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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator shortName:CFTR alternativeName: ATP-binding cassette sub-family C member 7 alternativeName: Channel conductance-controlling ATPase ecNumber3.6.3.49/ecNumber alternativeName: cAMP-dependent chloride channel
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:1080
CTD Gene:1080
DOCK Blaster:1NBD
DOCK Blaster:1XMI
DOCK Blaster:1XMJ
DOCK Blaster:2BBO
DOCK Blaster:2BBS
DOCK Blaster:2BBT
KEGG Gene:1080
NCBI Gene:1080
Protein Data Bank:1NBD
Protein Data Bank:1XMI
Protein Data Bank:1XMJ
Protein Data Bank:2BBO
Protein Data Bank:2BBS
Protein Data Bank:2BBT
UCSC human:P13569
dbSNP Gene:1080
Other identifiers related to this sequenceCFTR_HUMAN, Q20BG8, Q20BH2, Q2I0A1, Q2I102, ILMN_1705813, CAE00700, CAE00737, DQ388142, AAA51980, Hs.489786, M55119, CAE00688, 3020689, DQ388139, AJ574953, DQ356259, CAE00727, CAE00731, 3020662, 205043_at, M55125, AJ575052, CAE00668, AJ575044, CAE00761, AJ575017, 3020701, 3020725, AJ574987, 3020674, AJ575035, AJ574961, AJ574957, DQ388132, Q6KEI8, 3020648, Q6KED8, AJ575040, CFTR-001, Q9UML7, Q6KE95, CAE00748, M55121, ABD72197, CAE00752, M55108, CAE00689, AJ574965, 3020719, CAE00725, CAE00729, 3020661, Q6KEI2, DQ354389, ABD72183, g6995995_3p_at, 3020698, CH236947, AAB46352, XP_006715905, AY848829, AJ575041, AJ574967, CAE00681, ABD72193, 3020659, AJ575027, AAA51979, 36816_s_at, AJ574954, ABC87063, EF466097, AJ575001, AJ575013, 3020670, 1080, AC000061, 3020685, CAE00744, 3902300, AJ574947, 3020667, AJ575039, AJ575018, M55111, CAE00659, AJ574977, CAE00735, 3020647, 2BBS, CAE00705, AJ575036, AJ574980, CAE00665, ABD72217, IPR003439, CAE00745, AJ575047, AAW33658, CAE00756, CAE00695, A_14_P104877, AJ575030, CAE00655, 3020680, AJ574950, AJ574984, CAE00741, Q6KEJ7, AJ575026, M55116, CAE00722, AJ575008, ABD72207, 3020721, A_23_P215720, CAE00675, AJ574986, AY848830, AJ575034, AJ575022, AJ574993, CAE00690, AJ574988, AJ574974, Q6KEJ1, CAE00702, CAE00654, CAE00680, CAE00657, AAW33782, 3020705, AJ574990, AJ575033, AJ575014, M55126, ENSG00000001626, AJ575006, DQ356264, AY848831, CAE00687, CAE00747, CAE00706, AAC41928, DQ356258, AJ574978, CAE00693, CAE00767, 3020726, EntrezGene:1080, ABC79056, DQ388138, C9J6L5, AJ574981, AJ574960, CAE00726, M55120, M65196, CAE00754, AY848828, DQ356262, CAE00660, AJ574948, 215702_s_at, Q6KEA0, AJ574941, AJ575046, AC004240, Q6KEF5, CAE00730, CAB001951, ABC87055, CAE00739, Hs.604618, CAE00698, Q6KEI7, 3902164, AJ575051, ABC79052, AAW33659, 3020694, CAE00742, AJ574962, M55112, CAE00716, AJ574958, ABC79054, HPA021939, AJ575028, Q6KEH6, DQ388128, 1NBD, Q99989, IPR027417, AJ575015, CAE00674, M65197, ABD72203, 2PZF, CCDS5773, CAE00701, 17050697, CAE00678, AJ574945, DQ388141, Q6KEG3, AJ575021, CAE00757, CAE00694, A_14_P114787, 3020722, CAE00736, 3020702, ABD72191, ABD72213, Q5I6F9, M55129, AJ575029, AAW33655, CAE00684, AJ574983, CAE00751, AJ574946, 3020686, 3GD7, CAE00746, M55115, AJ575025, CAE00732, AAC13657, 3020712, AJ574994, CAE00762, DQ388135, CAE00721, CAE00666, AJ575002, DQ356261, M55131, CAE00766, 3020668, AJ574973, CAE00658, PF00005, AY849794, CAE00697, AAW33656, 3020679, AJ574971, ABO61515, Q6KEA5, Q6KEG9, AJ575038, AJ575048, AJ575045, DQ388145, IPR011527, CAE00718, AC000111, DQ354391, 3020723, AJ575024, ABC87067, AAA35680, CAE00656, Q5I6N5, AJ574989, CAE00691, AJ574991, OTTHUMP00000024694, M55117, 3020673, DQ356263, CAE00692, 3020727, CAE00719, AJ575003, AJ574975, AJ574963, M55113, A4L9V0, Q5I6N7, AJ575032, AJ575054, AJ574940, CAE00676, 3020652, CAE00661, 8135661, 3020706, ABC87065, CAE00743, Q6KEB2, AJ574955, CAE00753, 1XMI, AJ574943, DQ388140, Q6KEG6, AJ574969, MIM:277180, ABD72185, CAE00758, A_14_P129538, CAE00673, AJ575055, Q6KEE7, CTFR, M55106, CAE00683, AY848832, 3020696, AJ575042, AJ575011, AJ575000, CAE00765, CAE00708, 2772657, ABC79050, CAE00671, ABD72209, DQ388134, Q6KEE3, DQ388129, M55128, IPR009147, AJ575010, AJ575016, AJ574982, AJ575019, Q6KEB8, M55114, CAE00750, DQ354388, CAE00703, AJ575050, AJ574959, UPI000013C4D4, XM_006715842, Hs.661104, Q6KEF9, ABD72195, CAE00720, 2PZE, CAE00723, GE62403, CAE00733, M55123, 3020654, M55118, M55130, IPR001140, 3020664, CAE00715, AJ574944, CAE00677, AJ575049, AJ575020, ABC87061, AJ574979, CAE00763, CAE00714, MIM:219700, AJ575009, 3020724, M55131_at, ABC87057, AJ575004, ABD72205, Q9UJ19, 11722757_at, SM00382, 3020663, CAE00679, CAE00696, AJ575043, AJ574976, 8065539, AJ574970, 2LOB, 3020699, AJ575053, Q5I6N4, AJ574972, CAE00769, NP_000483, CAE00755, AJ574966, MIM:602421, 3020672, CAE00670, AJ574952, 2PZG, 3020666, DQ388133, uc003vjd.3, CAE00717, CAE00685, Q6KEJ4, ENSP00000003084, CAE00667, 3020695, NM_000492, CAE00672, HGNC:1884, CAE00764, Q6KEC8, AJ574999, 3020682, 36817_at, 2BBO, 3ISW, DQ388143, AJ574942, CAE00749, CAE00724, CAE00740, 2BBT, M28668, AJ575037, CAE00760, CAE00662, 1XMJ, CAE00707, AJ574985, AJ575012, CAE00768, Q6KED3, 3020707, CFTR, A_14_P132049, CAE00664, 3020658, PH_hs_0024884, 3020683, PR01851, CAE00699, L49339, Q6KEC3, IPR005291, AJ574951, M55110, PF00664, M55127, Q6KEH3, CAE00728, M55122, EAL24353, AAB59382, CAE00669, ABD72189, Q6KEH8, Hs.663.1.A1_3p_a_at, Q5I6N6, AJ575031, CAE00686, 3020688, CAE00759, CAE00704, DQ388131, ABD72211, M96936, AJ575007, AAW33657, CAE00734, AJ574956, AJ575005, 3020684, CAE00738, M55107, DQ354390, AJ574964, IPR003593, AJ575023, AJ574992, CAE00713, M55124
Molecules with this sequenceCFTR [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOOORHPGPPPPPPURDDDDDD
Represented by generalisation(s)ABCCs [plasma membrane]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Transmembrane transport of small molecules

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