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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: ATP synthase subunit a alternativeName: F-ATPase protein 6
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:4508
CTD Gene:4508
KEGG Gene:4508
NCBI Gene:4508
UCSC human:P00846
dbSNP Gene:4508
Other identifiers related to this sequenceATP6_HUMAN, Q34772, Q5S8W5, Q5S9E7, Q5S9I6, Q5SA31, Q6RPB7, Q6VHC0, Q6VHE0, Q6WQF4, Q7YCC1, Q7YCF8, Q7YCG1, Q85KU8, Q85KX1, Q85L05, Q8HNQ4, Q8HNQ8, Q8WCX6, Q9B2U5, Q9B2Z2, AFO29041, ADT80373, AAP90809, HQ610976, AY255147, MIM:516060, ADT80386, ACY55522, AAR94412, AFF96177, AAP90796, A_23_P337726, HGNC:7414, AFG15677, ABG27983, A_24_P350196, A_24_P350200, HQ610950, HQ610984, HQ610977, AFO20604, AAO88337, HQ610966, HM436816, HQ610957, ABG27975, JQ705510, DQ654443, ADT80425, AAN14706, DQ654398, JQ704269, ABG28013, AAQ19361, JQ705096, AY714035, ABG28009, AF465948, 8165669, ACD49927, PF00119, AF346971, ABX83640, ABU40205, JQ704346, GU397554, ADR50977, HQ610945, ADT80165, DQ654439, HQ610933, 4037651, HQ610970, EU130575, AY339535, JX153478, AY195764, DQ654410, DQ654402, AAN14926, ADT80256, AAO66805, ABG28031, AY339510, ADT79905, AAU02493, AFG04770, D2Y6Y6, EU284181, HQ610991, AFJ22723, AY495199, ABR99114, AY339536, 4037643, ADT80243, AAL54597, DQ654429, DQ654395, AAU02428, DQ654416, AAU13022, 1553567_s_at, HQ610975, DQ654427, ADT79996, ADT79801, DQ654428, JX153414, GU397555, AGE02318, AF465962, AFO27390, AFF67694, AFO32876, AGE01252, ABG27981, AAN14717, DQ654420, ABG27991, DQ654404, ADJ56475, AFF96723, AFO27156, ADT80451, MT-ATP6, HQ610956, DQ654411, AFF81825, JQ705837, JX153842, AAP90848, AAR94334, AAP90445, HQ610985, AFO35944, ADT80269, AAR94399, AFO32213, AAU02844, ADT80399, DQ654418, KF146248, ADT79827, ABG27957, JX154052, AY495233, ADT80295, ADT80438, AFF79212, EF657438, HQ610946, AY339581, ADT80191, ADT79853, 4037637, DQ654396, ABG27965, ADT80464, AAP90458, AHW33761, DQ654432, HQ610934, JN828961, ABR95662, JQ703433, DQ654440, AFF93824, AAB58948, DQ654401, AFF81227, 17100663, HQ610951, Q14Y84, AFF93707, AFO29158, AY495231, ABG28027, 4508, AAK17836, 4037644, HQ610992, MIM:551500, JX153337, DQ654417, AY714004, DQ654430, 11762923_x_at, AFF77223, AY495238, ABG28015, ADT79931, ADT80022, ADT79918, JQ704173, AY339537, JX152836, ABG28037, AFO27559, AAP48521, JX153477, HQ610947, 17100665, ENSG00000198899, ADT80074, ABG28039, AAP90757, DQ654434, AY495232, AY714031, AY339539, ATP6, JQ703020, HQ610952, DQ654415, JQ704520, BAA07295, AFG00390, HQ610986, KJ154469, ABV45830, AY339584, ABG28043, JQ704874, ADI57533, 4037642, ABG28003, MIM:535000, AFO32369, ACD49966, AAP90822, 2315319, JN048463, JX154026, DQ654400, AFG06408, HQ610938, ADT80477, ADT80230, ACE81125, JQ703471, JN048462, JQ705457, AAR94360, AAP89106, ADR79738, AAP90471, JQ705578, AAO88818, AGI96829, ADB44577, MIM:256000, JX153776, JQ703156, AAP90770, HQ610968, ABG27985, ABG27969, DQ654426, HQ610974, AFF96879, ABG27971, EU716647, AFF62715, 4037649, HQ610941, AFF92212, AFG10477, JQ704532, DQ654442, AFO36399, HQ610978, ABV02242, HQ610988, AY339538, BAM25205, EU157923, AFF93460, EF657287, JX153460, AAR94373, D2Y6Y7, AFG08904, ADT80061, HQ610953, AFO22476, JQ704698, DQ489506, JQ705956, AY289076, JN048461, DQ654433, EF657705, JX153451, AF347011, DQ654409, HQ610940, ADT79775, 1553567_3p_s_at, AY495235, ABG28035, ABG27967, JX153982, JQ704297, AY289100, ADT80516, AAN14882, GU122997, AAP91368, ABG28025, AAP90484, AFF62650, AAU02610, JN034127, HQ610932, AFO36867, ABG28045, ADT79749, ABG27955, ADT80308, 11758423_s_at, AY339511, JX153306, AY339407, HQ610969, JX153262, JQ703449, AY339530, JQ704802, 8043375, JQ705139, DQ654425, ABG27997, DQ654436, HQ610942, AFG14377, CAA24031, AF465976, AFG09593, HQ610949, ABG28001, DQ654408, MIM:500003, ABG27979, AY339513, 17126268, JX154017, ABG27961, ADT80529, HQ659684, ADT80204, ABG28017, ABG27973, AY713999, JQ703173, ADT80100, AFJ22722, ADT80321, ABX45368, AAU02805, 4037648, AY495234, DQ654394, ABG28049, AAP90731, JN034126, HQ610936, 2315318, AFF78991, ADT80360, ADB44576, JX152946, JQ704288, AY495237, AF465949, JQ704478, ABG28023, AAK17316, AF465972, YP_003024031, JX153957, ADT80490, AFO34124, AEQ63224, AFO36854, AFF85296, ADT80048, PH_hs_0033947, JQ706018, ADT79970, ENSP00000354632, EU086510, AFF88195, AY195786, KC257299, ADT79814, AAP90783, AY519488, AAL54766, V00662, KC866614, JQ704224, HQ610980, DQ654405, AY713988, AEI53452, AAO66766, HQ610955, ADT80178, 2492706, AY339582, DQ654423, AAR91263, DQ654424, ABG28033, AY714014, AY255144, AAP91381, AAO88532, AY255180, ABG28051, AFF99037, ABG28007, AF465957, JX153695, AF465975, 4037641, DQ654414, AAN14640, JX152802, AF465974, HQ610965, HQ610943, AAN14772, 0001170735, ADT80113, AY495147, AFO20435, AAR94386, HQ670226, AY339532, EU795361, AFO29561, ADT80009, JQ703328, HQ610993, ADT80035, ABG27977, DQ654422, EF657704, HQ610937, AAR93918, JQ705978, HQ610962, ABG27995, ABG27987, ADT79762, AAP90874, 8165672, AGT53872, AY339531, ABG28011, AFF76625, HQ610987, AAR94347, EntrezGene:4508, AFO36516, AAN14904, AFO28560, HQ610960, ABG28047, HQ610973, DQ654399, D38112, AAP90705, AAN14618, AFO36633, AY738967, HQ610979, JX153324, DQ654435, EF657579, DQ654407, ABG27999, JQ703374, ACY55366, JX153707, ABR93704, 4037646, DQ654419, AY339533, 17100667, DQ654412, JX154035, PR00123, 4037640, 11762922_s_at, A_33_P3410700, AAR93242, JX153746, AY195773, AY195749, AAN14915, ADT80217, HQ610959, ABE99183, ABG28019, AY495236, ADT80139, ABR97491, AAR94425, HQ610982, JQ705265, AFG01326, ADT80503, ADT79879, AY714028, KC257381, AFG16197, 4037645, DQ654438, HQ610944, EU714299, AGR43504, AFF83086, ABG28029, HQ610971, AY339541, AY738945, AY339512, DQ654441, JX153491, AFG00910, AF381997, JQ705878, AY275529, AAP91407, Q0ZFE3, AAP48210, AAP90835, AFO35619, AFO21046, 17126266, AAU02896, AAP90744, JX154053, ADT79788, 8165667, AY339408, JQ703641, AAU03026, MT-ATP6-201, ABG27963, ABG28053, 2492708, JQ703864, ABG27959, AFO29392, ABG28021, AFG08722, ADT80412, DQ654421, AFG04211, DQ654403, DQ654431, JX152789, ABG28005, ADT79983, AFF82800, ADT80334, HQ610935, AY339534, DQ654406, JQ704842, JQ701904, AAP90718, HQ610972, DQ654413, DQ654397, HQ610981, 4037639, AP012356, ADT80087, AF382010, HQ610983, AAP89119, AFF92875, AAU02285, AFG15391, DQ654437, PH_hs_0036541, AFO35021, AY339540, AY714045, JQ705443, HQ610958, AAN14629, 2315317, ADT80542, AF465950, 4037647, JQ702287, HQ610967, AEI53465, AY339543, HQ610964, AFF82592, HQ610954, ABR99127, ADT80282, KC763392, AFO33266, AAO67233, JX153911, HQ610990, AFO26584, ABG28041, ADT80347, ADT79866, AFO29379, ABG27993, AEI53439, AAO88649, AAU13308, ADT79892, J01415, AY714013, AFG13844, 7896752, JQ702974, Hs2Affx.1.41.S1_3p_s_at, IPR000568, AAU02623, EU330412, AF465956, UPI0000001709, ADT79944, JQ701899, HM589044, GU123009, ABG27989, HQ610989, AFF94461
Molecules with this sequenceMT-ATP6 [mitochondrial inner membrane] UKENBCdOOOOOOPGURR
Component ofATPase CF(0) [mitochondrial inner membrane]
ATPase complex [mitochondrial inner membrane]
ATPase-ADP and Pi complex [mitochondrial inner membrane]
ATPase-ATP complex [mitochondrial inner membrane]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved


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