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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Breast cancer type 2 susceptibility protein alternativeName: Fanconi anemia group D1 protein
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:675
CTD Gene:675
DOCK Blaster:1N0W
KEGG Gene:675
NCBI Gene:675
Protein Data Bank:1N0W
UCSC human:P51587
dbSNP Gene:675
Other identifiers related to this sequenceBRCA2_HUMAN, O00183, O15008, Q13879, Q5TBJ7, AF489734, 3484677, HPA026815, 1N0W, AF507087, X95167, 3484675, X95177, AAN61434, 3484643, Hs.686439, 208368_3p_s_at, 3484658, AY008850, 3484699, AAN61420, 3484654, g4502450_3p_a_at, 3484671, 3484692, 3484647, X95163, PF09103, AF507082, X95160, X95175, AAN61410, Hs.34012, 3484649, 3484667, AF489725, AF507085, 3484678, Q8IU64, MIM:600185, 214727_at, AF489727, 3484696, 0005670053, AF507089, X95170, 3484663, X95165, AAN61437, 3484657, AAN28944, AAN61418, 675, 3484701, 3484653, AF489738, MIM:612555, AAN61414, X95157, AAN61422, 3484673, 8091231, 3484669, AF507080, X95155, PH_hs_0002816, MIM:613029, LRG_293, 15057823, 3484695, Z73359, AAN61429, AAN61436, AAN61409, X95152, X95169, AAN61432, AF507079, X95166, CAA98995, OTTHUMP00000018803, PH_hs_0009162, HPA056112, 1503_at, PF00634, AAN61421, 3484660, Q8IU82, 1990_g_at, X95159, 3484698, Hs.34012.1.S1_3p_at, AAN61419, IPR015205, PF09169, MIM:605724, 11740416_at, EntrezGene:675, BRCA2, AAQ97181, CAA97728, K4JTT2, AF489730, Q9H4L3, 3484651, AFU88815, Q8IU77, 3484659, AF489736, 3484697, CAI40479, 3484676, BRCA2-001, AF489733, X95154, AAN61416, A_23_P99452, ENSG00000139618, IPR015525, AAN61412, E9PIQ1, AF507083, AAB07223, 3484670, AF507088, IPR015252, ABJ90481, JX480472, AAN61433, NM_000059, 3484672, CAI13195, K4K7W0, X95171, K4JXT6, AAN61426, CAA64484, 3484648, IPR015188, AF489735, X95173, 3484666, AAN61428, CCDS9344, X95174, AF507081, X95156, 3484646, AF489728, X95161, AAG32681, 3484674, GE60169, uc001uub.1, DQ889340, X95158, UPI00001FCBCC, 3484655, AY151039, X95164, 3484662, JX480476, AF489729, AF507086, 3EU7, 3484652, A_14_P109686, 3484668, X95176, 208368_s_at, PF09104, 3484703, 3484642, AL137247, AAN61413, 3484690, JX480473, AAN61417, AFU88818, AF489726, AAN61435, AY436640, AF507090, AAN61430, AF489737, HGNC:1101, Z74739, IPR002093, AFU88814, 16773840, MIM:114480, AAN61427, X95162, PF09121, 3484650, X95153, ILMN_1677794, X95172, 3484664, ENSP00000369497, MIM:613347, 7968484, 1989_at, AF489731, AAN61431, AF507084, X95168, 3484694, AAN61415, IPR012340, IPR015187, MIM:227650, AL445212, U43746, 7581463, X95152_rna1_at, 3484645, AF489732, AAN61411, ENSP00000439902, NP_000050, BRCA2-201, ENST00000544455, LRG_293t1
Molecules with this sequenceBRCA2 [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdOOOOORHPGPURD
Component ofBRCA1:BRCA2:PALB2 [nucleoplasm]
Meiotic D-loop complex [nucleoplasm]
Meiotic Holliday Junction [nucleoplasm]
Meiotic single-stranded DNA complex [nucleoplasm]
RAD51:BRCA2 complex [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Cell Cycle

DNA Repair

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