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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Cytokine receptor common subunit beta alternativeName: CDw131 alternativeName: GM-CSF/IL-3/IL-5 receptor common beta subunit cdAntigenNameCD131/cdAntigenName
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:1439
CTD Gene:1439
DOCK Blaster:1C8P
DOCK Blaster:1EGJ
DOCK Blaster:1GH7
KEGG Gene:1439
NCBI Gene:1439
Protein Data Bank:1C8P
Protein Data Bank:1EGJ
Protein Data Bank:1GH7
UCSC human:P32927
dbSNP Gene:1439
Other identifiers related to this sequenceIL3RB_HUMAN, Q5JZI1, Q6ICE0, GE80082, uc003aqa.4, Hs.285401, M59941_at, UPI0000128C9F, 2GYS, M59941, NM_000395, CAB010251, GE57996, 3944568, 3CXE, 3944566, A_33_P3341442, A_23_P120899, 11722724_a_at, 8213838, 3944569, B0QY07, 3429537, CCDS13936, IPR003961, 3944579, XM_005261340, SM00060, 3944573, CAG30314, 3944600, 3944603, 37493_at, AL133392, 3944571, 3944605, 205159_at, 3944602, 3944574, 3944565, 37494_at, HGNC:2436, CR456428, 3944599, MIM:614370, 3944592, Hs.285401.0.S2_3p_at, CAQ10744, 3944582, PH_hs_0014775, 1833064, MIM:138981, 3944585, EntrezGene:1439, ILMN_1798475, 1GH7, XP_005261397, IPR015321, ENSG00000100368, CSF2RB-001, IPR015373, CSF2RB, 3944572, 8072757, 3944580, 3944595, 3944596, 3944604, 1C8P, 1EGJ, 11758608_s_at, 1439, A_14_P135880, AAA18171, EAW60125, 3944577, NP_000386, 3944575, 3944578, Hs.592192, 3944591, 3944593, 16929677, CAI17999, PH_hs_0049367, 3944589, 3944594, 3944598, 3944601, CH471095, AL008637, IPR011365, PF09240, 3944597, A_14_P106200, 0002970072, 1086_at, OTTHUMP00000197801, 3944590, ENSP00000384053, 11722725_a_at, PF00041, 3944583, EAW60126, 3944576, PF09294, 3944584, XP_005261399, UPI00003765A4, OTTHUMP00000197802, uc003aqc.4, ENSP00000385271, CSF2RB-002, Q6NSJ8, BC070085, AAH70085, UPI000035EC99, ENSP00000262825, CSF2RB-201
Molecules with this sequenceCSF2RB [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOORHPGPPPURDDD
p-Y593,Y628-CSF2RB [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOORHPGPPPURDDD
p-Y593-CSF2RB [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOORHPGPPPURDDD
p-S585-CSF2RB [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOORHPGPPPURDDD
Component ofIL3RB:Jak2 [plasma membrane]
IL3RB:JAK2 [plasma membrane]
IL3RB:p-Y1007-JAK2 [plasma membrane]
p(Y593)-IL3RB:Activated JAK2 [plasma membrane]
pY593,Y628-IL3RB:JAK2 [plasma membrane]
p(Y593)-Bc:JAK2 [plasma membrane]
p-S585-IL3RB:JAK2 [plasma membrane]
IL3:IL3RA:IL3RB:JAK2 [plasma membrane]
IL3:IL3RA:IL3RB:JAK2 [plasma membrane]
GM-CSF:GM-CSF receptor alpha subunit:Common beta chain:JAK2 [plasma membrane]
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Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Immune System

Mouse JAK2 binds human common beta chain [Homo sapiens]

Modifications in molecules with this sequenceO4'-phospho-L-tyrosine at 593
O4'-phospho-L-tyrosine at 628
O-phospho-L-serine at 585
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