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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Platelet glycoprotein 4 alternativeName: Fatty acid translocase shortName:FAT alternativeName: Glycoprotein IIIb shortName:GPIIIB alternativeName: Leukocyte differentiation antigen CD36 alternativeName: PAS IV alternativeName: PAS-4 alternativeName: Platelet collagen receptor alternativeName: Platelet glycoprotein IV shortName:GPIV alternativeName: Thrombospondin receptor cdAntigenNameCD36/cdAntigenName
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:948
CTD Gene:948
KEGG Gene:948
NCBI Gene:948
UCSC human:P16671
dbSNP Gene:948
Other identifiers related to this sequenceCD36_HUMAN, Q13966, Q16093, Q8TCV7, Q9BPZ8, Q9BQC2, Q9BZM8, Q9BZN3, Q9BZN4, Q9BZN5, M98398, A4D1B1, PR01610, 3010556, A_14_P120111, AF300640, AAM14636, AAG60638, EAW77003, MIM:248310, S67044, IPR005428, PF01130, M98399, CH236949, 7503937, A_14_P201955, MIM:610938, Z32759, Q9BZN2, L06850, Hs.665300, AAG60624, AF300625, AF300639, ENSG00000135218, CCDS34673, Z32755, uc003uhc.3, Z32763, CAB025866, 948, CD36, Z32757, 3010517, MIM:608404, AAA16068, AF300632, EAL24191, AAA58412, M24795, IPR002159, EAW76998, 3010561, EAW77005, HPA002018, OTTHUMP00000207872, Hs.601142, EAW76999, PH_hs_0044704, AF300634, MIM:611162, g4557418_3p_at, 3010504, E7ERZ9, AK312920, 3010534, AF300636, UPI0000000C91, EAW77004, MIM:173510, AAH08406, Z32770, AHA62517, Z32761, AAD13993, AAG60625, NM_001001547, 11724875_a_at, Q9BQA7, EAW77000, AAG60636, CAA80504, AC092108, AAG60627, 3010564, AF300627, E7EU05, Q9BZN6, CD36-001, V5M404, AAG60639, Hs.613405, Z22924, AAG60632, 3010516, 3010535, AAG60626, EAW77002, E7EWI4, Z32760, AC004862, AC073182, AAG60628, Z32754, BAG35765, E9PC45, 3010569, 3010551, AF300628, AC124834, GE58184, BC008406, AF300633, XP_005250772, 3010572, Z32764, AAB28992, 3010554, 3010542, Z32762, AAA58413, EAW76997, 3010570, ENSP00000399421, 3010544, AC073850, AAG60634, 3010562, EAW76996, CH471091, Z32758, Hs.736825, AAG60633, Z32756, 3010559, CAA83662, AAG60631, HGNC:1663, S67532, PR01609, AF300637, Q9BZM9, 3010571, A_23_P111583, 3010530, EAW77001, KF539919, AY095373, 8133876, ILMN_1796094, 3010552, AAG60635, EntrezGene:948, AAA35534, E9PLT1, Hs.629786, AF300629, AF300626, E9PJX8, E7EX47, 206488_s_at, 3010566, AF300635, ENSP00000308165, CD36-006, NP_001001547, uc003uhd.4, OTTHUMP00000207874, ILMN_1665132, 3010524, 3010529, OTTHUMP00000207938, ENSP00000378268, NM_000072, CD36-016, NP_000063, uc003uhe.4, CD36-015, XM_005250713, 3010578, XP_005250770, XM_005250714, 209555_s_at, Z32765_at, ENSP00000415743, OTTHUMP00000207881, g180112_3p_a_at, NP_001001548, 3010581, 3010577, M98399_s_at, 36656_at, XP_005250771, 11724738_a_at, 3010580, uc003uhf.4, PH_hs_0036027, NM_001001548, ILMN_1784863, 3010579, NM_001127444, NP_001120916, CD36-201, 3010531, ENSP00000411411, NM_001127443, uc003uhg.4, NP_001120915
Molecules with this sequence4xPalmC-CD36 [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOORRRHHHPGURRR
CD36 [platelet alpha granule membrane] UKENBCdOOORRRHHHPGURRR
CD36 [phagocytic vesicle] UKENBCdOOORRRHHHPGURRR
4xPalmC-CD36 [endocytic vesicle membrane] UKENBCdOOORRRHHHPGURRR
Component ofPlatelet glycoprotein IV:Ligand [plasma membrane]
TLR6/2 ligand:CD14:CD36 [plasma membrane]
Platelet glycoprotein IV:Ligand [endocytic vesicle membrane]
TLR6:TLR2:ligand:CD14:CD36 [plasma membrane]
Particulate Ag:DC receptors [plasma membrane]
activated TLR2/4:p-4Y-MAL:PI(4,5)P2:BTK [plasma membrane]
MAL:PI(4,5)P2:BTK:activated TLR2/4 [plasma membrane]
MAL:PI(4,5)P2:activated TLR2/4 [plasma membrane]
MyD88:MAL:BTK:activated TLR2/4 [plasma membrane]
oligo-MyD88:Mal:BTK:activated TLR [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)Platelet alpha granule membrane components that are released on degranulation [plasma membrane]
DC receptors recognizing apoptotic cells [plasma membrane]
Platelet alpha granule membrane components that are released on degranulation [platelet alpha granule membrane]
DC receptors recognizing apoptotic cells [phagocytic vesicle]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Binding and Uptake of Ligands by Scavenger Receptors

Immune System



Developmental Biology

Modifications in molecules with this sequenceS-palmitoyl-L-cysteine at 464
S-palmitoyl-L-cysteine at 3
S-palmitoyl-L-cysteine at 7
S-palmitoyl-L-cysteine at 466
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