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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Actin, cytoplasmic 2 alternativeName: Gamma-actin component recommendedName: Actin, cytoplasmic 2, N-terminally processed /component
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:71
CTD Gene:71
KEGG Gene:71
NCBI Gene:71
UCSC human:P63261
dbSNP Gene:71
Other identifiers related to this sequenceACTG_HUMAN, A8K7C2, P02571, P14104, P99022, Q5U032, Q96E67, HPA041264, ACTB, 71, EntrezGene:71, BC023548, AAX82181, g12804934_3p_x_at, BT019856, AY970408, AAX82300, AAX82211, AAX82222, MIM:102630, g11038618_3p_s_at, 2387414, 2644947, BC015695, Hs.14376.2.A1_3p_x_at, M28424, GE80152, A1E282, AAX82189, AAX82279, AY970478, MIM:614583, ENSG00000184009, AAX82174, AAX82299, 3773935, 11762785_x_at, 11757807_x_at, AY970380, AY970494, AY970443, AAX82184, AY970372, AY970404, AAH15779, AAX82295, g12804934_3p_s_at, AAX82176, AY970415, AAX82212, 212363_3p_x_at, AAH10417, Hs.14376.7.A1_3p_x_at, AAX82304, AAX82227, ENSP00000331514, Q96FU6, AAX82215, ACTG1-001, AY970419, AY970469, BC018774, HPA041271, BC009544, M19283_at, AY970412, 3773938, ILMN_1704961, Hs.14376.6.S1_3p_a_at, AY970489, AAX82190, AAX82220, Hs.14376.7.A1_3p_a_at, AAX82228, 201550_3p_x_at, AAX82252, AY970493, 211995_3p_x_at, AAH01920, AY970381, 3773934, 213214_3p_x_at, 43831_s_at, AAH23548, AK304637, 11758042_x_at, HGNC:144, MIM:102560, AAH10999, 34160_at, ILMN_2053178, AY970414, AY970472, XP_006715827, AAX82223, AY970497, AAX82224, AAX82293, AAX82278, 3773948, 212363_x_at, Hs.14376.3.A1_3p_x_at, 3773951, Hs.14376.4.A1_3p_x_at, AAX82303, BC015779, AAX82219, AAX82297, BC001920, 221607_3p_x_at, 3621802, AY970405, AAH18774, EF036500, AAX82191, EF095209, AAX82280, AY970402, AAX82307, AC139149, AY970468, PF00022, BC053572, AY970488, AAX82277, AY970363, AAX82294, 11754217_x_at, A4UCT3, ABD66582, 211983_x_at, AAX82178, 0004540273, I3L3R2, AAH12050, AY970368, 8147077, AAX82214, AAX82182, AY970364, AAX82225, AAX82186, 11752959_x_at, PR00190, AAH15005, AK291937, 3773947, AY970418, AAH09848, Q6PJ43, AAB16906, BC000292, AY970377, 3773949, AAX82292, A_23_P44037, AAX82218, BAG54215, BAF84626, I3L3I0, AAH00292, AK125561, 60, AAV38659, AY970495, ABO65086, AY970476, AY970410, AY970382, Hs.14376.3.A1_3p_a_at, AAX82173, AAH15695, AY970471, AAX82301, AY970413, B4E3A4, AY970406, OTTHUMP00000258171, Q9UE89, g12804934_3p_a_at, AAX82276, Q96DE1, AAX82284, AY970370, 213214_x_at, CCDS11782, uc002kal.2, M16247, AY970487, Hs.14376.5.A1_3p_a_at, 211995_x_at, I3L1U9, EntrezGene:60, 2349440, A5GZ75, ACTG1, 3773936, 8019183, MIM:604717, AY970486, BC007442, B3KWQ3, AAX82274, AAX82179, AY970409, 3773946, AY970369, AY970375, AY970501, M19283, 211970_x_at, Hs.14376.6.S1_3p_s_at, CAB013531, X04098, AAA51579, Hs.14376.5.A1_3p_x_at, AAX82180, AY970491, DQ407611, 3773937, AAX82226, AY970473, AY970371, AY970417, Hs.14376.9.A1_3p_a_at, BC009848, AAX82275, 3773942, 3773933, g11038618_3p_a_at, 224585_x_at, 221607_x_at, AY970498, 224585_3p_x_at, 3773954, AAH53572, SM00268, Q562Z7, 51746_f_at, BC012050, AY970366, ABL01513, AAX82213, AAH09544, BC010999, 14684684, BC010417, AAX82250, 3773940, BC015005, AAX82282, AY970441, ACT, 212988_x_at, IPR004000, AAH07442, AAX82221, AY970403, AAX82217, 16849849, AY970416, UPI0000000C38, AAA51580, Hs.14376.9.A1_3p_x_at, AY970470, NP_001605, 201550_x_at, AY970411, BAG65416, CAA27723, NM_001614, AY970474, XP_006722111, 3773953, OTTHUMP00000258176, uc002kak.2, ACTG1-003, XM_006722048, ENSP00000458435, NM_001199954, NP_001186883, ENSP00000458162, ACTG1-012, 3773952, OTTHUMP00000258177, ENSP00000459124, OTTHUMP00000258179, ACTG1-002, OTTHUMP00000258180, ENSP00000461672, ACTG1-006
Molecules with this sequenceACTG1 [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOORHPGUR
ACTG1 [lysosomal membrane] UKENBCdOOORHPGUR
Component ofactin:ATP [plasma membrane]
G-actin [cytosol]
Actin:ADP [cytosol]
f-actin [plasma membrane]
Activated WAVE2 and WASP/N-WASP:ARP2/3 complex:G-actin [cytosol]
p-EPHBs:EFNBs:ITSN1:N-WASP:CDC42:GTP:PI(4,5)P2:ARP2/3;G-actin [plasma membrane]
F-actin [cytosol]
Mother filament:ARP2/3:actin:GDP [cytosol]
f-actin (ADP) [cytosol]
EPHB:EFNB:F-actin:AP-2:Clathrrin:Dynamin [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)actin [plasma membrane]
actin [plasma membrane]
actin [lysosomal membrane]
actin [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Signal Transduction

Immune System

Membrane Trafficking

Developmental Biology

Cell-Cell communication

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