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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Breast cancer type 1 susceptibility protein ecNumber6.3.2.-/ecNumber alternativeName: RING finger protein 53
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:672
CTD Gene:672
DOCK Blaster:1JM7
DOCK Blaster:1JNX
DOCK Blaster:1N5O
DOCK Blaster:1OQA
DOCK Blaster:1T15
DOCK Blaster:1T29
DOCK Blaster:1T2U
DOCK Blaster:1T2V
DOCK Blaster:1Y98
KEGG Gene:672
NCBI Gene:672
Protein Data Bank:1JM7
Protein Data Bank:1JNX
Protein Data Bank:1N5O
Protein Data Bank:1OQA
Protein Data Bank:1T15
Protein Data Bank:1T29
Protein Data Bank:1T2U
Protein Data Bank:1T2V
Protein Data Bank:1Y98
UCSC human:P38398
dbSNP Gene:672
Other identifiers related to this sequenceBRCA1_HUMAN, O15129, Q3LRJ0, Q3LRJ6, Q6IN79, Q7KYU9, ENSG00000012048, ENST00000357654, ENSP00000350283, ENST00000393691, ENSP00000377294, 1993_s_at, 604_at, 204531_s_at, 211851_x_at, 33724_at, U64805_s_at, L78833_cds1_at, g6552300_3p_a_at, g2218153_3p_a_at, A_14_P133777, A_14_P135846, A_14_P139703, A_23_P207400, A_32_P180603, A_32_P405851, CCDS11453, CCDS11457, CCDS11455, CCDS11456, CCDS11458, CCDS11454, CCDS11459, GE59309, DQ190452, DQ116737, AF507077, BC030969, BC062429, DQ190451, DQ190450, AY751490, AY706911, AF005068, BC106746, DQ190454, U68041, AY304547, BC106745, DQ145825, AY144588, AY093492, AY354539, AY093491, Y08757, DQ145826, DQ299321, DQ299322, DQ299323, DQ299324, DQ299325, DQ299326, DQ299327, DQ299328, DQ299329, DQ299330, DQ299331, DQ145824, DQ299320, DQ145823, DQ299316, DQ299317, DQ299318, DQ299319, DQ145822, DQ299305, DQ299306, DQ299307, DQ299308, DQ299309, DQ299310, DQ299311, DQ299312, DQ299313, DQ299314, DQ299315, U61268, U37574, AF284812, AY093485, AY093486, AY093487, AY093489, AY093490, AY093493, AF507076, AF507078, DQ190453, DQ190457, DQ478408, DQ190456, DQ190455, U14680, L78833, AY273801, BC115037, EntrezGene:672, GI_6552306-A, GI_6552300-I, ILMN_5998, ILMN_28845, IPI00218982, IPI00375507, IPI00297234, IPI00027272, IPI00027273, IPI00185298, IPI00375509, IPI00027268, MIM:113705, MIM:114480, 1JM7, 1JNX, 1N5O, 1OQA, 1T15, 1T29, 1T2U, 1T2V, 1Y98, AAZ16492, AAN61424, AAH30969, AAH62429, AAU93634, AAU21563, AAB61673, AAI06747, AAB08105, AAP70031, AAI06746, AAZ79409, AAN10167, AAM18225, AAQ92977, AAM18224, CAA70003, AAZ79410, ABB87069, ABB87070, ABB87071, ABB87072, ABB87073, ABB87074, ABB87075, ABB87076, ABB87077, ABB87078, ABB87079, AAZ79408, ABB87068, AAZ79407, ABB87064, ABB87065, ABB87066, ABB87067, AAZ79406, ABB87053, ABB87054, ABB87055, ABB87056, ABB87057, ABB87058, ABB87059, ABB87060, ABB87061, ABB87062, ABB87063, AAB40910, AAC50330, AAF97939, AAM18219, AAM18220, AAM18221, AAM18222, AAM18223, AAM18226, AAN61423, AAN61425, ABA29217, ABA29229, ABF14462, ABA29208, ABA29211, ABA29214, ABA29220, ABA29223, ABA29226, AAA73985, AAC37594, AAP12647, AAI15038, NM_007302, NM_007299, NM_007300, NM_007303, NM_007305, NM_007298, NM_007294, NM_007295, NM_007296, NM_007297, NP_009227, NP_009225, NP_009226, NP_009228, NP_009233, NP_009230, NP_009231, NP_009236, NP_009234, NP_009229, Hs.622171, Hs.194143, Q4EW25, Q8IZT7, Q05BZ9, Q6P671, Q5XLT4, Q64FK3, O15129, Q3B890, Q7KYU6, Q7Z606, Q3B891, Q3YB50, Q8IU58, Q8IZK2, Q5YLB2, Q8IZK3, Q9UE29, Q3YB49, Q3YB51, Q3YB52, Q3YB53, Q92897, Q9NQR3, Q3LRJ0, Q3LRH8, Q3LRJ6, P38398, Q1RMC1, Q4EW25_HUMAN, Q8IZT7_HUMAN, Q05BZ9_HUMAN, Q6P671_HUMAN, Q5XLT4_HUMAN, Q64FK3_HUMAN, O15129_HUMAN, Q3B890_HUMAN, Q7KYU6_HUMAN, Q7Z606_HUMAN, Q3B891_HUMAN, Q3YB50_HUMAN, Q8IU58_HUMAN, Q8IZK2_HUMAN, Q5YLB2_HUMAN, Q8IZK3_HUMAN, Q9UE29_HUMAN, Q3YB49_HUMAN, Q3YB51_HUMAN, Q3YB52_HUMAN, Q3YB53_HUMAN, Q92897_HUMAN, Q9NQR3_HUMAN, Q3LRJ0_HUMAN, Q3LRH8_HUMAN, Q3LRJ6_HUMAN, BRCA1_HUMAN, Q1RMC1_HUMAN, IPR001841, IPR002378, IPR001357, IPR004181
Molecules with this sequenceBRCA1 [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdOORRRHHHGURRRRPPPPPPPPPDDDDDDDDD
Component ofBRCA1:53BP1 complex at site of DNA double-strand break [nucleoplasm]
BRCA1:BRCA2:PALB2 [nucleoplasm]
Meiotic single-stranded DNA complex [nucleoplasm]
Synaptonemal Complex:BRCA1 [nucleoplasm]
Synaptonemal Complex:BRCA1:ATR [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Cell Cycle

DNA Repair

Modifications in molecules with this sequenceO-phospho-L-serine at 1189
O-phospho-L-serine at 1542
O-phospho-L-serine at 1524
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