD96645, AAX82305, AAX82283, AAH08633, ABF01018, BAD96775, AAX82308, AAX82296, AAX82281, AAX82194, AAX82192, AAB16906, AAX82302, AAX82289, AAX82230, AAH17450, ABL01513, AAX82229, AAX82185, AAX82175, AAX82173, AAX82174, AAX82176, AAX82178, AAX82179, AAX82180, AAX82181, AAX82182, AAX82184, AAX82186, AAX82189, AAX82190, AAX82191, AAX82211, AAX82212, AAX82213, AAX82214, AAX82215, AAX82217, AAX82218, AAX82219, AAX82220, AAX82221, AAX82222, AAX82223, AAX82224, AAX82225, AAX82226, AAX82227, AAX82228, AAX82250, AAX82252, AAX82274, AAX82275, AAX82276, AAX82277, AAX82278, AAX82279, AAX82280, AAX82282, AAX82284, AAX82292, AAX82293, AAX82294, AAX82295, AAX82297, AAX82299, AAX82300, AAX82301, AAX82303, AAX82304, AAX82307, ABD66582, CAA25099, AAA51567, CAA45026, AAS79319, AAP22343, AAH01301, AAH02409, AAH04251, AAH13380, AAH14861, AAH16045, CAA23745, NM_001101, XR_017065, XR_019170, XR_018969, XR_016639, NP_001092, OTTHUMT00000059589, Hs.646465, Hs.647780, Hs.692692, Hs.698216, A0AUL6, Q562M3, Q562N0, Q562S0, Q562V5, Q6PJ43, A4UCT3, Q96FU6, Q53G99, Q562Y8, Q562L5, Q562R8, Q562Z4, Q96DE1, Q53GK6, Q562L6, Q562N8, Q96HG5, Q1KLZ0, Q53G76, Q562L3, Q562M5, Q562P0, Q562X7, Q562X9, Q9UE89, Q562L9, Q562N2, Q562U1, Q8WVW5, A1E282, Q562U2, Q562Y6, Q562Z6, Q562Z7, A5GZ75, P60709, A0AUL6_HUMAN, Q562M3_HUMAN, Q562N0_HUMAN, Q562S0_HUMAN, Q562V5_HUMAN, Q6PJ43_HUMAN, A4UCT3_HUMAN, Q96FU6_HUMAN, Q53G99_HUMAN, Q562Y8_HUMAN, Q562L5_HUMAN, Q562R8_HUMAN, Q562Z4_HUMAN, Q96DE1_HUMAN, Q53GK6_HUMAN, Q562L6_HUMAN, Q562N8_HUMAN, Q96HG5_HUMAN, Q1KLZ0_HUMAN, Q53G76_HUMAN, Q562L3_HUMAN, Q562M5_HUMAN, Q562P0_HUMAN, Q562X7_HUMAN, Q562X9_HUMAN, Q9UE89_HUMAN, Q562L9_HUMAN, Q562N2_HUMAN, Q562U1_HUMAN, Q8WVW5_HUMAN, A1E282_HUMAN, Q562U2_HUMAN, Q562Y6_HUMAN, Q562Z6_HUMAN, Q562Z7_HUMAN, A5GZ75_HUMAN, ACTB_HUMAN, IPR004000, IPR004001
Molecules with this sequenceACTB(1-375) [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOORHGUR
ACTB(1-375) [lysosomal membrane] UKENBCdOORHGUR
ACTB(1-375) [cytosol] UKENBCdOORHGUR
Unfolded ACTB [cytosol] UKENBCdOORHGUR
ACTB(1-375) [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdOORHGUR
Component off-actin [cytosol]
CCT/TriC (ADP) associated actin [cytosol]
CCT/TriC(ATP)-associated actin [cytosol]
NuA4 [nucleoplasm]
actin:ATP [plasma membrane]
F-actin capping protein:f-actin [cytosol]
G-actin [cytosol]
Actin:ADP [cytosol]
Prefoldin-associated actin/tubulin [cytosol]
actin/tubulin-bound CCT/TriC(ADP) [cytosol]
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Represented by generalisation(s)actin [plasma membrane]
actin [plasma membrane]
actin [lysosomal membrane]
actin [cytosol]
unfolded actin/tubulin [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Signal Transduction

Metabolism of proteins

Membrane Trafficking


Cell-Cell communication

Immune System

Chromatin organization

Developmental Biology

NuA4 complex actetylates H2A and H4 [Gallus gallus]

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