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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Neural cell adhesion molecule L1 shortName:N-CAM-L1 shortName:NCAM-L1 cdAntigenNameCD171/cdAntigenName
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:3897
CTD Gene:3897
KEGG Gene:3897
NCBI Gene:3897
UCSC human:P32004
dbSNP Gene:3897
Other identifiers related to this sequenceL1CAM_HUMAN, A0AV65, A4ZYW4, B2RMU7, G3XAF4, Q8TA87, AAO17607, U52111, BAC80663, BAC80577, AAO17615, BAC80677, AY167683, L1CAM, 4026839, AB102015, PH_hs_0026029, AAO17623, AB102049, BAC80495, BAC80550, AB101930, AY167693, AB101993, BAC80494, ABC25844, NM_000425, BAC80634, AAH25843, BAC80485, DQ173599, AY167686, L1CAM-001, AY167701, BAC80544, IPR013098, g13435354_3p_a_at, DQ173615, ABC25874, DQ173612, AB101954, AB102081, AB101921, X59847, DQ173637, 4026824, AB101929, AAO17589, BAC80674, BAC81122, 4026810, ABC25929, AB102085, DQ173632, DQ173606, ABC25914, AB101928, 4026806, NM_024003, BAC80556, ABC25755, BAC80637, AB102103, ABP88252, AB102074, 4026826, ENSP00000359077, ILMN_1739238, ABC25789, AB101937, M55271, AAO17596, ABC25884, BAC80604, UPI0000126E89, AB102021, BAC80601, AAO17624, BC136447, BAC80483, AB101986, DQ173622, ABC25969, AB102014, AB102044, AB101983, BAC80571, BAC80648, AB101956, AB102025, AY167685, MIM:308840, AB102080, DQ173611, AB102018, BAC80611, Hs.735809, AB102079, AY167694, AB102026, BAC80578, ABC25730, AAO17597, BAC80660, AY167710, X58776, ABC25934, BAC80600, AB102054, ABC25839, SM00060, AAO17604, AAO17622, E7EPI4, ABC25879, AY167692, AY167702, DQ173598, BAC80552, BAC80583, MIM:304100, AAO17584, 4026815, 4026838, DQ173616, Z29373, BAC80540, DQ173621, BAC80519, BAC80493, BAC80664, AB102043, ABC25939, AB102101, 4026830, ABC25954, DQ173631, AY167691, ABC25924, BAC80525, BAC80614, ABB58724, AB102102, 0001940162, 4026825, AB101935, BAC80572, DQ173605, AB102089, AB102042, E9PHJ4, CAA82564, DQ173620, U52112_rna1_at, AAO17583, EF506611, ABC25959, Q7Z2J6, BAC80605, AY167724, BAC80649, 11724579_a_at, AAO17616, AB102022, AAO17613, AB102086, BAC80484, BAC80549, DQ173624, AB102115, ABC25750, AAO17605, DQ173630, DQ173635, AAO17598, BAC80584, AY167688, AB102000, AY167699, AB101999, BAC80542, AB102078, AB102113, AAO17590, 4026816, AAO17602, BAC80557, BAC80514, BAC80518, Q86SE4, AB102055, AB102109, 4026799, BAC80636, BAC80580, BAC80529, NP_001265045, BAC80581, 4026822, ABC25794, BAC80523, 4026808, AAO17609, BAC80672, AY167680, AAI26230, DQ173626, AB102019, DQ173614, BAC80589, DQ173617, AB101927, BAC80547, AB101936, AB101961, X58775, BAC80669, DQ173600, AAO17626, AB102119, BAC80613, AY167719, AAI36448, ABC25814, ABC25759, ABC25824, 4026814, CCDS14733, BAC80606, HGNC:6470, AB102023, NP_000416, CAB37831, ABC25769, AB102041, ABC25944, AB101991, BAC80661, AB101989, AAC14352, ABC25964, DQ173602, Q7Z2J0, EAW72787, AB101988, DQ173608, AY167703, DQ173623, ABC25979, AB101951, AY167709, ABC25740, AB102077, DQ173593, AB101994, AAO17599, BAC80487, ABC25829, DQ173636, BAC80558, 4026821, BAC80675, AAO17614, IPR003961, HPA005830, BAC80486, AB101968, AB102108, DQ173613, AB101969, AB102056, BAC80524, AAO17588, BAC80639, 4026809, AB102112, AY167718, BAC80555, AAO17591, BAC80582, BAC80642, GE62364, AB101933, AB102016, DQ173642, DQ173607, AB101926, AB102071, BAC80492, ABC25859, 4026805, AAO17625, AB102011, BAC80570, BAC80517, AB102024, ABC25899, BAC80619, AY167705, BAC80548, ABC25949, ABC25864, BAC80579, BAC80662, AY167704, DQ173618, BAC80612, IPR013151, BAC80671, BAC80638, 4026811, ABC25809, AY167713, Q7Z2J8, DQ173601, AB101987, DQ173592, AAO17629, BAC80491, 4026841, ABC25904, AB101967, 8175871, AAO17592, AB101959, 17115271, AB101952, BAC80641, AB101962, BAC80607, AB101998, ABC25804, AAA36353, BAC80618, DQ173633, AB102111, DQ173603, BAC80480, AY167706, 204585_s_at, AY167696, AB101931, CH471172, AB101997, BAC80608, BAC80559, 4026829, AB102017, BAC80490, AB101990, AB102076, DQ173595, CAA42508, AAO17610, BAC80633, BAC80522, BAC80545, BAC80643, DQ173619, AB101934, AY167725, AY167697, AB102106, CAA41576, BAC80678, 4026804, DQ173629, BAC80587, AB102029, AAO17586, ABC25889, NM_001278116, DQ173641, PF00041, AB101925, 4026820, AY167687, AB102104, AAO17603, ABC25799, BAC80512, DQ173625, DQ173640, AY167698, BAC80640, AAO17608, AAO17593, AAO17587, BAC80617, AB101939, AAA59476, OTTHUMP00000025992, AB102075, AB102072, BAC80541, AB102653, AAO17627, AAO17628, AB102083, AB101940, AY167682, BAC80644, AB102050, AB101963, AB102090, AY167720, AB102118, BC025843, 4026835, AAO17619, AB101958, ABC25894, AAO17620, AB102013, DQ173634, AB101966, DQ173609, IPR003599, BAC80482, AB101982, BAC80516, AB101924, AY167726, BAC80546, DQ173639, ABC25779, AB101932, 4026800, 4026834, BAC80511, A_23_P171324, ABC25854, BAC80574, AB101992, AY167717, BAC80668, BAC80489, BAC80498, AY167714, AAO17600, EntrezGene:3897, BAC80513, BAC80488, AB102060, BAC80573, BAC80673, AB101985, BAC80666, BAC80520, SM00408, BAC80497, AB102059, ABC25919, AY167700, AY167695, BAC80632, AB102027, ABC25774, Hs.522818, CAB010896, BAC80610, AAO17594, DQ173589, AY167723, AB102117, BAC80609, AY167707, AY167711, AB102051, BAC80588, AAO17585, AAO17621, DQ173604, 4026832, AB102084, DQ173610, BAC80585, BAC80481, AY167681, BAC80665, AB102047, DQ173597, DQ173594, AB102058, PF07679, 4026828, BAC80576, BAC80676, BAC80510, AB101957, BAC80575, AB101953, AB102088, BC126229, AB102046, BAC80616, IPR007110, DQ173627, BAC80543, BAC80645, AB102012, AB101923, AAO17617, AB102110, AB101965, Q7Z2F9, IPR003598, BAC80631, BAC80553, 4026812, AB101970, BAC80602, MIM:303350, ABC25745, AB102114, AY167689, MIM:307000, Q7Z3Z9, ABC25784, Q7Z2I3, AB101996, ABC25819, BAC80646, AY167721, 4026807, BAC80526, PH_hs_0049269, AY167690, AB101964, ABC25735, BAC80528, AY167716, ILMN_2362341, SM00409, Hs.1757.0.S3_3p_at, ABC25764, BAC80496, AB102030, DQ173638, Q7Z2H2, 38551_at, BAC80635, AAO17601, AAO17612, BAC80515, ABC25909, PF00047, AAO17606, BAC80521, BAC80586, A_33_P3374443, BAC80670, AY167712, AAO17595, AB102048, Q7Z2J9, AB102020, ABC25974, AY167708, ENSG00000198910, AY167684, BAC80667, 4026801, AB101922, ABC25834, AB102057, AB101938, BAC80551, M74387, AY167715, AB102053, AB102082, AB101960, AB101984, ABC25849, AAO17611, AB102087, uc031tks.1, BAC80527, AAO17618, 4026827, BAC80679, AB102052, AB102120, AB102045, 4026817, BAC80499, 204584_at, AY167722, AB102116, DQ173628, AB102073, M77640, AB102028, BAC80647, BAC80554, DQ173596, AB102107, U52112, BAC80630, BAC80615, ABC25869, AB101995, BAC80603, A_24_P207995, AB102105, 11724578_at, AB101955, 3897, AB101981, OTTHUMP00000063091, uc010nuo.4, UPI00001AEDC0, E7EMY4, CCDS48192, E7EVM4, L1CAM-006, ENSP00000359072, NP_076493, uc004fjc.4, CCDS14734, ENSP00000355380, L1CAM-002, UPI000002A55F, OTTHUMP00000025993, L1CAM-201, NM_001143963, ENSP00000354712, NP_001137435
Molecules with this sequenceL1CAM [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOOOOORHPGUR
p-S1152-L1CAM [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOOOOORHPGUR
p-S1181-L1CAM [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOOOOORHPGUR
p-Y-L1CAM [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOOOOORHPGUR
p-Y1229-L1CAM [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOOOOORHPGUR
p-S1204,S1248-L1CAM [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOOOOORHPGUR
p-Y1176-L1CAM [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOOOOORHPGUR
Component ofL1 trans-homodimer [plasma membrane]
L1:NCAM1 complex [plasma membrane]
L1:Axonin-1 [plasma membrane]
L1:Integrin complex [plasma membrane]
L1:NRP1 [plasma membrane]
L1:RanBPM [plasma membrane]
L1:AP-2 Clathrin complex [clathrin-coated endocytic vesicle]
L1:AP-2 Clathrin complex [endosome]
L1:HNK-1 [plasma membrane]
L1:Neurocan [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)Mannose-carrying cell recognition molecules [plasma membrane]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Phosphorylation of L1 by p90rsk [Homo sapiens]

L1 dimer binds Ankyrin [Homo sapiens]


Developmental Biology

Modifications in molecules with this sequenceO-phospho-L-serine at 1152
O-phospho-L-serine at 1181
O4'-phospho-L-tyrosine at unknown position
O-phospho-L-serine at 1248
O-phospho-L-serine at 1204
O4'-phospho-L-tyrosine at 1176
O4'-phospho-L-tyrosine at 1229
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