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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator 1 shortName:CDK5 activator 1 alternativeName: Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 regulatory subunit 1 alternativeName: TPKII regulatory subunit component recommendedName: Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator 1, p35 shortName:p35 /component component recommendedName: Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator 1, p25 shortName:p25 alternativeName: Tau protein kinase II 23 kDa subunit shortName:p23 /component
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:8851
CTD Gene:8851
DOCK Blaster:1H4L
DOCK Blaster:1UNG
DOCK Blaster:1UNH
DOCK Blaster:1UNL
KEGG Gene:8851
NCBI Gene:8851
Protein Data Bank:1H4L
Protein Data Bank:1UNG
Protein Data Bank:1UNH
Protein Data Bank:1UNL
UCSC human:Q15078
dbSNP Gene:8851
Other identifiers related to this sequenceCD5R1_HUMAN, E1P664, Q5U0G3, OTTHUMP00000163708, ENSP00000318486, 3717783, 3717789, 0002060736, AAV38380, 1UNH, CAA56587, PH_hs_0005140, A_33_P3226985, AY376350, CH471147, ILMN_2062271, 3717776, 55644_at, 8006409, 3717788, AAQ74776, 3717777, NM_003885, 204995_at, CDK5R1, uc002hhn.3, A_14_P109471, Hs.714132, UPI000012738E, IPR013763, HGNC:1775, 3717781, A_14_P116589, GE60061, EAW80228, 3717784, NP_003876, Hs.662611, 3717785, A_14_P125186, 3717786, IPR004944, 3717780, PF03261, 8090221, BT019573, 1UNG, g4502736_3p_a_at, 36273_at, 11722022_s_at, MIM:603460, A_23_P141467, 1H4L, EAW80227, CCDS11273, 1UNL, CDK5R1-001, Hs.500015, AAH20580, 8851, X80343, ILMN_1730928, Hs.93597.0.S2_3p_at, EntrezGene:8851, 3717782, 799_at, 16833159, BC020580, 3O0G, X80343_at, 204996_s_at, 800_g_at, ENSG00000176749
Molecules with this sequenceCDK5R1(1-307) [cytosol] UKENBCdORHPGPPPPURDDDD
Component ofpCdk5:p35 [cytosol]
Cdk5:p35 [cytosol]
Fyn:pCdk5:p53 [cytosol]
PlexinA1-4:FYN:CDK5:p-CRMPs (S522,S518,T509,T514) [plasma membrane]
PlexinA1-4:FYN:Cdk5:p53:p-CRMP tetramers [plasma membrane]
PlexinA1-4:FYN:pCdk5:p53 [plasma membrane]
Nrp-1:PlexinA:Fyn:Cdk5:pCRMP's (S522,S518,T509,T514) [plasma membrane]
NRP1:PlexinA1-4:FYN:Cdk5:p53:p-CRMP tetramers [plasma membrane]
NRP1:PlexinA1-4:FYN:pCdk5:p53 [plasma membrane]
Sema3A:Nrp-1:PlexinA:Fyn:Cdk5:pCRMP's [plasma membrane]
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