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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Serum albumin
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:213
CTD Gene:213
DOCK Blaster:1AO6
DOCK Blaster:1BJ5
DOCK Blaster:1BKE
DOCK Blaster:1BM0
DOCK Blaster:1E78
DOCK Blaster:1E7A
DOCK Blaster:1E7B
DOCK Blaster:1E7C
DOCK Blaster:1E7E
DOCK Blaster:1E7F
DOCK Blaster:1E7G
DOCK Blaster:1E7H
DOCK Blaster:1E7I
DOCK Blaster:1GNI
DOCK Blaster:1GNJ
DOCK Blaster:1H9Z
DOCK Blaster:1HA2
DOCK Blaster:1HK1
DOCK Blaster:1HK2
DOCK Blaster:1HK3
DOCK Blaster:1HK4
DOCK Blaster:1HK5
DOCK Blaster:1N5U
DOCK Blaster:1O9X
DOCK Blaster:1TF0
DOCK Blaster:1UOR
DOCK Blaster:1YSX
DOCK Blaster:2BX8
DOCK Blaster:2BXA
DOCK Blaster:2BXB
DOCK Blaster:2BXC
DOCK Blaster:2BXD
DOCK Blaster:2BXE
DOCK Blaster:2BXF
DOCK Blaster:2BXG
DOCK Blaster:2BXH
DOCK Blaster:2BXI
DOCK Blaster:2BXK
DOCK Blaster:2BXL
DOCK Blaster:2BXM
DOCK Blaster:2BXN
DOCK Blaster:2BXO
DOCK Blaster:2BXP
DOCK Blaster:2BXQ
DOCK Blaster:2ESG
KEGG Gene:213
NCBI Gene:213
Protein Data Bank:1AO6
Protein Data Bank:1BJ5
Protein Data Bank:1BKE
Protein Data Bank:1BM0
Protein Data Bank:1E78
Protein Data Bank:1E7A
Protein Data Bank:1E7B
Protein Data Bank:1E7C
Protein Data Bank:1E7E
Protein Data Bank:1E7F
Protein Data Bank:1E7G
Protein Data Bank:1E7H
Protein Data Bank:1E7I
Protein Data Bank:1GNI
Protein Data Bank:1GNJ
Protein Data Bank:1H9Z
Protein Data Bank:1HA2
Protein Data Bank:1HK1
Protein Data Bank:1HK2
Protein Data Bank:1HK3
Protein Data Bank:1HK4
Protein Data Bank:1HK5
Protein Data Bank:1N5U
Protein Data Bank:1O9X
Protein Data Bank:1TF0
Protein Data Bank:1UOR
Protein Data Bank:1YSX
Protein Data Bank:2BX8
Protein Data Bank:2BXA
Protein Data Bank:2BXB
Protein Data Bank:2BXC
Protein Data Bank:2BXD
Protein Data Bank:2BXE
Protein Data Bank:2BXF
Protein Data Bank:2BXG
Protein Data Bank:2BXH
Protein Data Bank:2BXI
Protein Data Bank:2BXK
Protein Data Bank:2BXL
Protein Data Bank:2BXM
Protein Data Bank:2BXN
Protein Data Bank:2BXO
Protein Data Bank:2BXP
Protein Data Bank:2BXQ
Protein Data Bank:2ESG
UCSC human:P02768
dbSNP Gene:213
Other identifiers related to this sequenceALBU_HUMAN, O95574, P04277, Q13140, Q645G4, Q68DN5, Q6UXK4, Q86YG0, Q9P157, Q9P1I7, Q9UHS3, Q9UJZ0, 4LA0, 6192711, 2731214, 11756969_s_at, 4L8U, AAF69644, 3LU7, 2BXK, 1UOR, 3TDL, 33992_at, 4G04, 1E7B, ALB, AAH41789, 2YDF, uc003hgs.4, 2BXO, AAH36003, AAA98798, EAX05676, 1AO6, V00495, 11732978_x_at, NM_000477, 1GNJ, 2XW0, AF190168, 2BXL, 4EMX, A06977, 2BXP, 2BXD, AF542069, AAF22034, 4N0F, 2731198, AY544124, SM00103, 2731207, 4L9K, ENSG00000163631, 2731229, 2VUE, AY358313, Hs.418167, AF118090, EF649953, AAH14308, 2BXI, 2XVU, 3B9L, 2731206, 4HGK, AAA98797, 1BKE, A_14_P110095, V00494, 1HK1, 2731195, 4K71, AY550967, 1H9Z, 2I2Z, 2731209, 16967692, 2731193, GE79001, 2BXF, CAA00606, IPR000264, ALB-001, 2731212, 4K2C, U22961, 1HK3, AF116645, 1E7I, 2BXB, 3JQZ, AF119840, 33991_g_at, 1BM0, 1E78, g7959790_3p_x_at, 2VDB, CR749331, 6292049, 1E7F, 1N5U, 2BX8, AF130077, CAH18185, AAH34023, A_23_P257834, AH002596, 3LU8, AAT11155, AAT52213, 4IW2, CCDS3555, UPI000002C1AC, 4E99, 1HK4, 2BXQ, NP_000468, PF00273, CAB006262, IPR020858, 1HK2, BC014308, 2731220, 4LB9, 4BKE, BC041789, 1HK5, 4G03, M12523, AAA64922, 1565228_s_at, 2XVQ, Hs2.406155.1.S1_3p_s_at, 2731199, AAU21642, 1YSX, 3JRY, AF119890, 2BXE, 2BXN, AAG35503, ILMN_1682763, ILMN_1782939, HGNC:399, MIM:103600, 2XVW, 0003170176, 1GNI, U22961_s_at, 1BJ5, 3A73, 3CX9, CH471057, BC036003, AAQ89947, CAA23754, 2BXM, AAA51688, 2731202, OTTHUMP00000160370, 211298_s_at, ABS29264, 2731228, 2731227, 1565228_3p_s_at, 2VUF, 2I30, ENSP00000295897, 2XVV, 1O9X, AAF69594, 3SQJ, 2731194, 2731201, 33990_at, 4HGM, AAF01333, BC034023, 2731223, AAF71067, 2ESG, AAN17825, 1E7E, 2BXG, 4L9Q, 2BXH, Hs.593710, 2731218, IPR021177, 11747269_a_at, PH_hs_0043117, 4LB2, 3B9M, 1E7G, 1TF0, 2BXC, EntrezGene:213, 1E7C, 3LU6, AY728024, 1E7H, 2BXA, IPR014760, 2XSI, 4IW1, 2XW1, 4N0U, 1HA2, 1E7A, 2731225, ABJ16448, 2731211, 8095628, 213, DQ986150, 3UIV, CAA23753, PR00802, OTTHUMP00000220438, UPI000016A51F, ALB-013, ENSP00000422784
Component ofalbumin:2-lysophosphatidylcholine complex [extracellular region]
albumin:bile salt and acid (OATP-A) complex [extracellular region]
albumin:bile salt complex [extracellular region]
albumin:cholate bile salt complex [extracellular region]
Albumin:ferriheme [extracellular region]
bile salts and acids complexed with albumin [extracellular region]
Represented by generalisation(s)Platelet alpha granule contents [platelet alpha granule lumen]
Platelet alpha granule contents [extracellular region]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Binding and Uptake of Ligands by Scavenger Receptors


Transmembrane transport of small molecules


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