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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Cytokine receptor common subunit gamma alternativeName: Interleukin-2 receptor subunit gamma shortName:IL-2 receptor subunit gamma shortName:IL-2R subunit gamma shortName:IL-2RG alternativeName: gammaC alternativeName: p64 cdAntigenNameCD132/cdAntigenName
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:3561
CTD Gene:3561
DOCK Blaster:1ILL
DOCK Blaster:1ILM
DOCK Blaster:1ILN
DOCK Blaster:1ITE
DOCK Blaster:2B5I
DOCK Blaster:2ERJ
KEGG Gene:3561
NCBI Gene:3561
Protein Data Bank:1ILL
Protein Data Bank:1ILM
Protein Data Bank:1ILN
Protein Data Bank:1ITE
Protein Data Bank:2B5I
Protein Data Bank:2ERJ
UCSC human:P31785
dbSNP Gene:3561
Other identifiers related to this sequenceIL2RG_HUMAN, Q5FC12, L12181, LRG_150t1, 204116_at, BC014972, 4011855, UPI0000000DEA, 2ERJ, IL2RG-004, A_33_P3290394, D6RDW9, g4557881_3p_at, 4011873, L12177, 2B5I, MIM:300400, L19546, 4011856, ENST00000374202, 4011864, 1ILL, 11753882_a_at, EntrezGene:3561, BAA03861, L12176, 11754181_a_at, LRG_150, 8173444, BAD89385, ILMN_1794386, 4011866, IPR003961, MIM:308380, AAC37524, 4011872, NM_000206, 4011869, 4011876, 11753814_a_at, ENSG00000147168, uc004dyw.3, ENSP00000363318, 3QB7, AL590764, 7883965, 4011865, 4011862, IPR015321, 4011860, AAT85803, 1ITE, MIM:312863, 11720207_a_at, A_23_P148473, Q6LER1, AY692262, 4GS7, 1631559, 3BPL, D16358, 1ILN, D11086_at, PH_hs_0000012, 11753883_x_at, BAA01857, AAA59145, OTTHUMP00000023489, CCDS14406, D11086, L12182, AB102794, 0006550390, GE57049, 4011858, 3561, NP_000197, 4011857, 1ILM, 11754182_x_at, PF09240, HGNC:6010, 3QAZ, HPA046641, L12178, L12183, L12179, PF00041, L12180, IL2RG, 17111895, 4011877, 1506_at, AAH14972, ENSP00000388967, uc004dyx.3, IL2RG-202, UPI00004CA0C1
Molecules with this sequenceIL2RG [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOORHPGPPPPPPURDDDDDD
Component ofIL2RG:JAK3 [plasma membrane]
IL7:IL7RA:JAK1:IL2RG:JAK3 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer:JAK1:JAK3 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer:p-JAK1:JAK3 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer p-(Y338,392,510) beta subunit:p-JAK1:JAK3 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer p-(Y338,392,510) beta subunit:p-JAK1:JAK3 [plasma membrane]
IL7:p(Y449)-IL7RA:JAK1:IL2RG:JAK3 [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer:p-JAK1:JAK3:p-SYK [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer:p-JAK1:JAK3:SYK [plasma membrane]
IL2:IL2R trimer p-(Y338,392,510)-beta subunit:p-JAK1:JAK3:p-SHC [plasma membrane]
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