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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Peripheral plasma membrane protein CASK shortName:hCASK ecNumber2.7.11.1/ecNumber alternativeName: Calcium/calmodulin-dependent serine protein kinase alternativeName: Protein lin-2 homolog
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBrenda:
DOCK Blaster:1KGD
DOCK Blaster:1KWA
DOCK Blaster:1ZL8
KEGG Gene:8573
Protein Data Bank:1KGD
Protein Data Bank:1KWA
Protein Data Bank:1ZL8
UCSC human:O14936
Other identifiers related to this sequenceCSKP_HUMAN, A6NES1, B7ZKY0, O43215, Q17RI4, Q59HA0, Q5VT16, Q5VT17, Q5VT18, Q5VT19, Q66T42, Q9BYH6, Q9NYB2, Q9NYB3, A_24_P288722, CAI42764, AL445239, 4005872, XP_006724629, 11758271_s_at, SM00219, 4005948, PF00625, NM_001126055, 17110237, 4005897, HGNC:1497, 211208_s_at, SM00569, 11729380_a_at, IPR001245, 238699_s_at, ENSG00000147044, IPR008144, UPI0000140385, PF00018, CAI42762, IPR001452, PH_hs_0023503, BC143454, AAI17312, CAI42247, AF032119, BAB12252, 4005970, AB039327, 1KWA, ILMN_1654773, CAI41636, 3MFT, 4005892, SM00228, 11721586_a_at, MIM:300172, CASK-004, 4005924, IPR011009, 4005885, 4005876, AAB88198, 4005902, OTTHUMP00000023159, AF035582, 3C0G, IPR001478, AB208859, 4005891, 4005919, 88441_g_at, CAI41094, AAF72667, 4005887, PF00595, MIM:300749, 4005873, 4005882, 36414_s_at, CAI41637, CAI42245, EntrezGene:8573, BAD92096, 4005871, MIM:300422, 4005915, 1ZL8, uc004dfn.4, 4005904, GE87345, CAI41095, NP_001119527, IPR008145, PF07714, CAI41635, 4005868, CASK, 4005898, SM00220, ENSP00000400526, Hs.3327.0.S1_3p_at, CAB001949, CAH71237, 4005908, GE54283, 4005899, AAB88125, 9722958, CAI41634, 4005969, 207620_s_at, g13359270_3p_a_at, AY705392, 4005886, 4005956, 4005869, SM00326, IPR000719, HPA023857, CAI42763, 4005933, AL627402, CCDS48094, CAI42765, PH_hs_0000403, 4005877, AL353691, NM_003688, 3MFU, 4005936, 4005888, AAU10527, SM00072, 3MFR, 4005875, 4005910, A_32_P168464, 0001660504, IPR002290, PF02828, 4005874, AAI43455, AAF72666, CAH71239, AF262405, PF07653, AF262404, IPR027417, 3C0H, 31854_at, CAI41093, g4502566_3p_a_at, 11729379_s_at, AL603754, CAH71238, 4005870, 3TAC, CAI42244, 8573, 3C0I, 227156_at, 4005903, CAI42246, AL158144, PF00069, IPR014775, 61707_at, BC117311, IPR011511, 1KGD, CAH71240, 8172158, IPR020635, IPR004172, 4005921, 3MFS, Q5JS72, CAI41092, OTTHUMP00000023162, 4005972, UPI0000458AE9, 4005893, uc004dfl.4, XP_005272743, CASK-007, 4005973, ENSP00000367405, 4005971, UPI0000458AE8, CASK-001, ENSP00000367400, OTTHUMP00000023157, XP_006724628, OTTHUMP00000023160, ENSP00000367408, UPI000013DA91, CCDS14257, NP_003679, CASK-005, NP_001119526, UPI0000418577, ENSP00000398007, uc004dfm.4, NM_001126054, OTTHUMP00000226872, CASK-013, CCDS48095
Molecules with this sequenceCASK [cytosol] UKEOOPGPPPUDDD
Component ofNephrin dimer:CASK [plasma membrane]
Syndecan-2:CASK [plasma membrane]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Extracellular matrix organization

Cell-Cell communication

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