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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: C-C chemokine receptor type 5 shortName:C-C CKR-5 shortName:CC-CKR-5 shortName:CCR-5 shortName:CCR5 alternativeName: CHEMR13 alternativeName: HIV-1 fusion coreceptor cdAntigenNameCD195/cdAntigenName
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:1234
CTD Gene:1234
DOCK Blaster:1ND8
DOCK Blaster:1NE0
DOCK Blaster:1OPN
DOCK Blaster:1OPT
DOCK Blaster:1OPW
KEGG Gene:1234
NCBI Gene:1234
Protein Data Bank:1ND8
Protein Data Bank:1NE0
Protein Data Bank:1OPN
Protein Data Bank:1OPT
Protein Data Bank:1OPW
UCSC human:P51681
dbSNP Gene:1234
Other identifiers related to this sequenceCCR5_HUMAN, O14692, O14693, O14695, O14696, O14697, O14698, O14699, O14700, O14701, O14702, O14703, O14704, O14705, O14706, O14707, O14708, O15538, Q9UPA4, ENSG00000215778, ENST00000400886, ENSP00000383680, ENSG00000160791, ENST00000292303, ENSP00000292303, 206991_s_at, 36724_s_at, X99393_s_at, U95626_rna3_at, U83326_s_at, g4502638_3p_a_at, A_23_P412321, A_23_P212347, CCDS2739, GE80926, AF161919, AY744141, AY874120, DQ217934, AF161916, AY463214, AY463213, AY874121, AY947540, AF161920, AF161918, AF161914, AY874119, AY463215, AF056020, AF161913, AB182984, AB182988, AB182990, AF161917, AF161921, AF161909, AF161910, AF161911, AF161912, AF161915, U95626, X91492, U54994, U57840, U83326, AF011500, AF011501, AF011502, AF011503, AF011505, AF011506, AF011507, AF011508, AF011509, AF011510, AF011511, AF011512, AF011513, AF011514, AF011515, AF011516, AF011517, AF011518, AF011519, AF011520, AF011521, AF011522, AF011523, AF011524, AF011525, AF011526, AF011527, AF011528, AF011529, AF011530, AF011531, AF011532, AF011533, AF011534, AF011535, AF011536, AF011537, AF031237, AF052539, AY221093, BC038398, AF011504, EntrezGene:1234, GI_4502638-S, ILMN_21020, IPI00743929, IPI00023213, MIM:601373, MIM:609423, MIM:610379, 1ND8, 1NE0, 1OPN, 1OPT, 1OPW, AAD47676, AAW62445, AAW82038, ABB01004, AAD47673, AAS19313, AAS19312, AAW82039, AAY23359, AAD47677, AAD47675, AAD47671, AAW82037, AAS19314, AAF65579, AAD47670, BAD83805, BAD83807, BAD83808, AAD47674, AAD47678, AAD47666, AAD47667, AAD47668, AAD47669, AAD47672, CAA62796, AAC50598, AAB17071, AAC51797, AAB65700, AAB65701, AAB65702, AAB65703, AAB65705, AAB65706, AAB65707, AAB65708, AAB65709, AAB65710, AAB65711, AAB65712, AAB65713, AAB65714, AAB65715, AAB65716, AAB65717, AAB65718, AAB65719, AAB65720, AAB65721, AAB65722, AAB65723, AAB65724, AAB65725, AAB65726, AAB65727, AAB65728, AAB65729, AAB65730, AAB65731, AAB65732, AAB65733, AAB65734, AAB65735, AAB65736, AAB65737, AAB94735, AAD18131, AAO65971, AAB57793, AAH38398, AAB65704, NM_000579, NM_001100168, NP_000570, NP_001093638, OTTHUMT00000257377, Hs.536735, Hs.450802, Q9UN24, Q3L3Q6, Q5EKM9, Q38L21, Q9UN26, Q5QIP0, Q5QIP1, Q5EKM8, A1A490, Q9UN23, Q9UN25, Q9UN27, Q5EKN0, Q5QIN9, Q9P1T4, Q9UN28, Q5KSY4, Q9UBJ7, Q9UBT9, P51681, O14694, Q9UN24_HUMAN, Q3L3Q6_HUMAN, Q5EKM9_HUMAN, Q38L21_HUMAN, Q9UN26_HUMAN, Q5QIP0_HUMAN, Q5QIP1_HUMAN, Q5EKM8_HUMAN, A1A490_HUMAN, Q9UN23_HUMAN, Q9UN25_HUMAN, Q9UN27_HUMAN, Q5EKN0_HUMAN, Q5QIN9_HUMAN, Q9P1T4_HUMAN, Q9UN28_HUMAN, Q5KSY4_HUMAN, Q9UBJ7_HUMAN, Q9UBT9_HUMAN, CCR5_HUMAN, O14694_HUMAN, IPR000276, IPR000190, IPR000248, IPR000355, IPR001277, IPR002236, IPR002237, IPR002238, IPR002240, IPR003912
Molecules with this sequenceCCR5 [plasma membrane] UKEENBCdOOORRHHGURRPPPPPDDDDD
Component ofCD4:Env gp120:CCR5,CXCR4:complex [plasma membrane]
CD4:Env gp120/gp41 fusion peptide complex:CCR5 [plasma membrane]
CD4:Env gp120/gp41insertion complex:CCR5/CXCR4 [plasma membrane]
CCR5/CXCR4:CD4:Env gp120 (second conformation change) complex [plasma membrane]
CD4:Env gp120/gp41 hairpin complex:CCR5/CXCR4 [plasma membrane]
CCR3,4,5:CCL5 [plasma membrane]
Virion with CD4:gp120 bound to CCR5/CXCR4 [extracellular region]
Virion with fusogenically activated gp41 [extracellular region]
Virion with gp41 fusion peptide in insertion complex [extracellular region]
Virion with gp41 exposed [extracellular region]
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Represented by generalisation(s)CCR5, CXCR4 [plasma membrane]
CCR3,4,5 [plasma membrane]
GPCRs that activate Gi [plasma membrane]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Signal Transduction


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